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Dr. Priyanka Sharma

Dr. Priyanka Sharma

Total Experience 19 Year
Educational Qualification Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering)
Research Area Machine Learning, Wireless Multimedia Communications, Parallel Computing, ICT based Technologies
General information
Designation Professor
Office Phone 079-30642525
Cabin No PG Block : 007

Dr Priyanka Sharma is working as a Professor and PG Programme Coordinator of MTech (Computer Science and Engineering) with Computer Science and Engineering Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University since year 2002. An academician by passion and a researcher in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning spanning interdisciplinary applications; Dr Sharma has a professional experience of over 19 years, that foothold both Academia and Industry. She is teaching courses at both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Level. Dr Sharma has been currently guiding four PhD students (that includes two students research fundings under the Vishveshwarya PhD Scheme) and one student has completed his PhD in October 2017. She is actively involved on various national and international project collaborations supported by Shastri Indo-Canadian Research Grants, Board of Research in Fusion Research under Department of Atomic Energy. She has also worked as the Principal Investigator of NVIDIA Research Center (2014) at Nirma University and has been involved on various NVIDIA based initiatives since then. Dr Sharma is also involved as an Advisor/Member at various Academic Administration and Research bodies at Nirma University as well as other Universities. She has jointly received the CCI Technology Award (2015) (State Level) and FICCI Award for Best University in the Use of technology (2015) (National Level), on behalf of Nirma University. One of her research project also received Best Project Award at CSI Project Innovations at National Level. She has also received many Best Paper and Poster awards at various National and International forums.

Current Activities : Area Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group at CSE Department, Member of Advisory Board of Directorate of Research and Innovation, Member of Advisory Board of Nirma University Alumni Forum, Member of Faculty of Technology and Engineering (FoTE) under Institute of Technology, Member of Board of Studies of CSE Department, PG Program Coordinator of MTech CSE, Member of Committee at University Level for implementation of IT Policy, Member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell at Institute Level and Coordinator at Department Level
Teaching 16 Year 6 Month
Industry 2 Year 9 Month

Specialization Areas Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing
Subject Taught UG Data Compression and Encryption, Parallel Computing, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Operating Systems, Advanced Operating Systems
Subject Taught PG Machine Learning, High Performance Networks, Wireless Networks, Data Compression, ICT Tools

Music, travelling and driving

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Achievements

TitleDescriptionAchieved On
Best paper Award in "International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Communication" – ICICC 2017 Best paper Award for the paper titled "Acceleration of CNN based facial emotion detection using NVIDIA GPU" co-authored by Ms Bhakti Sonawane (PhD Student) at an International Conference organized by MAEER’s MIT College of Engineering, Pune, India in association with Springer and Knowledge partners Computer Society of India and College of Engineering, Pune, India August 2017
First Prize in Poster Presentation in "ACM-W India Celebration of Women in Computing – 2016” titled “Video Summarization in Compressed Domain for Effective Multimedia Transmission.” The poster was presented under "Work in Progress Poster Presentation Competition’ category organized as a part of the conference ACM-W India Celebration of Women in Computing – 2016. It was held on 6th and 7th October 2016 at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. The poster was coauthored by Dr Priyanka Sharma and Ms Madhushree (PhD Scholar). October 2016
Best Paper Award in ICRWIP 2015 (co-authored the paper) Paper titled "A Comparative Analysis of Different LFSR based ciphers and parallel computing platforms for development of Generic Cipher compatible on both hardware and software platforms", ICRWIP 2015, Springer (January 2015) January 2015
NVIDIA Research Center@Nirma University (2014-2015) NVIDIA recognizes and fosters collaboration with research groups at universities and research institutes that are expanding the frontier of massively parallel computing. Institutions identified as CUDA Research Centers are doing world-changing research by leveraging CUDA and NVIDIA GPUs. Nirma Unvieristy is among the first ten Organization in India to get the recognition in 2014. January 2014
CUDA Teaching Center@Nirma University Principle Investigator (2012 - 2015) The CUDA Teaching Center Program is designed to support and encourage teaching establishments to include GPU Computing as part of their course offerings. Under this recognition, NVIDIA has awarded us the latest K20 series GPU Card. January 2014
Seminar on "3D Holography Projection : Research and Applications" at University of Dalhousie, Halifax, Canada Invited for a delivering a seminar on "3D Holography Projection : Research and Applications" for the faculties of Computer Science Department of University of Dalhousie, Halifax, Canada May 2014

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Experience

Institute / OrganizationDesignationDuration
Institute of TechnologyProfessor February 2015 To till date
Institute of TechnologyAssociate Professor March 2014 To February 2015
Institute of TechnologyAssistant Professor January 2008 To March 2014
Institute of TechnologySenior Lecturer September 2007 To January 2008
Institute of TechnologyLecturer April 2002 To September 2007
Samyak Infotech Pvt LimitedSoftware Developer and Project Lead June 1999 To April 2002

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Publication


Book Chapter

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Deep Neural Network based classification of tumorous and non-tumorous Medical Images 2190-3018Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies , Springer 2017
Enhancement of GSM Stream Cipher Security Using Variable Taps Mechanism and Nonlinear Combination Functions on Linear Feedback Shift Registers 978-3-319-30926-2Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Springer512016

International Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
GPU based acceleration of facial emotion detection using Machine learning  GTC 2017, NVIDIA (San Jose, USA) 2017
Video Summarization accelerated by Parallel programming using NVIDIA GPU  GTC 2017, NVIDIA (San Jose, USA) 2017
Video Summarization in Compressed Domain for Effective Multimedia Transmission (Best Poster Award)  ACM-W India 2016
A Comparative Analysis of Different LFSR based ciphers and parallel computing platforms for development of Generic Cipher compatible on both hardware and software platforms  Springer ICRWIP 2015
Design, Implementation and Analysis of GSM stream cipher : Software simulators vs real test bed – FPGA  IEEE, 6th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computer Networks (CICN 2014) 2014
Congestion Control based analysis of High Delay Tolerant network Transport Protocol  IEEE ISCCC 2009, Proceeding of CSIT 2011 2011
A Survey on Various Cluster Head Election Algorithms for MANET  IEEE NUiCONE 2011 2011
Parallelization of Clustered Ant Colonies for Effective QoS based Routing of IP based Multimedia Traffic  MULTICONF - CCN 2010, Orlando, USA 2010
Optimizing TCP Quality of Service parameter using linux kernel based tuning parameters for high performance networks  IEEE ICCNT 2009 2009
Priority Based Scheduling of Multimedia Traffic on Real Time Linux Operating System 0-7695-3050-8/07IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICCIMA 07) 2007

International Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
ADYTIA: Adaptive and Dynamic TCP Interface Architecture for Heterogeneous Networks 1099-1131International Journal of Communication Systems, Wiley (SCI, Impact factor 1.717) Accepted 2018
Acceleration of CNN based facial emotion detection using NVIDIA GPU Print ISBN: 978-981-10-7244-4 Electronic ISBN: 97Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing (Springer Singapore) 2017
Analysis of student performance using machine learning approach for outcome based education 0975-8887International Journal of Computer Applications 2017
Parallelized ACO based routing for stagnation mitigation and avoidance of Multimedia traffic over MANETs 1942-3594International Journal of Applied Evolutionary Computation,(IGI-Global)42012
Optimization of Real Time Scheduling using Ant Colony in Multimedia Systems 1877-7058Procedia Engineering, Elsevier 2011
QoS Based Multimedia Routing in Adhoc Network using Ant Colony Optimization 1877-7058Procedia ENgineering, Elsevier 2011
Optimization in Stagnation Avoidance of ACO based routing of Multimedia Traffic over Hybrid MANETs 0976 - 8491 (online) , 2229 - 4333 (print)International Journal of Computer Science and Technology (IJCST)22011
Bandwidth Constrained Routing of Multimedia Traffic over Hybrid MANETs using Ant Colony Optimization 2010-3700International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing (IJMLC)12011

National Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
DiffServ based Video streaming for Priority based Scheduling of Multimedia Traffic through software based IP routers  NUCONE 2007 2007

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Qualification

QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering Nirma University Institute of Technology August 2013   
M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Nirma University Institute of Technology May 2007 79.00Distinction
B.E. Computer Engineering Gujarat University L D College of Engineering June 1999 72.00Distinction

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Activity

Activity TypeActivity TitlePlaceDateFaculty Role
National Workshop Workshop on CUDA IT, NU13/02/2014Coordinator
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Research Trends in Multimedia and Soft Computing IT, NU24/12/2012Coordinator
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Real Time Linux operating systems Architectural and Programming Issues IT, NU30/06/2009Coordinator

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Research Projects

TitleFund TypeAgencyStart DateDurationPrincipal Investigator
Parallelization of Molecular Dynamics and Turbulence Codes related to Nuclear Fusion using CUDAExternal FundingInstutute of Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India.24/12/20132 YEARSPI - Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Mrs. Sutapa Ranjan,CO PI - Prof. Monika Gunvantbhai Shah
Security Enhancement on GSM Stream Cipher using a Combination of Variable Tap Mechanism and Nonlinear Combination Functions on Linear Feedback Shifts RegistersExternal FundingShastri Indo Canadian Institute15/02/20143.5 MonthsPI - Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Dr Srinivas Sampalli, Professor, University of Dalhousie, Halifax (Canada)
Using deep learning to understand and predict the dynamics of Tokamak dischargesExternal FundingBoard of Research for Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)24/05/2016 - PI - Dr. Priyanka Sharma,CO PI - Dr. Swati Jain
Trajectory Planning for Robotic Arm for Automatic Damage Detection & Recognition of First Wall Tile Images in Tokamak using Image Processing and Machine LearningExternal FundingBRNS01/08/20172 yearsPI - Dr. Swati Jain, Dr. Priyanka Sharma

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - Project Guided

Project TitleDescriptionDuration
Data Analytics in Outcome based education   2016
Machine Learning based Classification of Videos   2016
Machine Learning based Classification of Brain tumour using Convolutional Neural Networks   2016
NFC enabled video streaming in Exhibition scenario   2016
Developing software for the study of transport consequences of electromagnetic drift wave turbulence in simplified Tokamak geometry Internal Guide of the Project. The project was developed at Institute for Plasma Research under the guidance of Ms Sutapa Ranjan May 2015
Using Python for Optimization and Conversion of STEP of CATIA and Converting it into MCNP (Monte Carlo N-Particle) Code Internal Guide of the Project. The project was developed at Institute For Plasma Research under the guidance of Ms Sutapa Ranjan May 2015
Development of an LFSR based Generic Framework for Cryptographically Secure PRNG using Parallel Computing to Enhance the Security of Network Applications The project was related to development of a generalized framework and a unified model for enhanced security specifically for LFSR based stream ciphers.The proposed generic model, uses results from the above case study. For the hardware deployment, Spartan-6 FPGA toolkit is used and for the software part, a parallel computing platform namely CUDA is used. May 2015
Multimedia Scheduling for big data over cloud The Project was related to scheduling of multimedia as a Big Data over Hadoop as a cloud architecture. Horton framework does the job of making parallel processes.Horton also support Hadoop to handle large data. Opensource Freeware Opennebula is proposed to work with software packages like FFmpeg using programming with Java and shell scripting. Combination of such architecture to optimize the working of multimedia servers by scheduling video retrivals over cloud. Improving extraction based on network parameters will boost the performance of multimedia server. May 2015
Security Enhancement in GSM using Non linear combination of linear feedback shift registers The project was related to optimization of Pseudo Random Number Generator with non linear combination of LFSR with variable tap. The work was approximated to work for enhancing GSM Security mechanisms. May 2014
Live Memory Forensics of Android Devices The project was developed at Forensics Science Laboratory (FSL) at Gujarat Forensics University. The project was also guided by Mr Nilay Mistry from FSL May 2014
IRNSS Navigation Processing and UI for Different platforms The project was developed at SAC, ISRO. May 2014
Optimization of Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network The project involved identification of efficient data aggregation protocol and further enhance it for achieving better network life time also to use this aggregation protocol for automation of an application like automation of water sprinklers(where based on the humidity present into the soil water will be supplied automatically). Hardware implementation of data aggregation with arduino microcontroller was also done. May 2014
Scheduling of multimedia over cloud architecture The project deals with scheduling MapReduce jobs on Hadoop while dealing with locality and synchronization overhead. A new backup strategy was designed that can improve the job response time in heterogeneous environment as well. The data taken to schedule is a multimedia video. May 2013
Optimization of Multicast routing using Ant Colony Optimization The project involved study of various QoS based Multicast routing protocols of MANETs. Study of the role of machine learning in the optimization of these schemes was surveyed. Further Ant Colony optimization technique was used for implementation of QoS based routing protocol. May 2013
Automating use cases for power and performance evaluation: Email, Document Reader and Camera This project was developed in association with at Intel, Bangalore. May 2013
Analysis And Characterization Of Popular OpenCL Kernels This project was done in association with Intel, Bangalore May 2013
Decision support using OLAP for management strategies This project was developed in association with Intel, Bangalore May 2013
Optimization of Multicast routing for Multimedia Traffic over MANETs The project involved study of various routing mechanism for MANETs. Later a novel hybrid mechanism of proactive and reactive routing was developed for muticast routing of multimedia traffic. May 2012
Intelligent Farm Surveillance System For Bird Detection The project involved study of various object detection techniques including many background subtraction techniques. The proposed system uses the combination of frame di fferencing and gaussian mixture model for background subtraction, for a relatively low false positive rate and false negative rate. May 2012
QoS based Cluster Head Election Algorithm for Managing Multimedia Trac over MANETs using ACO The project was related to study of cluster head election techniques in MANETs and developing and enhanced version of weighted cluster head election technique. Also the new algorithm was implemented using ACO and the two versions were compared. May 2012
Heuristic based Optimization of Multimedia Streaming The project involved study of various multimedia streaming techniques and then implementation of the Evalvid Framework. The Framework was used to optimization the DiffServ based scheduling of multimedia traffic May 2012
Optimization of Detection Algorithm for Detection of SIP Based Flooding Attacks on IMS System The project was done in association with ST Microelectronics, Noida, New Delhi. The objective was to generate various attacks for SIP servers and optimize the technique for detection of the attacks. The effectiveness of detection was also measured. May 2012
Water Level detection in Farm Surveillance System using Machine Learning Algorithm The project involved a detailed study of various techniques of video surveillance in different domains. neural network technique was implemented to detection of birds from video captured as series of image files. May 2012
Automated Business Intelligence Reports and Collaboration The project was developed at Intel, Bangalore and I was an Internal Guide. The objective of the project was to work on various report generation server architecture at Intel. Also optimize various types of Join Query to improve the performance of the generation of these reports. May 2012

Dr. Priyanka Sharma - PhD Students

StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Vanzara Rakeshkumar D Performance Enhancement Proxy for Heterogenous Networks Heterogenous NetworksPursuing
Mr Vishal Parikh Cross Layer Framework for Intelligent Video Surveillance System Wireless Multimedia CommunicationsPursuing
Ms. Bhakti Sonawane Parallellization of Content based Image Retrieval using Soft Computing over multicores Content based Image RetrievalPursuing
Ms. Madhushree B Classification-based system for cross-layer optimized wireless video transmission Wireless Multimedia CommunicationsPursuing
Ms. Anitha Modi Human emotion detection in surveillance videos Pattern RecognitionPursuing