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Dr. Parul R Patel

Dr. Parul R Patel

Total Experience 28 Year
Educational Qualification Ph.D.
Research Area Construction Technology and Management, Geodesy, Surveying, Applications of GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS
General information
Designation Professor
Office Phone 079 30642214
Cabin No B-100

Dr. parul Patel is working as Professor at Civil Engineering Department, Nirma University. she is having more than 26 years of teaching experience. She has completed B.E in Civil Engineering in 1990 and M.E in Construction Technology and Management in 2000 from S.P.University, Vallabh Vidyanagar. She has completed Ph.D in Civil Engineering area from IIT, Bombay in 2009. She has presented and published more than 45 papers/poster in national and international conferences and in journals. She has attended and conducted many training programmes mainly related to Construction Management and Geomatics. She is a member of Board of Studies at Ganpat University, Parul University, external examiner at many universities. She is reviewer of Journal of Geomatics. She has delivered more than 50 expert talks on Applications of GPS and GIS and related to construction Management at reputed institutes, workshops, conferences and training programmes. Area of research interest are Construction Technology and Management, RS, GIS and GPS applications, Surveying, Geodesy. She has completed research project in collaboration with SAC ISRO and European Space agency on "SMOS" mission in 2012. At present, She is having three ISRO funded research projects 1. “RISAT Calibration and validation and Soil Moisture Measurement” in collaboration with SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad worth Rs.29,80,000/-. 2. Identification of Existing Road Material, Condition and Potential Parking Area of Ahmedabad City using AVIRIS Data and Updation Plan of Undeveloped Road worth Rs.9,00,000/- 4. Identification of Material and Distress for Road Network of Ahmedabad City Using L and S Band Airborne SAR funded by ISRO worth Rs. 19,56,000/-. 5. “Identification of Perched Water Table Areas in Irrigated Tracts and seepage through Irrigation canal using air-borne SAR data” funded by ISRO worth Rs.20,67,000/- She has carried out consultancy work in the field of surveying, Construction Management, GPS and GIS area. She is life member of many professional bodies like ISTE, GRSS IEEE, ISG, IGS, GICEA, ISRS.

Current Activities : 1. Teaching as a Professor in Civil Engineering Department, Nirma University. 2. Research Activities Construction Management a. Productivity Analysis of Construction Activities b. Time-Cost delay of Construction Project c. Safety Analysis of construction projects d. Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Projects Geomatics a. Development of tool for crop suitability analysis using Geomatics b Research project on “RISAT Calibration and validation and Soil Moisture Measurement” in collaboration with SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad c. Applications of RS -GIS in Transportation Engg. and Water Resource Engg. d. Identification of Road Material using AVIRIS data e. To develop low cost methodology to prepare plan using IRNSS data
Teaching 28 Year 5 Month
Industry 6 Month
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Membership 1.ISTE : Indian Society for Technical Education : 2. IGS: Indian Geotechnical Society: 3.ISG- Indian Society of Geomatics: 4.ISRS- Indian Society of Remote Sensing: 5. GICEA 6. GRSS-IEEE 7. WIE-IEEE

Specialization Areas Construction Techniques and Management, Applications of GPS, Remote Sensing and GIS, Geodesy,Surveying,
Subject Taught UG Elements of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Material, Construction Material and Overview of Civil Engineering, Surveying I, Surveying II, Advanced Surveying, Building Construction, Civil Engineering Drawing, Building and Town Planning, Professional Practice (Construction Contract Management and Quantity Survey), Construction and Project Management, Advanced Construction Techniques, Project Management, Geomatics
Subject Taught PG Advanced Surveying, Land Management using Geomatics, Project Management, GPS and Geodesy

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Dr. Parul R Patel - Achievements

TitleDescriptionAchieved On
Site suitability Analysis of Water Harvesting Structures in Hilly Terrains of Valsad Region using Remote Sensing and GIS- won first prize at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, cash prize 10,000/- Poster on “Site suitability Analysis of Water Harvesting Structures in Hilly Terrains of Valsad Region using Remote Sensing and GIS.” 2015 Gautam Dadhich, Rushang dave, Dr.M.H.Kaluberme, P.R.Patel. BEST POSTER PRIZE. Workshop on “ Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) at DA-IICT, Gandhinagar on 25/7/2015. In collaboration with CII-GKAFC, Gujarat WON first prize cash prize 10,000/- July 2015
Reviewer for Journal of Geomatics It is journal published by Indian Society for Geomatics May 2014
Invited for Session chair in International Expert Talk on “Microwave Remote Sensing” International conference held at Ahmedabad, organised by GRSS, IEEE Gujarat chapter and CEPT University December 2013
Guided Project titled “Estimation of Geoidal undulation of Ahmedabad city using GPS” awarded Best project in 2011 by ISTE in "Fourteenth ISTE student Convention in 2011" at Jayam College of Engineering and Technology, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu September 2011
Awarded travel grant $ 500 for presenting poster "Monitoring Land Subsidence using GPS and INSAR" by International Association of Geodesy in International Conference IUGG-2007, Perugia, Italy July 2007

Dr. Parul R Patel - Experience

Institute / OrganizationDesignationDuration
Institute of Technology, Nirma UniversityProfessor July 2013 To December 2017
Institute of Technology, Nirma UniversityAssociate Professor October 2006 To June 2013
Institute of Technology, Nirma UniversityAssistant Professor August 2003 To October 2006
Nirma Institute of TechnologySenior Lecturer January 2000 To August 2003
Nirma Institute of TechnologyLecturer December 1995 To December 1999
L D College of EngineeringLecturer July 1993 To August 1995
Government Polytechnic, RajkotLecturer November 1990 To July 1993
With Private ArchitectPlanning Assistant March 1990 To November 1990

Dr. Parul R Patel - Publication


International Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
“Site Suitability Analysis of Solid Waste Dumping for Jaipur City Using Remote Sensing and GIS” ISBN:978-1-138-02845-6 and eBook ISBN:978-1-315-67CRC Press 2016
Detection of Land Use/ Land Cover Change in an Industrial Estate using Geomatics    2014
Absolute Radiometric Calibration of SAR data Using Standard Targets.    2014
Estimation of Geoidal Undulation Using GPS and Levelling Data in Western India    2011
Estimation of Uniaxial Compaction Coefficient from GPS Measured Subsidence    2011
Monitoring land subsidence over a shallow gas reservoir in India using GPS Land Subsidence 339IAHS Publ 2010
Subsidence Studies in Gujarat using GPS    2009
Anthropogenic Land Subsidence Monitoring With Few mm Level Accuracy Using Global Position System    2007
A Comparison of Precise Positioning Using Different GPS Data Processing Software Packages.    2006
Land Subsidence Monitoring Using Global Positioning System    2006
Land Uplift and Subsidence Study in Gujarat Region Using Global Positioning System    2006
Study of Land Subsidence and Horizontal Crustal Motion in South Gujarat Using Global Positioning System.    2005
Improving Womens Careers in Construction Industry through On-the-Job Training    2003
Pothole Detection on National Highway and Expressway using Differential InSAR”     

International Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
APPROACH FOR ABSOLUTE RADIOMETRIC CALIBRATION OF RISAT-1 SAR DATA USING STANDARD TARGET 2319-3484International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS)4(1)2015
Approach for Absolute Radiometric Calibration of RISAT-1 SAR data Using Standard Target No. 2319-3484International Journal of Remote Sensing & Geoscience42015
Soil Moisture Estimation using Gravimetric Technique and FDR Probe Technique: A Comparative Analysis 2328-3777International Journal of Research in Formal Applied & Natural Sciences14-4652014
Absolute Radiometric Calibration of FRS-1 and MRS mode of RISAT -1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data using Corner Reflectors 2349 -6495International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS)Vol -1, Issue - 62014
Preliminary Results of GPS Studies for Monitoring Land Subsidence over the Shallow Gas Reservoir in India 1752-2706  2008
Assessment of Land Subsidence induced due to Ground Water and Hydrocarbon Extraction in Gujarat State     

National Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Farm Level Land Suitability Assessment for Agricultural Crops using Geomatics: A Case study of Badipur Village of Patan District”, Gujarat,    2016
Soil moisture estimation using gravimetric technique and FDR probe technique: A comparative analysis,    2013
Microwave Remote Sensing for Soil Moisture Estimation    2013
“Soil Moisture Estimation Using SAR: Indian Scenario”    2013
Soil Moisture Dynamics from European Space Agency’s SMOS    2012
Comparison of Linear and Hybrid Polarized SAR data: A Case Study with RISAT-1    2012
GPS for Establishing Control Points    2010
Transformation Parameters form WGS 84 to Everest Datum using GPS    2010
GPS for Subsidence Monitoring in the Indian Context - A Case study    2010
GPS: A novel tool for Subsidence Measurement    2008
Use of GPS for Urban Infrastructure Development    2007
Anthropogenic Land Subsidence Monitoring Using Global Positioning System    2006
Land Subsidence Monitoring over Gas Reservoir Using Global Positioning System    2006
Role Of Information System In Construction Industry    2004
Engineering Education in 21st Century    2001
Site suitability Analysis of Water Harvesting Structures in Hilly Terrains of Valsad Region using Remote Sensing and GIS     

National Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
“Site suitability analysis for calibration of RISAT-1 SAR sensor using corner reflectors" ISSN:0976-1330Journal of Geomatics202016
Post-Seismic Effect of Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake on Indian Plate 0973-8525 Vol. 4, No. 32010
Application of GPS for Monitoring Land Subsidence 0973-8525ICFAI Journal of Earth Sciences12007

Dr. Parul R Patel - Qualification

QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
Ph.D. Civil Engineering IIT Bombay IIT Bombay May 2009   
M.E. Civil Engineering S. P.University Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya August 2000 9.37Distinction
B.E. Civil Engineering S.P.University Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya January 1990 67.00Dictinction

Dr. Parul R Patel - Activity

Activity TypeActivity TitlePlaceDateFaculty Role
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP ISTE Approved STTP on Advanced Construction Management Ahmedabad14/12/2015Coordinator
In-House Training Programme Mentoring of Newly Joined Faculty Nirma University22/06/2015Mentors
QIP Advanced Construction Management IIT, Delhi30/06/2014Attended QIP
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP ‘Applications of GPS and RISAT for soil Moisture Estimation’ IT/NU21/06/2014Expert Lecture Delivered
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Hands-on-Training Programme Microwave Remote Sensing and Data Processing IT/NU16/06/2014Coordinator
Other Technical Events ‘25 Years of Indian Remote Sensing: Geospatial Technologies – Past, Present and Future’ IT/NU22/03/2014Coordinator
Other Technical Events Launch of IGBC Student Chapter at Nirma University, Ahmedabad IT/NU17/01/2014Coordinator
National Seminar Applications of Geomatics for Water Resource Management’ Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute,20/12/2013Delivered Expert Talk
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP ISTE one week training programme on ‘Sustainable Development and Management’ IT/NU11/07/2013Delivered Expert Lecture

Dr. Parul R Patel - Research Projects

TitleFund TypeAgencyStart DateDurationPrincipal Investigator
Calibration and Validation of RISAT-1 SAR Sensor and RISAT-1 derived soil moistureExternal FundingSAC-ISRO15/05/20123 YearsPI - , Parul Patel, CAL-VAL, ISRO,CO PI - Dr. Parul R Patel
Calibration and validation of European Space Agency SMOS mission for Soil Moisture MappingExternal FundingEuropean Space Agency13/12/2007 - PI - Dr. Parul R Patel
Development of Low cost methodology for Surveying and MappingExternal FundingISRO23/01/20173 YearsPI - Dr. Parul R Patel,CO PI - Prof. Hemang A Dalwadi
Identification of Material and Distress for Road Network of Ahmedabad city using L and S band Airborne SARExternal FundingSAC-ISRO29/05/20173 yearsPI - Prof. Hemang A Dalwadi,CO PI - Dr. Parul R Patel
Identification of perched water table areas in Irrigated tracts through Irrigation canal using Air-borne SAR dataExternal FundingSAC-ISRO29/05/20173 yearsPI - Dr. Parul R Patel, R.L.Mehta

Dr. Parul R Patel - Project Guided

Project TitleDescriptionDuration
“Public Bus Stop Location Optimization Using Geomatics for Ahmedabad City” The density and location of bus stops are usually used to determine the accessibility of bus services. Accessibility to Bus stop for public transport system is a highly influential factor for potential users. Which significantly influences bus transit system performance and level of service. Bus stop inadequacy or more than required adequacy exists in Indian urban area results in a low or high walking accessibility, attracting less public traffic demands, etc. When the distance between bus stops increases, then the distance on walking to and from the bus stops increases, but the in-vehicle travel time becomes shorter because the buses must stop at fewer places (Electricwala 2015). Similarly, the opposite is also true if the distance between stops is reduced, access time to them is also reduced, but the buses must stop in more places causing an increase in overall journey time (Tiwari, 2014). Therefore, there is need to optimize of locations of bus stops throughout the network. The objective of this research is to optimize locations of bus stops for selected BRTS corridor of Ahmedabad city using a GIS-based platform to reach a trade-off distribution of bus stops that not only assures appropriate walking accessibility and maintaining adequate service coverage, but also maximizing the BRTS ridership. From proper urban BRTS planning, it would be beneficial to consider the influence of public transport on overall traffic flows within a city. One of the more specific and contentious issues is the impact of the bus stops which not only represent the places where the users access the transit system they are also a determinant factor in the average bus speed. The selection of bus stops is one of the critical parameters to be studied. Maximum distance (not more than 2 km) in developing region and minimum distance (200 m) in central business district (CBD) area between bus stops will be set for optimal location (Luis 2010). Demographic data of the study area will be considered. Socio-economic consideration will also be considered as High and higher middle-income groups depend less on the bus transit system, making it less important to have more bus stops in certain areas. On the other hand, the lower income groups have a much higher dependency on the bus transit system as their primary mode of transport, making it imperative to increase the number of stops in areas where the population is large in this category. Therefore, the status of the commuting public is an important issue to consider in the present case study, when determining the adequacy of bus stops in certain areas. Bus stop optimization will be implemented by using bus location models, i.e. expansion model and relocation models, in FLOWMAP software of GIS for three regions i.e. CBD, developing and developed region. The localized bus commuters demand and walking accessibility are maintained at an appropriate level based on the operational costs bus service, while ridership level December 2016
DEVELOPMENT OF TOOL FOR CROP SUITABILITY ANALYSIS IN PATAN REGION OF GUJARAT USING GEOMATICS 3.1 Objectives of the Project The major objective is to perform Land Suitability Analysis for Different Crops for Patan District in Gujarat using the integration of GIS and remote sensing technologies, within the context climate adaptability. The specific objectives are; • To show the variances between the present and potential crop land use of Patan district • To develop the crop land suitability tool using multi-criteria analysis and GIS. July 2015
Assessing Soil Salinity and its Implications on Agriculture and Environment in Bhal Region of Gujarat State using Geomatics. To identify the parameters responsible for soil salinity and collect data from various agencies. Delineating the salt affected soils. To analyse the soil sample and estimate soil salinity of the study area. To use archive remote sensing images to depict the history of past spatial and temporal changes in salinity in the area. To characterize and map the state and behavior of soil salinity. To identify crop suitability with probable yield. January 2015
Flood Inundation Map of Narmada River using Geomatics   July 2014
Site Suitability analysis of Solid Waste Management of Jaipur City using GIS The management of municipal solid waste has become an acute problem due to enhanced economic activities and rapid urbanization. Increased attention has been given by the government in recent years to handle this problem in a safe and hygienic manner. The municipal solid waste management is becoming a challenging task for the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, mainly due to the rapid growth of population, urbanization and industrialization. Current land filling site is located at Langadiawas, which is not in the condition to accommodate such tremendous amount of waste. Many problems are arising such as leach ate percolation, odor, pollution etc in the area. To find a suitable site for the disposal of solid waste has also become challenging task. For proper identification and selection of appropriate sites for landfills careful and systematic procedures need to be followed and adopted. Wrong siting of landfill many result in environmental degradation and often time public oppositions. There would be certain factor which would be taken into account while locating the new site such as geology, geomorphology, and socio economic factors. By taking such factors into consideration we are able to give unique, environmental friendly solutions to the problem related to solid waste disposal site. In this study, attempts have been made to determine sites that are appropriate for landfill siting in Jaipur City, Rajasthan, by combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and multi criteria decision method for the determination of relative importance weights of factors (Criteria). The land suitability output is presented from less suitable to most suitable sites. The final map produced shows areas that are suitable for land fill siting. The results showed the efficacy of GIS and multi criteria decision making method in decision making. May 2012

Dr. Parul R Patel - PhD Students

StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Prof.Hemang Dalwadi Detection of Pavement Material and Assessment of Surface Distress using Hyperspectral and SAR data Transportation and GeomaticsPursuing
Mr.Jaychandra Ravi  Pursuing
Mr.Dhwanilnath Gharekhan  Pursuing