Institute of Technology


Dr. Sanjay S Patel

In-Charge Head of Department

  • Dr. Kunal Baldevbhai Pathak - Nirma University

    Dr. Kunal Pathak

    Associate Professor

    11 Years
    Ph. D in Mathematics.
    Mathematical modeling, Computational Biology, Numerical Analysis
  • Dr. Motilal Nabinkishor Panigrahi - Nirma University

    Dr. Motilal Panigrahi

    Associate Professor

    23 Years
    PhD, M. Phil, M. Sc, CSIR-NET, NBHM
    Fuzzy Mathematics, Differential Equation, Partial Differential Equation, Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra
  • Dr. Richa Mishra - Nirma University

    Dr. Richa Mishra

    Assistant Professor

    12 Years
    PGD in Media Communication, Ph.D
    Higher Education, Women Writings, Critical Thinking, ICT in Education.
  • Dr. Paramasivan Sivasooriyan Vellala - Nirma University

    Dr. Paramasivan Vellala

    Assistant Professor

    24 Years
    M.A.(Economics), UGC-NET
    Development Economics
  • Dr. Samir K Mahajan - Nirma University

    Dr. Samir Mahajan

    Assistant Professor

    17 Years
    M.Sc. (Economics), Ph.D (Human Development), UGC-NET (Economics)
    Development Economics, Human Development
  • Dr. Sandeep Malhotra - Nirma University

    Dr. Sandeep Malhotra

    Assistant Professor

    13 Years
    M.Phil.(VNSGU, Surat), Ph.D. (VNSGU,Surat.)
    Applied Mathematics, Modeling & Simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Dr. K. Ambika - Nirma University

    Dr. K. Ambika

    Assistant Professor

    2 Years
    Ph.D (University of Hyderabad)
    Gas Dynamics, Non linear Partial Differential Equations
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Mishra - Nirma University

    Dr. Amit Mishra

    Assistant Professor

    19 Years
    M. Phil.
    Stability Analysis in Fluid Dynamics
  • Prof. Foram Ashwinkumar Chandarana - Nirma University

    Prof. Foram Chandarana

    Assistant Professor

    5 Years
    M.A. In English Literature, pursuing Ph.D.
    Cyborg theory, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Cultural/Identity Studies, Postmodernism, American and Japanese Cyberpunk, Manga, Anime, PC/Video Games (Game theory)
  • Dr. Ratna Venkateshwara Rao - Nirma University

    Dr. Ratna Rao

    Assistant Professor

    26 Years
    Ph.D, M.A ( Eng),M.A( EDU), B.Ed,Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in English
  • Dr. Mahesh Ashokbhai Yeolekar - Nirma University

    Dr. Mahesh Yeolekar

    Assistant Professor

    10 Years
    Ph.D. (GU)
    Humanoid and Industrial Robots, Mathematical Modelling & Simulation, Virtual real world Model
  • Dr. Priyanka  Sharma - Nirma University

    Dr. Priyanka Sharma

    Assistant Professor

    12 Years
    M.B.A., Ph.D, M.S. (Applied Psychology)
  • Miss. Garima Panwar - Nirma University

    Miss. Garima Panwar

    Assistant Professor

    1 Year
    B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), LL.M.
    Intellectual Property Laws, Competition Law and Constitutional Law.
  • Mr. Pronoy Singha - Nirma University

    Mr. Pronoy Singha

    Assistant Professor

    4 Years
    Master of Arts, GSET
    Women's writing, Feminism, Crime Fiction, Psychoanalysis, Reader Response Theory