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Prof. Neha A Patni

Prof. Neha A Patni

Total Experience 12 Year
Educational Qualification MPhil Energy, MSc Organic Chemistry- University of Rajasthan
Research Area Biofuels, Polymer Science, Chemical Sensors, Organic Solar cell
General information
Designation Assistant Professor
Office Phone 079-30642862
Cabin No A-210

Prof. Neha has authored 2 books and 5 book chapters published by international reputed publishers, 07 papers published in International referred Journals and more than 33 papers presented/published in International Conferences/Proceedings. She has received the Award of Best Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Department for Teaching Methodology in 2015. She has also won the Best Research Paper Award at International Conferences in 2008, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The projects guided by her received various National Awards like Earthian Face Off Challenge, First position-Technical Essay Competition, Consolation Outstanding Young Chemical Engineer Award. She is currently pursuing PhD in the area of Polymer Science and Technology. She is a life member of various prestigious organizations like NITAA, ISTE, ACT and CRSI.

Current Activities : Pursuing PhD
Teaching 12 Year 3 Month
Industry -

Specialization Areas Engineering Chemistry, Polymer Science, Biofuels
Subject Taught UG Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Analytical Chemistry
Subject Taught PG -

Dancing, Singing, Drawing, Anchoring, Reading novels

Prof. Neha A Patni - Achievements

TitleDescriptionAchieved On
Best Presentation Award Best Presentation Award for the paper on "Comparative study of electrolytes used in the synthesis of cocktail dye based dye sensitised solar cell” in International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure Management ICEIM, on 15-16 February 2018 organised by SPM, PDPU. February 2018
Best Poster Award First Prize for the poster presented in International Conference on Safety organised by IIT, Gandhinagar. January 2017
Best Paper Award Best Paper Award for paper on “Recent Advances in the Fabrication of Polymer based organic Solar cell” under the theme of "Capacity building in India Energy and Infrastructure sector in context to Make in India Campaign" in International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure Management ICEIM, on 18-19 February 2016 organised by Pandit DeenDayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. February 2016
Best Assistant Professor Cash prize of Rs 40,000/- for being Best Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Department for Teaching Methodology received from Nirma University. October 2015
B. Tech project awarded Consolation in Outstanding Young Chemical Engineers Award in oral paper presentation (OYCE-14) Guided Technical Paper entitled “Use of Polyanniline as Chemical Sensor, Indicator and Filtering Media” won Consolation Prize of Rs 1000, and a certificate in National Level Competition 'Outstanding Young Chemical Engineers (OYCE) organised by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) hosted by Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra, Mumbai on 8th March, 2014 March 2014
First position in National Level Essay competition Guided Technical Article on “Polymer Solar cell” won First position in Essay competition organised by Nandini Chemical Journal organised at National Level in Dec 2013 December 2013
First position in National Level competition named EARTHIAN Face off Challenge Guided Technical Paper entitled “Wheat Gluten: a potential substitute for biodegradable plastics” won First position in competition named EARTHIAN Face off Challenge organized by Wipro at National Level in Jan 2012 January 2012
Best Paper Award Award for the technical paper presented on “Biofuel (Ethanol & Biodiesel):- Applications as sustainable fuel for Internal Combustion” in National Conference organised by Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology (SKIT), Jaipur. February 2008
Performance Award Citation and Cash Prize Rs.5000 in Poornima College of Engineering(PCE), Jaipur for giving Excellent Results as a faculty in Engineering Chemistry for Session 2006 – 2007. September 2007

Prof. Neha A Patni - Experience

Institute / OrganizationDesignationDuration
Institute of Technology , Nirma UniversityAssistant Professor November 2009 To till date
Institute of TechnologyLecturer November 2008 To July 2009
Poornima College of Engineering, JaipurLecturer July 2006 To January 2008
Compucom Institute of Information Technology & Management , JaipurLecturer October 2005 To June 2006

Prof. Neha A Patni - Publication



TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Biodiesel:Fuel of the moment and the Future 978-3-8465-1339-2Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany 2011
BioDiesel and Ethanol:Environmentally Viable Alternates to Conventional fuel 978-3-639-25706-9VDM Verlag, Germany 2010

Book Chapter

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Microbial polyesters: Production and Market 978-1-119-22379-5Scrivener Publishing LLC (Wiley)52017
Biodegradable Polymers: Definition, Classification and Application as an alternative to Plastic 978-981-4613-53-8Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. (CRC Press) 2016
Methods of Plastic waste management for the conversion of waste plastics into fuel 978-1-91024-228-5Smithers RapraVolume 22015
Nanotechnology in Chemical Sensors 978-93-392-2109-6Mc Graw Hill Education Private ltd 2015
Nanotechnology in Polymer Solar Cells 978-93-392-2109-6Mc Graw Hill Education Private ltd 2015

International Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
LPG gas sensing using polyaniline and its composites    2017
Recent Advances in the Fabrication of Polymer based organic Solar cell    2016
Eight-Armed Functionalized Macrocyclic Hydroxamic Acid: Separation and Determination of Lanthanum (III) ion”,  Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam (2016), 135-137. 2016
A review on humidity sensors fabricated using Polyaniline    2016
Synthesis of dye-sensitized solar cells using polyaniline and natural dye extracted from beetroot    2016
Polyaniline Based Sensors For Monitoring And Detection Of Gases    2016
Polymer based Organic Solar cell    2016
Use of Polyaniline as an indicator to acid base titration    2015
Extraction and Trace Determination of Lanthanum (III)    2015
Extraction and Determination of Cerium (IV) by Derivative of Calix[4] Resorcinarene-Hydroxamic Acid 9789351072843ElsevierChapter-46, 203-2062014
Nanotechnology in Chemical Sensors    2014
Nanotechnology in Polymer Solar Cell    2014
Use of Polyaniline as Chemical Sensor 9789351072843ElseveirChapter 68, pp 299-3022014
Performance Enhancement of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) by using Graphene Modifications ISSN 2321-2705International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation - IJRSIVolume I Issue VII,pp 143-1462014
Polymer Based Organic Solar Cells ISSN 2231-606XInternational Journal of Research and Scientific InnovationVolume I Issue VII,pp 179-1822014
International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Practice, ISBN : 978-93-81212-84-4Bharti Publications, New delhi 2014
Recent Advances and future prospects of polymer based Organic Solar Cell ISBN:978-93-82880-97-4Excel India Publishers 2014
Biodegradable polymer: A casein aerogel composite ISSN:2278-2540International Journal of Latest Tech in Eng, Managmnt and Applied Sci, International Standards Publi32014
Casein Extraction and Formation of Biodegradable Aerogel ISBN: 978-93-82338-92-5Bonfring Publication 2014
Synthesis of sodiumcarboxymethylguar using chloroacetic acid for hydrofracking technology ISSN 0973-4562International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Ripu Publiaction82013
“ Extraction of Casein from Milk and its conversion into a Biodegradable Polymer 0973-4562International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Ripu Publiaction82013
Use of Sunflower and Cottonseed Oil to prepare Biodiesel by catalyst assisted Transesterification ISSN 2231-606XResearch Journal of Chemical Sciences, ISCA Publication32013
Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Vanadium(V) with p-Carboxy-N-Phenyl-Calix[4]resorcinarene-hydroxamic Acid 1877-7058Procedia Engineering, Elsevier51, 347-3542013
Wheat as a Promising Substitute of Corn for Bioethanol Production 1877-7058Procedia Engineering, Elseveir51, 355-3622013
Technology Independence And Innovations Through Free And Open Source Systems    2012
Sustainability of Biodegradable substitutes of Plastics: A review    2012
Feedstocks, production and properties of Biodiesel    2011
Energy use and possible changes in our lifestyle to meet the energy need of tomorrow    2011
Analysis of current scenario of Biofuels in India specifically Bio-diesel and Bio-ethanol    2011
Production of Biodiesel using base and acid catalysed transesterification of sunflower and cottonseed oil    2011
India’s Biofuel Policies And Analysis On Current Scenario Of Biofuels    2011
Methods used in decreasing the emissions of NOx associated with the use of biodiesel    2010

International Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
An overview on the role of wheat gluten as a viable substitute for biodegradable plastics 2191-0235Reviews in Chemical Engineering, De Gryuter302014

National Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Role of polyaniline as chemical Sensor and Acid base titration indicator ISBN: 978-93-83459-35-3Bonfring Publication 2014
Nanotechnology in polymer solar cells    2013
Gold Nanoparticle-Based Sensor for Mercury Detection    2013
Phthalocyanine Thin Films: Application to Gas Sensing    2013
Phthalocyanine Thin Films: Application to Gas Sensing -Gujarat Forensic Sciences University- Gandhinagar-2013
Change in lifestyle and social setup for energy need of tomorrow    2010
Biofuel (Ethanol & Biodiesel):- Applications as sustainable fuel for Internal Combustion Engines    2008

National Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Bio based plastics as viable and biodegradable substitutes for petroleum based counterparts ISSN 2249 – 6157  2012
Effect of solvents and their concentrations on extraction of Caffeine from different tea samples 2249 – 6157  2012

Prof. Neha A Patni - Qualification

QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
M.Phil. Energy University of Rajasthan 2008   
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry University of Rajasthan 2005   

Prof. Neha A Patni - Activity

Activity TypeActivity TitlePlaceDateFaculty Role
International Conference International Conference on Safety IIT Gandhinagar03/01/2017Attended
National Conference Recent Advances and Future trends in Chemical Technology Nirma University24/09/2016Convenor
Orientation Programme State level Interactive Orientation Programme on Engineering Chemistry Nirma University24/05/2016Coordinator
State level Workshop Orientation Programme Ahmedabad24/05/2016Coordinator
Orientation Programme Research Orientation Programme Nirma University22/06/2015Attended
International Conference International Conference on Energy and Infrastructure ICEI  11/01/2014Attended
International Conference International Conference on Research and Scientific Innovation – ICRSI  22/12/2013Attended
International Conference Supramolecules and Nanotechnology  18/10/2013Attended
National Seminar National Seminar on “Advances in Catalysis and catalysts Ahmedabad28/02/2013Attended
National Seminar International Chemical Conclave - Roadmap to Global Competitiveness Ahmedabad22/09/2012Attended
National Seminar Indo – US symposium on “Women in Engineering leading global innovation Bangalore22/08/2012Attended
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Computation and Simulation in Chemical Engineering Ahmedabad02/07/2012Attended
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Orientation Programme Jaipur04/06/2012Attended
International Conference International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials APM 2012  10/02/2012Attended
International Conference International Congress of Environmental research ICER-2011 surat15/12/2011Attended
National Seminar New Horizons in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Technologies Ahmedabad06/08/2011Coordinator
International Conference International Conference on renewable Energy Jaipur17/01/2011Attended
National Seminar Global Chemical Leaders Summit 2010 on “Global competitiveness - Gujarat perspective Ahmedabad17/12/2010Attended
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Environmental Management for Sustainable Industrial Development Ahmedabad21/06/2010Attended
International Workshop workshop for women in Science Ahmedabad18/03/2010Attended
National Seminar Emerging Trends in Environmental Technologies and Impact Assessment techniques Ahmedabad13/03/2010Coordinator
National Seminar Nanotechnology-today and tomorrow  08/03/2010Attended
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Induction Training Programme Ahmedabad16/06/2009Attended
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Induction training program Jaipur19/03/2007Attended

Prof. Neha A Patni - PhD Students