Institute of Technology

Major Thrust Areas

    Institute of Technology provides fertile and conducive environment to the faculty members for Research and Development activities, that are largely aligned with academic and industry needs. Nirma University dwells in both the research areas: established and emerging; basic and applied. Some of the major research areas of the Institute can be categorized as under:

  • Civil Engineering : Geomatics , Structural Control and Monitoring, Retrofitting of Structre

  • Chemical Engineering: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Biofuels, Chemical Process Design and Development, Environmental Process Design, Wastewater Treatment Technologies, Air Pollution Control, Biodiesel Production and Property Estimation, Determination of Phase Equilibrium, Thermodynamic property estimations, Energy Optimization, Renewable Resource Utilization, Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

  • Computer Science and Engineering : Data Mining, High Performance Computing, Multimedia Communications, Digital Image Processing, Ad hoc Sensor Network, Machine Learning

  • Electronics and Communication :Optical Communication and Networks, Wireless Communication and Networks, VLSI Design, RF and Antenna Design, Testing and Verification of VLSI Design, Mixed Signal VLSI Design, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Reconfigurable Computing

  • Electrical Engineering : Power Electronics, Power Quality, High Voltage Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering : Energy Conservation and Management, Thermal System Modelling, Non-Conventional Machining, Welding Processes, Numerical and Experimental heat transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Metal forming Analysis, Closed Loop Supply Chain, Production Planning and Inventory Management, MEMS, Optimization, FEA, Fracture Mechanics, Composites

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering : Control Engineering, Process Instrumentation, Soft Computing Applications in Control Engineering, Control & Optimization, Process Control

The thrust areas in which various faculty members of the Institute are involved in R&D Activities are listed as under:


Faculty NameThrust Area
Dr. Alka Mahajan Digital Signal Processing, Embedded System Design, Soft Computing, Micro-controllers and Applications, and Power Electronics
Dr. Dilip Kumar Kothari Optical Communication and Networks, Wireless Networks
Dr. P. N. Tekwani Power Semiconductor Switches, Power Electronic Converters, Multi-Level Inverters, Induction Motor Drives, Harmonics, Power Factor Improvement, Controlled Front-End Rectifiers, Active Power Filters, Power Quality, Power Supplies [SMPS, UPS], Solar MPP
Dr. Jayesh Ruparelia Cleaner Production in Industries, Advanced oxidation technologies for treatment of industrial effluents, Environmental Audit
Prof. Paresh V. Patel Finite element analysis, seismic analysis and design of various types of structures, High Performance Computing in Structural Engineering, Progressive Collapse Analysis, Design of Precast Building, Retrofitting of Structures
Dr. Vikas Janardhan Lakhera Experimental & Computational Heat Transfer, Energy Studies
Dr. Dipak M Adhyaru Control Engineering, Soft Computing Applications
Dr. Sanjay Garg Theoretical Computer Science, Database Systems and Mining, Parallel Computing, Image Processing/Pattern recognition.
Dr. Madhuri D Bhavsar High Performance Computing, Software Engineering,Networking , Cloud Computing and Software Engineering
Dr. Niranjan Maneklal Devashrayee Microelectronics, Semiconductor Device Physics, VLSI Design & Technology, Physics
Prof. Umedbhai Ambaram Patel Automation and Control, Power System
Prof. Urmil V. Dave Concreting Materials and Techniques, Non-Destive Testing of Structures, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures, Steel Structures
Dr. Parul R Patel Construction Technology and Management, Geodesy, Surveying, Applications of GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS
Dr. Rajesh N Patel Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Energy and Chemicals from Biomass, Turbo machines
Prof. Sharadkumar Purnanand Purohit Earthquake Resistant Design, Structural Response Control, Dynamic Measurement of Structural Response, Structural Design & Fiber Reinforced Composite
Dr. Kaushik Mithabhai Patel Manufacturing Processes and analysis
Dr. Bharatkumar Amrutlal Modi Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Metal Forming, Industrial Automation, Powder Metallurgy
Dr. Santosh Chandravadan Vora Power System State Estimation, Renewable Integration Issues with Power System, High Speed High Resolution ADC Testing, Diagnostic Testing of Transformers,
Dr. Dhaval Amrutbhai Pujara Antenna Design for Space Applications, RF Circuit Design, Optical Fiber Communication
Dr. Sanjay Patel Hydrogen Energy, Biofuels, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Automobile Pollution Control Technologies, Green Process Developments
Dr. R. K. Mewada Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Multiphase Operations, Equipment Design, Process Development using Renewable Resources, Solar Energy Utilization for Hydrogen Production and Waste Treatment
Dr. Milind H Joshipura Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Property predictions of Ionic Liquids, Property Predictions of Biodiesel systems,
Dr. Usha Sandeep Mehta Testing and Verification of VLSI Design, Digital VLSI Design, HDL and programmable Logic
Dr. Priyanka Sharma Machine Learning, Wireless Multimedia Communications, Parallel Computing, ICT based Technologies
Dr. Nagendra Prakash Gajjar VLSI Digital Signal Processing, Reconfigurable Computing, Embedded Systems
Dr. Yogesh Nagarlal Trivedi MIMO Wireless systems, statistical signal processing, Information and coding theory, multi carrier system, cognitive radio.
Dr. Tanish Hemalbhai Zaveri Remote Sensing Image Processing, Image Fusion, Digital Image and Video Processing, Color Image Processing, Microscopic Image Processing, Content Based Image Retrieval, Multimedia Wireless sensor network, Medical Image Processing
Dr. Kunal Baldevbhai Pathak Mathematical modeling, Computational Biology, Numerical Analysis
Dr. Jignesh B Patel Process Control, Decision Support Systems, Control Engineering
Dr. Reena R Trivedi MEMS, FEA, CAD, Optimization
Dr. Bimal Kumar Mawandiya Supply Chain Management, Production Planning & Inventory Management, Quality Control and Engineering, Lean & Six Sigma
Prof. Himanshu Kantilal Patel Sensors & Transducers, Biomedical Instrumentation, Power Electronics
Dr. Akhilesh Arvind Nimje His areas of interests include Rural Electrification, FACTS, Power System Analysis, Distributed Generations and Renewable Energy Sources.
Dr. Siddharthsingh Kamaljitsingh Chauhan Advanced Current Controllers, Digital Signal Processor Based Power Electronic Systems and Power Electronics applications to Power Systems
Dr. Gulshan Sharma Power system operation and control, Renewable energy integration with wind, PV and hybrid systems, Distributed generation and Power system analysis
Dr. Kuntal Bhattacharjee Economic Load Dispatch, Economic Emission Load Dispatch and Short term Hydro-thermal Scheduling in Power System
Dr. Shashikant Jagrmitra Joshi Stress Analysis, Composite Materials, Fracture Mechanics
Prof. Niraj Kiritkumar Shah Rarefied Gas Dynamics, CFD Analysis of Thermal Systems, Alternate Fuels and I C Engine, Energy Conservation, Thermal Insulation
Dr. Absar Mohammad Lakdawala CFD Analysis of Thermal System, Alternate Fuels, Design and Simulation of Thermal Systems
Dr. Sanjay V Jain Hydraulic Machines, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Renewable Energy Systems
Dr. Nilesh Dhirajlal Ghetiya Manufacturing processes and its analysis, Powder metallurgy
Dr. Mitesh B Panchal Vibration, Structural Health Monitoring, Mechanical Characterization of Nano-materials, Machine Design
Dr. A. Madhusudan Achari Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Turbulence
Dr. Parin D. Shah Green Chemistry and Green Technology Process Development for Pollution Control Process Audit, Energy and Environment Audit
Dr. Femina Jitendra Patel Heterogeneous Catalysis, Automotive Emission Control Technology, Urban Pollution Control Technology, Waste Water Treatment Technology
Dr. Nimish R. Shah Synthesis/ modification of polymers for novel applications like food, drug delivery applications, etc.
Dr. Kedar Prasad Agrawal Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Programming
Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti Security in Ad hoc networks
Dr. Gaurang A Raval Wireless Sensor Networks, Distributed Computing
Dr. Vijay S Ukani Wireless Sensor Network, Multimedia Communication
Dr. Ankit R. Thakkar Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded and Real Time Systems
Dr. Priyank B Thakkar Data & Web Mining, Machine Learning, Soft Computing, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
Dr. Zunnun A. raoof Narmawala Network Coding, Mobile Social Network, Delay Tolerant Network, Opportunistic Network
Dr. Sudeep Tanwar Energy efficiency in HWSNs, Integration of Sensor with Cloud, Body Area Network
Dr. Swati Jain Image Processing and Machine Learning, Multimedia retrieval systems, Multi core computing
Dr. Manisha Asit Upadhyay Wireless Communication, RF & Microwave circuit Design
Dr. Amisha Parimal Naik Analog and Mixed VLSI Design,Current mode design, VLSI Design and Technology
Dr. Sachin Harishbhai Gajjar Computer Networks
Dr. Mehul r. Naik RF Circuit Design, Communication Systems
Dr. Richa Mishra Higher Education, Women Writings, Critical Thinking, ICT in Education.
Dr. Paramasivan Sivasooriyan Vellala Development Economics
Dr. Samir K Mahajan Development Economics, Human Development
Dr. Sandeep Malhotra Applied Mathematics, Modeling & Simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Prof. Ujala Jagdish Shamnani Modern & Post-modern writings, Indian English Literature, Literary theory & criticism, English studies in India.
Dr. Anu Goyal Abstract Algebra
Dr. K. Ambika Gas Dynamics, Non linear Partial Differential Equations
Prof. Amit Kumar Mishra Stability Analysis in Fluid Dynamics
Dr. Mahesh Ashokbhai Yeolekar Humanoid and Industrial Robots, Mathematical Modelling & Simulation
Prof. Sandip A Mehta Fractional order control, robotics, factory automation
Prof. Jalpa B Shah Microelectronics, Digital VLSI
Prof. Vidita Tilva Process Control,Industrial Automation
Prof. Vishal M Vaidya Robotics and Machine Learning, A.I. algorithms
Prof. Nital Sanjay Patel Process Instrumentation and Control, Soft Sensors
Prof. Ankit Sharma Image Processing, Soft Computing, Biomedical Instrumentation
Prof. Alpeshkumar Ishwarbhai Patel Advance Process Control , Applied Instrumentation , Industrial Automation
Prof. Harsh Khodidas Kapadia Image Processing, Machine Vision, Vision-based Control, Embedded System Design, Embedded vision
Prof. Amit N Patel Electrical Machine Design and Advanced Electrical Machines
Prof. Sonal Pragnesh Thakkar Concrete Technology, Geopolymer concrete, Sustainable building materials
Prof. Jahanvi Miteshkumar Suthar Earthquake Engineering, Performance Based Design
Prof. Digesh D Joshi Progressive Collapse Analysis and Design of Structures, Finite Element Analysis, Analysis and Design of Precast Concrete Buildings
Prof. Tejas M. Joshi Structural Engineering-Concrete Technology
Prof. Utsav Kamalbhai Koshti Structure engineering, marine structure, steel structure, Cement Plant,
Prof. Divya Kiritkumar Bhatt climate change impacts on water resources.
Prof. Hemang A Dalwadi Pavement Design and Analysis, Transportation Planning, Traffic Management, Infrastructure Management
Prof. Hemanth M Kamplimath Highway Technology, Transportation Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning, Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Prof. Sunil Raiyani Finite Element Analysis, Torsional mechanics, Computational mechanics, Bio-fiber Reinforced Concrete
Prof. Alka Murari Shah Geotechnical Engineering, Finite Element Analysis
Dr. Hasan M Rangwala Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Reinforced Earth, Soil Dynamics
Prof. Vineet Gautamchand Kothari Analysis and design of structures with different structural Systems, Earthquake Resistance Design
Prof. Amit Akhilesh Dubey Water Resources Management, Hydrologic Modelling, Applications of Remote Sensing & GIS in Water Resources.
Prof. Rihan G Maaze Earthquake Analysis , Concrete Technology , Dynamics
Prof. Hiral Vishal Thakar Geotechnical Engineering,Grouting-Soil Stabilization Technique
Prof. Sandesh Akhilesh kumar Sharma Earthquake Engineering, Advanced Structural Analysis, Concrete
Prof. Viraj Mukeshbhai Parekh Public Private Partnership, Integrated Project Delivery, Project Risk Management, Planning and Scheduling
Prof. Arth Jitendrakumar Patel Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Design
Prof. Anant D Patel Flood modelling, Rain Water Harvesting, Flood management, Hydraulic Structure
Prof. Tejas H Panchal Electrical Machine Design, Electrical Drives and Advanced Electrical Machines
Dr. Jatinkumar Maheshkumar Dave Stress Analysis, Robotics, Kinematics, Computer Aided Design
Prof. Vipul Manharlal Bhojawala Nonlinear analysis of electrostatically actuated MEMS/NEMS, Bearing Fault Diagnosis, Mechanical vibration
Prof. Anand Somabhai Patel Quality Management
Prof. Manisha Tusharbhai Shah Power Electronic Converters and their Applications, Power Quality Issues and their Mitigation Techniques.
Prof. Tejal Unmesh Upadhyay Data Warehousig and Mining, Compiler Design, Computer Architecture
Prof. Saurin Sharad Parikh Software Engineering, Design Patterns , Service Oriented Architecture ,
Prof. Darshita Jigar Shah CAD/CAM, Fracture Mechanics
Prof. Ashish Mulchand Gohil CAD/CAM
Prof. Sonia T Mittal Parallel Computing, Multimedia Processing
Prof. Deepika A Shukla Image Processing, Computer Graphics,Data Mining, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Software Engineering,
Dr. Mihir M Chauhan Stress Analysis, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Robotics, Design and Dynamics
Prof. Dhaval Vallabhbhai Patel Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis
Prof. Dhaval Bipinbhai Shah Finite Element Analysis, Composite Materials, Computer Aided Design, Design and Dynamics
Prof. Ath Satish Singhal Nanofluids, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Engineering, Automobiles and IC Engines, Wind Turbine
Prof. Smita S. Agrawal Parallel Processing, Object Oriented Analysis and Design , Big Data Analytics
Prof. Rasendu B Mishra Data Mining
Prof. Shruti Nalinbhai Mehta Manufacturing automation, Condition Monitoring
Prof. Balkrushna Arvindbhai Shah Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Cryogenic, Alternative Energy Sources
Prof. Monika Gunvantbhai Shah Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing, Operating System, Modern Database, Database System, Information Retrieval
Prof. Prashant Jagdishchandra Bagga Tool and machinery condition monitoring
Prof. Narasimha Reddy Ravuru Catalysis
Dr. Shibu Gopinathan Pillai Supramolecules, Polymer, Nanotechnology, Heterocyclic chemistry, Metal Complexation
Prof. Sarika S Kanojia Electrical Power Systems, Power system Protection and Switchgear, Power system operation and control.
Prof. Rupal Amit Kapdi Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Java Programming
Prof. Preeti V Kathiria Data Mining
Dr. Jaiprakash Vinodkumar Verma Big Data Analysis, Data Warehousing and Mining
Prof. Pooja Prakashbhai Shah Satellite image processing, SAR Polarimetry, Oceanography, Microscopic Image processing, Image Forensics
Prof. Anand A Bhatt Cryogenics, Alternative Energy Sources, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer
Prof. Tejas N Raval Internal combustion engines, Fluid Mechanics
Prof. Vishal Umeshkumar Parikh Video Summarization, Internet of Things, Multimedia Analysis, Delay Tolerant Network, Sensor Network, Mobile Computing
Prof. Mayur Ashwinbhai Makhesana Materials Processing and Manufacturing, Micro manufacturing and finishing processes
Prof. Leena V. Bora Solar Energy Technology, Photocatalysis
Prof. Parita Rajiv Oza Wireless Sensor Network
Prof. Malaram K Kumhar Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Prof. Darshit S Upadhyay Gasification Technology, Renewable Energy
Prof. Nipun Pravinbhai Raval Design, Centrifugal Pump, Stress Analysis ,CFD
Prof. Jigna Ashish Patel Data warehousing & Mining ,Theory of Automata , Artificial Intelligence,
Dr. Rajan Pratapbhai Datt Web Services
Prof. Hirenkumar Manilal Prajapati Design and Dynamics of machines
Prof. Rudresh D. Makwana CAD/CAM, Design, Manufacturing
Prof. Anitha Ashishdeep Networking
Prof. Devendrasinh Ishwarsinh Vashi Privacy Preservation in Data Mining
Prof. Saumil H. Desai Machine Tool Design, Mechatronics
Prof. Shebaz A Memon Energy Conversion and Optimisation, Energy Economics, Fluid Machinery, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Prof. Priya P Saxena Advanced Wastewater Treatment (Electrochemical Technology)
Prof. Arvind M Sankhla Al- Based Metal Matrix Composites
Prof. Nikita Kaumil Shah Wastewater treatment, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Catalysis
Prof. Neha A Patni Biofuels, Polymer Science, Chemical Sensors, Organic Solar cell
Dr. Ankur Harshadbhai Dwivedi Research interest includes Water treatment, Corrosion chemistry, Chromatographic techniques, Pharmaceutical method development, method validation and characterization of bulk drugs and Photochemistry.
Prof. Amita Chaudhary Carbon dioxide sequestration, Ionic liquids, Chemical Kinetics of Gas liquid reactions, Corrosion science
Prof. Chintan Rajeshkumar Mehta Electrical Power system, Renewable energy sources integration in grid, power quality issues, Energy Management
Prof. Vishal Ketankumar Mehta Stress analysis and Machine Design
Prof. ROSHANKUMAR Rameshchandra Tandel Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer
Prof. Vipul Hanmukhbhai Chudasama Distributed Computing ,Artificial intelligence, Object Oriented Programming
Prof. Sapan H Mankad Machine Learning, Speech Processing
Prof. Rushabh R Shah Digital Image Processing
Prof. Usha Dineshbhai Patel Embedded system, Image processing
Prof. Jitali Dineshkumar Patel Artificial Intelligence, Data mining,Information Retrieval
Prof. Kruti Rajesh Lavingia Software Engineering, Database Management
Prof. Pimal S Khanpara Wireless Networks, Computer Architecture, Soft Computing
Prof. Tarjni Ketanbhai Vyas Natural Language Processing,Information Retrieval,Language Transalator
Prof. Shivani Dineshbhai Desai Wireless Sensor Network
Prof. Dhaval Sharad Jha Theoretical Computer Science,Numerical methods and Algorithms
Prof. Vivek Kumar Prasad Distributed Systems,Big data, Machine Learning,Networks Security and Privacy Preserving in Data Mining.
Prof. Dvijesh Nareshkumar Bhatt Data mining, Database Management System, Big Data, Web Mining, Machine Learning, Operating System
Prof. Ajaykumar Madhubhai Patel Networking, VANET (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network)
Prof. Anuja R Nair Cloud Computing, Hadoop Distributed Computing, Multimedia
Prof. Daiwat Amit Vyas Augmented Reality in Robotics Technology Development, Data Warehouse and Mining
Prof. Anitha Modi Data Mining, Database Management Systems
Prof. Payal Jayantibhai Prajapati Image Processing, Remote Sensing and Networking
Prof. Preksha Anil Pareek Machine Learning,Database Management System,Digital Image Processing
Prof. Anil Jagdishbhai Patelia Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval
Prof. Lata A. Gohil Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Text Mining
Prof. Reshma Idresh Lakhani Data Mining
Mrs. Moni Himanshu Baniya Cloud Computing
Prof. Chirag Vrujlal Nathwani Data Mining
Prof. Kavita S Tewani Theoretical Computer Science, Analysis of Algorithm
Prof. Chanakya Bharatbhai Bhatt HVDC, FACTS, Power Electronics,Battery Management Systems, Smart Energy Solutions
Prof. P. N. Kapil Power Electronic Converters and Inverters, Advanced Electrical Machines and Electrical Drives
Prof. Swapnil N Jani Electrical Machines, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives
Prof. Shanker Godwal Power System Protection, Power System Stability
Prof. Vijay G Savani Re-Configurable Architecture, Analog and Mixed Signal Design, Digital Design & Embedded System
Dr. Ankur Arvindbhai Pandya Spintronics in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Quantum Well and Quantum Dots.
Prof. Dhara M. Mehta Smart Grid, Power system automation and embedded systems.
Dr. Chetna Chaturbhai Chauhan Nanophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, polymer composites
Prof. Piyush Maganbhai Bhatasana Microelectronics, VLSI Design , RF MEMS Switches
Prof. Hemang Surayakant Pandya Demand side Management in Smart Grid technology, Distributed renewable generators, Design & Analysis of Advanced Electrical Machines
Prof. Vaishali Hitesh Dhare Testing of VLSI Design
Prof. Dhaval G Shah Free Space Optical Communication, Embedded Systems
Prof. Vihang M Dholakiya Electrical Power System Analysis
Prof. Mayur Vajashibhai Gojiya Power System stability
Prof. Bhupendra Damjibhai Fataniya Digital Signal Processing, Speech and Image Processing
Prof. Akash Isudas Mecwan MOS based designs, Digital System Design, Re configurable Architectures
Prof. Hormaz Zarir Amrolia Machines and drives, matrix converter, Electric vehicle
Prof. Ami Jigar Shukla Image processing, high performance computing, Sensor networks
Prof. Dipesh Jashvantbhai Panchal VLSI Design, Analog and Mixed Signal Design, Power Electronics
Prof. Sukanta Kumar Sahoo Power Electronics, Power Quality, Filters, Power Factor Corrections
Prof. Ruchi Indravadan Gajjar Image Blur parameter estimation, Image Restoration
Prof. Samyak Shreyansh Shah Electrical Power Systems
Prof. Akhilesh Panwar Power System Operation and Control, Renewable Energy, Power System Dynamics and Electrical Machine
Prof. Jayeshkumar Jashvantbhai Patel Analog and Mixed VLSI.
Prof. Khyati Prafulbhai Vachhani Software Defined Radio, Digital Signal Processing, wireless Communication
Prof. Nisarg Pankajkumar Dave Electrical Machine Design, Renewable Energy, Advanced Electrical Machines.
Prof. Chirag Hareshkumar Raval Converters, Induction Motor Drives, Control theory, Harmonics, Power Quality.
Prof. Hardik Yogeshbhai Joshi Signal processing, Communication system, wireless communication
Prof. Twinkle Kushalkumar Bhavsar Wireless Communication, MIMO, OFDM
Prof. J. N. Pathan Methods of computational intelligence, Networked Control System
Prof. Chintan Dalsukh Patel Power System Analysis and Optimization, Restructured Power System, Distributed Management of Power System
Prof. Bhavin V Kakani Computer vision, machine learning, Image Processing, Antenna Theory and Microwave Engineering
Prof. Annima Gupta Power Quality, Active filters
Prof. Tarun Kumar Tailor PowerSystem Operation and Control
Prof. Tanuj Gupta Experimental Physics.
Prof. Rutul Anil kumar Patel Compressive sensing, Inverse problems, Kalman filter
Prof. Chandan Trivedi Image Processing, Remote sensing, Algorithms
Miss. Garima Panwar Intellectual Property Laws, Competition Law and Constitutional Law.
Mr. Pronoy Singha Women's writing, Crime Fiction,
Prof. Foram Ashwinkumar Chandarana Cyborg theory, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Cultural/Identity Studies, Postmodernism, American and Japanese Cyberpunk, Manga, Anime, PC/Video Games
Dr. Bhanupriya Rohila Indian Diasporic Literature, Indian English Novels, Indian Women Writers