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STTP on "Advances in Thermal and Fluid Science"

The program is designed to address various aspects of ongoing developments in the field production and industrial engineering. Two weeks training program is designed to address research and development activities and current practices in this area. The course provides unique opportunity to the faculty members, the researchers, practicing engineers and students to be benefited with various talks and interactive sessions from Experts in the concern field.
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STTP on Wheels: Industrial Automation

It is planned to contact different nearby industries to get approval for the visit of the participants. During the programme, the participants will visit the industries to get the idea about latest practices adopted in the industry. It will be planned such that in the beginning of the visit, designated person from the industry brief about the activity of the industries and also make aware the participants with current technologies being used. The rigorous plant visit will be followed by the presentation from the industry.
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Models of Computation, Verification and Validation

Computational modelling is the use of computers to simulate and study the behaviour of complex systems using mathematics, physics and computer science. Numerous new models of computation have emerged and several developments in traditional models are proposed recently to cater to various application domains. The purpose of the course is to discuss various theoretical and application aspects of modelling techniques in computer science. The course will cover computational models in language theory and automata, computational complexity theory, computational logic models, modelling for program verification and validation, petri net models, performance analysis models, cognitive models, security models, reinforcement learning models, and parallel computing models. 

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