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We understand the basic duty of university to be a knowledge creator. We also know that the knowledge so created should be shared and transferred among the peers and then percolated to the students. As research thrives on intellectual ability which derives lessons from past results and is continuous in nature, university though neophyte has gained momentum through multiple efforts. Research needs to be connected with the past, present and future and should be aligned with teaching and industry needs. Institute of Technology, Nirma University in this endeavor provides fertile and conducive platform to the faculty members. Already established researchers in the university with their research wisdom are constantly getting augmented by the new faculty members who brings with them newly acquired research insights and area in terms of Ph. D. and its related work.    

AgencyProject TitlePrincipal Investigator (s)Fund TypeProject Status
DRDODesign Against Radiation Effects(DARE) ASIC Standard Cell Library for VLSI CircuitsDr. Niranjan Maneklal Devashrayee,Co PI - Dr. Nagendra Prakash GajjarExternal FundingOngoing
BRNSTrajectory Planning for Robotic Arm for Automatic Damage Detection & Recognition of First Wall Tile Images in Tokamak using Image Processing and Machine LearningDr. Swati Jain, Dr. Priyanka SharmaExternal FundingOngoing
NISAR AO, ISROStudy and Development of Domain Adaptive Classification Algorithm for Advanced Earth Observation and Annotation SystemDr. Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri, Dr. Priyank B Thakkar,Co PI - Prof. Pooja Prakashbhai ShahExternal FundingOngoing
AVIRIS-AO(ISRO)Development of Blind Hyper Spectral Unmixing (BSU) algorithm for water pollutant Identification due to sewage and industry disposals for south karnataka Coast, Manglore regionDr. Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri, Prof. Pooja Prakashbhai ShahExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityDevelopment of Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous mobile RobotProf. Vishal M Vaidya, Prof. Ankit SharmaInternal FundingOngoing
Nirma University3D laser triangulation based object height measurementProf. Harsh Khodidas KapadiaInternal FundingOngoing
ISROSAR Polarimetry for Detecting Ocean Surface TargetsDr. Madhuri D Bhavsar, Dr. Alka Mahajan,Co PI - Prof. Payal Jayantibhai PrajapatiExternal FundingOngoing
ISROMining agricultural cover, crop type and image from SAR L and S bandDr. Madhuri D Bhavsar, Dr. Swati Jain,Co PI - Dr. Zunnun A. raoof NarmawalaExternal FundingOngoing
AVIRIS AO ISROSpectral Discrimination and Separability Analysis of Crops and Weeds using Deep Learning TechniquesDr. Vibha Divyesh PatelExternal FundingOngoing
ISRODevelopment of Low cost methodology for Surveying and MappingDr. Parul R Patel,Co PI - Prof. Hemang A DalwadiExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma University (Minor Research Project)Use of Pervious concrete for solving problem related to water clogging at Nirma University CampusProf. Tejas M. Joshi,Co PI - Prof. Urmil V. DaveInternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityDesign and Investigation of Advanced Control Scheme for Quadruple Conical Tank SystemProf. Alpeshkumar Ishwarbhai Patel, Dr. Jignesh B PatelInternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversitySimultaneous Localization and Mapping using Autonomous Unmanned Aerial VehicleDr. Dilip Kumar Kothari,Co PI - Prof. Dipesh Jashvantbhai PanchalInternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityTo study the effect of characterization perperties on dimesional control for composite productDr. Shashikant Jagrmitra Joshi, Prof. Dhaval Bipinbhai ShahInternal FundingOngoing
ISRO (RESPOND)Design and Development of Scalable Data Mining Algorithms for Big Earth Data.Dr. Sanjay GargExternal FundingOngoing
Board of Research in Nuclear SciencesDesign, Fabrication and Testing of a Corrugated Horn Antenna for Millimeter Wave Plasma DiagnosticsDr. Dhaval Amrutbhai Pujara,Co PI - Prof. Aarti Kishor GehaniExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarExperimental investigation on Ultrasonic Single Point Incremental FormingDr. Bharatkumar Amrutlal Modi, Dr. Kaushik Mithabhai Patel,Co PI - Prof. Ashish Mulchand GohilExternal FundingOngoing
Board of Research for Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)Using deep learning to understand and predict the dynamics of Tokamak dischargesDr. Priyanka Sharma,Co PI - Dr. Swati JainExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityAffordable Pd doped Perovskite based catalytic converter for abating automotive emissionDr. Femina Jitendra Patel, Dr. Sanjay Patel,Co PI - Prof. Niraj Kiritkumar ShahInternal FundingOngoing
RESPOND,ISRO BengaluruOceanic Pollution and other ocean phenomenon monitoring using feature extraction from multi-polarized SAR dataDr. Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri,Co PI - Prof. Pooja Prakashbhai ShahExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityTest-rig for experimental investigations of bearing faults in rolling bearingProf. Vipul Manharlal Bhojawala, Prof. Darshita Jigar Shah,Co PI - Prof. Dhaval Vallabhbhai PatelInternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityDevelopment of experimental setup for determining of stiffness properties of fiber reinforced composite using vibration testingDr. Shashikant Jagrmitra Joshi, Prof. Dhaval Bipinbhai ShahInternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTEstablishment of Free Space Optical communication link for real time audio transmissionProf. Dhaval G Shah,Co PI - Dr. Dilip Kumar KothariExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTDesign of Low Noise, Low Power, Automatic Gain Controlled Amplifier for Biomedical ApplicationsProf. Dipesh Jashvantbhai Panchal, Prof. Akash Isudas Mecwan,Co PI - Prof. Vijay G SavaniExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTDevelopment of Microscopic Technique for Automatic Characterization of the Cell Organisation for Authentication of few Indian Herbal PlantsDr. Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri,Co PI - Prof. Bhupendra Damjibhai FataniyaExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversitySmart Home usnig brain mapping for physically challenged peopleProf. Dipesh Jashvantbhai Panchal,Co PI - Prof. Jayeshkumar Jashvantbhai PatelInternal FundingOngoing
ISRO - Respond ProjectProcess development for minimization of springback deformation and enhancement of profile accuracy of CFRP reflectorsDr. Shashikant Jagrmitra Joshi, Dr. Kaushik Mithabhai Patel,Co PI - Dr. Bharatkumar Amrutlal ModiExternal FundingOngoing
Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), GandinagarProcess Development for Hydrogen Production through Solar Thermal EnergyDr. R. K. Mewada, Dr. Sanjay PatelExternal FundingOngoing
ISRO-RESPOND ProjectDevelopment of Passive Damping Surface Coating for Advanced Materials based Structural System using PZT (Piezo) PowederProf. Sharadkumar Purnanand Purohit, Prof. Paresh V. PatelExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarSpectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive RadioDr. Yogesh Nagarlal Trivedi,Co PI - Prof. Hardik Yogeshbhai JoshiExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTDynamic Characterization of Shock TableProf. Sharadkumar Purnanand Purohit, Prof. Paresh V. PatelExternal FundingOngoing
RESPOND SAC-ISRODeveloping an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based CAD Tool for Designing a Corrugated Horn AntennaDr. Dhaval Amrutbhai Pujara,Co PI - Dr. Dipak M AdhyaruExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarPrecision Agriculture Support system using wireless sensor and actuator networkDr. Dilip Kumar Kothari, Dr. Manisha Asit Upadhyay,Co PI - Dr. Sachin Harishbhai GajjarExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarExperimental investigation on life cycle analysis and combustion characteristics of CI engine operating on esterified oil and its blends with Bio AdditivesDr. Rajesh N Patel, Dr. Absar Mohammad Lakdawala,Co PI - Prof. Niraj Kiritkumar ShahExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTLow Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic NanoparticlesDr. Chetna Chaturbhai ChauhanExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarDesign of a Hybrid system for seamless communication across DVB-RCS and LTE networksDr. Yogesh Nagarlal Trivedi,Co PI - Dr. Nagendra Prakash GajjarExternal FundingOngoing
DST-SERBStudy the behaviour of precast beam-column junction under progressive collapse scenario – an experimental and analytical investigationProf. Paresh V. Patel,Co PI - Prof. Digesh D JoshiExternal FundingOngoing
Green Environment Services Co-op. Soc. Ltd. - CETP, Vatva.Reduction of E-Factor in Dyes and Pigment Industries (Environmental Pollution Control)Dr. Parin D. ShahExternal FundingOngoing
SERB- DSTUnderstanding the immersed friction stir welding of aluminum alloysDr. Kaushik Mithabhai Patel, Dr. Nilesh Dhirajlal GhetiyaExternal FundingOngoing
Adani Infrastructure LimitedUse of Marine Sand in Concrete ConstructionProf. Urmil V. DaveExternal FundingOngoing
SAC-ISROCalibration and Validation of RISAT-1 SAR Sensor and RISAT-1 derived soil moistureParul Patel, CAL-VAL, ISRO,Co PI - Dr. Parul R PatelExternal FundingOngoing
Department of Science and TechnologyExperimental and Theory studies on Effect of Particle Size of Lignite on Kinetics, specific Gasification Rate, Calorific Value of Gas and Conversion Efficiency of Gasifier Fueled with LigniteDr. Rajesh N Patel, Dr. Sanjay V JainExternal FundingOngoing
SAC-ISROTo study satellite derived river discharge and its seasonal to inter-annual variation using radar altimeterProf. Santosh Sharad KolteExternal FundingOngoing
Institution of Engineers (India)Enhancement of Torsional Resistance of RC Beams using Fiber Reinforced Polymer compositesProf. Paresh V. Patel, Prof. Sharadkumar Purnanand PurohitExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOST, GandhinagarExperimental Investigations on Pump as Turbine (PAT) for Micro Hydropower PlantsDr. Rajesh N Patel, Dr. Sanjay V JainExternal FundingOngoing
Nirma UniversityDegradation of organic compound in industrial wastewater using AlgaeDr. Parin D. ShahInternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTDesign and Development of Automated and Reliable Service Provisioning Cloud Architecture for Engineering Educational DomainDr. Madhuri D Bhavsar, Prof Lata GadhaviExternal FundingOngoing
IC-IMPACTS (The India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability)Application of Precast Products made using Bottom ash and Fly ash for Rural Pavements and other Infrastructure in IndiaProf. Urmil V. Dave,Dr. Rishi Gupta from University of Victoria, CanadaExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTObject Detection and surveillance systemDr. Sanjay Garg, Dr. Vijay S UkaniExternal FundingOngoing
GUJCOSTDNA Sequencing and Assembly using GPUDr. Vibha Divyesh Patel, Prof. Monika Gunvantbhai ShahExternal FundingOngoing
ISRO - RESPONDDevelopment of Reinforced Aerated Blocks with Innovative Composite Ingredients as Compression Members for Structural Applications with Stringent Design SpecificationsProf. Urmil V. DaveExternal FundingOngoing
UL-YSAIdentification, analysis and improvement of accident black spots using GISProf. Hemang A DalwadiExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityInvestigation on application of minimum quantity solid lubrication in machining processProf. Mayur Ashwinbhai Makhesana, Dr. Bimal Kumar Mawandiya,Co PI - Dr. Kaushik Mithabhai PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityInvestigations on Producer Gas quality for fixed bed gasifier.Prof. Darshit S Upadhyay, Prof. Niraj Kiritkumar Shah,Co PI - Dr. Rajesh N PatelInternal FundingCompleted
NERFEvaluation of Mechanical and Durability Properties on Fly ash and Rice Husk based geo polymer concreteProf. Sonal Pragnesh ThakkarInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityPerformance evaluation of solid lubricants mixed with SAE-40 oil in machining of EN-31 steel materialDr. Kaushik Mithabhai Patel,Co PI - Prof. Mayur Ashwinbhai MakhesanaInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityFabrication characterization and application of electrodes for electrochemical wastewater treatmentProf. Priya P SaxenaInternal FundingCompleted
GUJCOSTDetermination and predictions of Thermophysical properties of Biodiesel and Blends of BiodieselDr. Milind H Joshipura, Dr A P VyasExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityExperimental investigations on Ultrasonic Single Point Incremental Forming (USPIF)Dr. Bharatkumar Amrutlal Modi,Co PI - Prof. Ashish Mulchand GohilInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityMultimedia Communication using Free Space Optical CommunicationProf. Akash Isudas Mecwan, Prof. Dhaval G ShahInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDetermination and Prediction of Properties of Biodiesel and blends of BiodieselMr. Parag A. SaxenaInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityStudies on Exploring Novel Excipients for dmg delivery in oral cavityDr. Nimish R. ShahInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign and Development of Low Cost ICT based portable Telemedicine SystemProf. Amit Dalpat Degada, Prof. Vijay G SavaniInternal FundingCompleted
Shastri Indo Canadian InstituteSecurity Enhancement on GSM Stream Cipher using a Combination of Variable Tap Mechanism and Nonlinear Combination Functions on Linear Feedback Shifts RegistersDr. Priyanka Sharma, Dr Srinivas Sampalli, Professor, University of Dalhousie, Halifax (Canada)External FundingCompleted
Instutute of Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India.Parallelization of Molecular Dynamics and Turbulence Codes related to Nuclear Fusion using CUDADr. Priyanka Sharma,Mrs. Sutapa Ranjan,Co PI - Prof. Monika Gunvantbhai ShahExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDegradation of dye effluent using OzoneProf. Sandip P SharmaInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityColour removal from Dyes waste water using pervoskites based on absorbentDr. Femina Jitendra PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversitySynthesis of starch based polymer/copolymers for drug delivery applicationDr. Nimish R. ShahInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign and Development of Crack Monitoring System for Concrete ElementsProf. Digesh D Joshi, Prof. Harsh Khodidas Kapadia,Co PI - Prof. Alpeshkumar Ishwarbhai PatelInternal FundingCompleted
ISRO, AhmedabadRadiation Harden by Design Cell Library DevelopmentDr. Niranjan Maneklal Devashrayee, Dr. Usha Sandeep MehtaExternal FundingCompleted
ISRO- SACDesign, Developmment of spatio-temporal data mining techniques and software framework for earth observation dataDr. Sanjay Garg, Dr. Kedar Prasad Agrawal, Mr. Shashikant SharmaExternal FundingCompleted
GUJCOST, GandhinagarDesign of ADC for Biomedical ApplicationsDr. Niranjan Maneklal Devashrayee, Dr. Amisha Parimal NaikExternal FundingCompleted
GUJCOST, GandhinagarDevelopment of New Fault Models for Nanometer TechnologyDr. Usha Sandeep Mehta, Prof. Piyush Maganbhai BhatasanaExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDevelopment and Implementation of Control Algorithms for Autonomous Quad-copter Unmanned Aerial VehicleDr. Jignesh B Patel, Prof. Dhaval Vallabhbhai PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityAutonomous Wheel Chair for Physically Handicapped PeopleProf. Akash Isudas Mecwan, Dr. Mihir M ChauhanInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign & Development of Current Controller using Digital Signal Processor for Inverter ApplicationsProf. Manisha Tusharbhai Shah, Prof. Mihir Chandrakant ShahInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityVibration Control of BuildingProf. Sharadkumar Purnanand PurohitInternal FundingCompleted
GUJCOSTStudies on Biodiesel Production using Ultrasonic TechniquesDr. A P Vyas, Dr. Milind H JoshipuraExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityPreparation of Copolymers for drug delivery systemDr. Nimish R. ShahInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityRF Based Home Appliances Controlling SystemProf. Jalpa B Shah, Prof. Vijay G SavaniInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDevelopment of non-noble metal based catalytic materials and their auto exhaust applicationDr. Femina Jitendra PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDevelopment of non-noble metal based catalytic materials and their auto exhaust applicationDr. Femina Jitendra PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDetermination of Phase equilibrium for THF-Methanol and THF –Glycerol systemsDr. Milind H JoshipuraInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityExperimental investigation on immersed friction stir welding of aluminum alloysDr. Nilesh Dhirajlal GhetiyaInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityAgriculture Support System Using Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. Jignesh B Patel,Co PI - Dr. Sachin Harishbhai GajjarInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversitySynthesis of perovskites based catalyst Reactive grinding ball milling) for automotive exhaust emission controlDr. Femina Jitendra PatelInternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign and Development of Solar Collectors and its ApplicationsDr. R. K. MewadaInternal FundingCompleted
Department of Science and Technology (DST), Delhi.Investigation of the Effects of Electrode Materials for the Removal of Organic Pollutants from Wastewater in Electrochemical ProcessDr. Jayesh RupareliaExternal FundingCompleted
GUJCOSTBooklet on Green Building MaterialsProf. Santosh Sharad KolteExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign and Fabrication of High Efficiency Switched Mode Power SupplyProf. Manisha Tusharbhai ShahInternal FundingCompleted
RESPOND SAC-ISRODesign and Development of 32 bit RISC Processor based IP core for Space ApplicationsDr. Niranjan Maneklal Devashrayee,Co PI - Dr. Nagendra Prakash GajjarExternal FundingCompleted
SAC-ISRODeveloping a remote sensing and GIS based system approach for flood forecasting and warning for lower Tapi basinDr. A. K. SinghExternal FundingCompleted
European Space AgencyCalibration and validation of European Space Agency SMOS mission for Soil Moisture MappingDr. Parul R PatelExternal FundingCompleted
Nirma UniversityDesign and Development of intelligent Infrastructure prototype Model for Monitoring Railway trackDr. Kamal Narayan prasad MehtaInternal FundingCompleted