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Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti

Total Experience 18 Year
Educational Qualification Ph.D.
Research Area Security in Ad hoc networks
General information
Designation Associate Professor
Office Phone 07930642526
Cabin No PG-312

Dr Sharada Valiveti joined the Institute of Technology in 2001. She pursued her B.E. and M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Sardar Patel University. She pursued Ph.D. from Nirma University. Her area of interest is Network Security. She has published several papers in International Journals and Conferences. Currently, she is working as Sr Associate Professor in Computer Engineering department. Also, she is the PG Coordinator for M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Information and Network Security.

Current Activities : PG Coordinator of M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering (Information and Network Security)
Teaching 18 Year 1 Month
Industry -
Website -
Membership ISTE, CSI

Specialization Areas Security in networks
Subject Taught UG Information Theory and Coding, Principles of Compiler Design, Fundamentals of Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture and Peripherals
Subject Taught PG Intrusion Detection Systems, Ethical Hacking, Web Security, Cyber Security, Information and Network Security, Network and Computer Security, Advanced Networks

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Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Achievements

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Experience

Institute / OrganizationDesignationDuration
Shri U V Patel College of EngineeringLecturer September 2000 To December 2000

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Publication


Book Chapter

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Open Issues in Named Data Networking – A Survey 978-3-319-63673-3Springer 2017

International Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Natural Language Interface for Multilingual Database  International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems (ICTIS) 2017
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Optimization of Clustering process for WSN with Hybrid Harmony search and K-means algorithm 978-1-4673-9802-2IEEE 2016
Visitor Tracking System using Mobile Ad Hoc Network 2249-555XIndian Journal of Applied Research52015
Anomaly Detection System for Ad Hoc Networks using Bayesian Networks 81-85824-46-0 52014
Attack Generating and its Implication on Ad Hoc Networks 978-1-4577-0240-2IEEE22011
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Parallel Generation of RSA Keys - A Review     
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International Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Analysis of Energy Consumption in SET TOP BOX: A survey and Opportunities for Energy Saving 0973-7391International Journal of Computer Science and Communication72016
Enhancing the Performance of Audio Visual Speech Recognition Using Deep Learning Techniques 0973-7391International Journal of Computer Science and Communication72016
Optimizing the Generic Key Distribution Process with efficient routing in ad hoc networks using Ant Colony Optimization 0973-7391International Journal of Computer Science and Communication62015
Rapid and Compact generic binary-to-BCD conversion circuit for less powerful computational devices: An Algorithm and Hardware Simulation  International Journal of Computer Science & Communication (csjournals)52014
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Performance Evaluation of Byzantine Flood Rushing Attack in ad hoc network 0976 – 6472  2014
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National Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Routing in Ad Hoc Network Using Ant Colony Optimization  Springer Berlin Heidelberg1202010

Research Paper

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Routing in Ad hoc Networks using Ant Colony Optimization 978-3-642-17603-6Springer CCIS1202010

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Qualification

QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
Ph.D. Securing in Ad Hoc Networks Nirma University Institute of Technology December 2014   
M.E. Computer Engineering Sardar Patel University Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya August 2005  Distinction
B.E. Computer Engineering Sardar Patel University Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya August 2000  First Class

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Activity

Activity TypeActivity TitlePlaceDateFaculty Role
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Cyber Security Institute of Technology, Nirma University10/07/2014Participant
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Computer Networks Institute of Technology, Nirma University23/06/2014Participant
In-House Training Programme Workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) Institute of Technology, Nirma University09/09/2013Participant
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Mathematics for Engineers Institute of Technology24/06/2013Participant
International Workshop FDP on Security Engineering and Network Programming Hyderabad03/06/2013Participant
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Advanced Networks - Opportunities and Challenges Institute of Technology11/05/2009Coordinator

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - Project Guided

Project TitleDescriptionDuration
Parallel Generation of RSA Keys The project aims at implementing an effective method to generate any-sized RSA keys parallelly and dynamically for IoT use. 2016
Natural Language Interface for Multi-Lingual Database Designing natural language interface for databases, which includes data of different languages. Translation of FIR of Gujarati language to English language. 2016
Restriction Based System to detect malicious activities in Windows OS The main objective of this system is to restrict the Windows Operating System to behave in only those manners which bring security to the Host Computer System. By doing this, the overhead of our Security software to classify an OS’s action as malicious or non-malicious will be reduced since it only needs to check in the restricted environment while all the other OS actions are by default tagged as malicious. We consider here mainly two types of systems that are productive and non-productive systems and we will see how restrictions are applied in these system to enhance their security. 2016
Reliable Routing in Ad Hoc Network in presence of Selfish Nodes   May 2013
Detecting Flood Rushing Attack in Ad Hoc Network   May 2013
Anomaly based IDS in Ad Hoc Network   May 2013
Location Aware routing in ad hoc network   May 2013
Wormhole attack detection in ad hoc network   May 2013
Securing Data Aggregation in Sensor Network   May 2012
Securing Multicast Routing in Ad Hoc Network   May 2012
Trust based Routing in Ad Hoc Network   May 2012
IDS to detect Availability attacks in ad hoc network   May 2011
ACO based Routing in ad hoc network An Ad Hoc network is a network in which a group of mobile nodes that wish to communicate may self organize. The ad hoc networks have dynamic topology and are infrastructure less. So it is required to implement a new network protocol for providing efficient end to end communication based on TCP/IP protocol suite. There is a need to re-define or modify the functions of each layer of conventional model to provide end to end communication between nodes. The mobility of the nodes and the limited resources are the main reason for this change. The main challenge in ad hoc networks is routing. Due to the mobility of the nodes in the ad hoc networks, routing becomes very difficult. Ant based algorithms are suitable for routing in ad hoc networks due to their dynamic nature and adaptive behavior. There are a number of routing algorithms based on the concept of Ant Colony Optimizations. It is quite difficult to determine the best ant based algorithm for routing as these algorithms perform differently under various circumstances such as the traffic distribution and network topology. So, the goal of this project is to build an efficient hybrid routing algorithm for ad hoc networks. This report contains an introduction to the Ad Hoc Networks and ACO, literature survey of various routing algorithms for the Ad Hoc Networks, definition of reactive, proactive and hybrid protocols, details of ACO based hybrid routing algorithm and the implementation of this algorithm using GloMoSim simulator, with the help of which I have achieved the final objective of thesis which is an efficient routing between the source and destination nodes. The performance of this new algorithm is compared with the existing hybrid routing algorithms for Ad Hoc Networks. May 2011
Trust based Routing in Ad Hoc Network   May 2011
Topology based Routing in Ad Hoc Network   May 2011
Non Repudiation in Ad Hoc Network   May 2011

Dr. Sharada Ramakrishna Valiveti - PhD Students