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Ph. D. Research Report

Titles Students Roll No. Student Name Guided by Accession No.
Investigations on Low Cross Polarized Antenna Systems at Microwave Frequencies 07EXTPHDE14
 Dhaval Pujara  Dr. S. B. Sharma TT000001
Some Studies on Feasibility of Using Flyash in Canal Embankment 06FTPHDE01
 Sweta R. Dave  Dr.  P. H. Shah  TT000002
Studies on Equation of State for Applications to Pure Compounds and Mixtures 06EXTPHDE10 M. H. Joshipura Dr. N. Subrahmanyam TT000003
Studies on Biodiesel Production 07EXTPHDE13 A. P. Vyas Dr. N. Subrahmanyam TT000004
Low Power Folding and Interpolating Analog to Digital Converter : Optimization of Area and Power For Medium Resolution Applications 07EXTPHDE15 Shruti K. Oza Dr. N. M. Devashrayee TT000005
Image Processing Techniques for Characterization of Renal Calculi Using Ultrasound Images 06EXTPHDE12 Saurin R. Shah Dr. M. D. Desai TT000006
Test Data Compression Techniques For IP Based SoC : Time, Power and Area Optimization 07EXTPHDE17 Usha S. Mehta Dr. K. S. Dasgupta TT000007
Performance Measurement of Scientific Grid-Roadmap to eScience 05EXTPHDE02 Madhuri D. Bhavsar Dr. Shrikant N. Pradhan TT000008
Novel Topologies of CMOS Second Generation Current Conveyor for Low Voltage Low Power Application 07EXTPHDE16 Amisha P. Naik Dr. N. M. Devashrayee TT000009
Study and Realization of Joint Source and Channel Coding Techniques for Satellite Based Multimedia Communication 05EXTPHDE03 Sorum Kotia Dr. K. S. Dasgupta & Dr. M. D. Desai TT000010
Analysis and Design for Protecting the Intellectual Property Rights Associated with Multimedia Data 05EXTPHDE01 Samir B. Patel Dr. S. N. Pradhan TT000011
Modeling of Rainfall Variability and Drought Assessment in Sabarmati basin, Gujarat, India 06EXTPHDE08 Shital Shah Dr. A. K. Singh TT000012
Investigations on Multifunctional Microstrip Radiators in Association with Optimum Feeding Techniques 05EXTPHDE06 Khagindra Kumar Sood Dr. S. B. Sharma TT000013
Electrokinetic Remediation of Contaminated Soils 05EXTPHDE07 Kandarp K. Thaker Dr. P. H. Shah TT000014
Study, Performance Evaluation and Customization of Grid Service Oriented Architecture for Satellite Image Processing 05EXTPHDE04 Nitant Dube Dr. K. S. Dasgupta TT000015
Study And Realization of High Performance Reconfigurable Processor Architecture for Mission Critical Digital Signal Processing Applications 05EXTPHDE05 Nagendra P. Gajjar Dr. K. S. Dasgupta and Dr N. M. Devashrayee TT000016
Analysis of QoS and Traffic Management Issues in Multimedia Services 08EXTPHDE19 Priyanka Sharma Dr. K Kotecha TT000017
Investigations on Applications of Current Error Space Phasor Based Hysteresis Controllers in Converters of Active Power Filters 08EXTPHDE18 Siddharthsingh Kamaljitsingh Chauhan Dr. P. N. Tekwani TT000018
Synthesis and Characterization of Perovskite based Catalysts for Automotive CO Oxidation 09EXTPHDE22 Femina J. Patel Dr. Sanjay Patel TT000019
Studies On Electrochemical Treatment Application Of Mixed Metal Anodes For The Removal Of Reactive Black-5 (RB-5) Dye From Aqueous Solution 09FTPHDE02 Bhavna D Soni Dr. J. P. Ruparelia TT000020
Energy Efficient Routing with Effective Clustering Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks 10EXTPHDE45 Ankit Thakkar
Dr. K Kotecha TT000021
Enhancing Performance of Recommender Systems


Priyank Thakkar
Dr. K Kotecha TT000022
Enhancing Security with Effective Routing Mechanisms in Ad Hoc Networks


Sharada Valiveti
Dr. K Kotecha TT000023
Development and Characterisation of Radiation Hardened Epoxy Based Polymer Composite for Electronics Device Packing


Mamta Saiyad
Dr. N. M. Devashrayee
Dr. R. K. Mewada

Design and Implementation of CMOS Gm-C IF Filter Using Switching Capacitor Array For Dual Band Receiver 09EXTPHDE29 Kehul A. Shah

Dr. N. M. Devashrayee

Goodness of Fit Based Non-parametric Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio 11EXTPHDE03 Dhavl K. Patel Dr. Y. N. Trivedi TT000026
Enhancing Base Station Assisted Clustering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks 09EXTPHDE26 Gaurangkumar A. Raval Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar TT000027
Experimental Studies On Lignite Gasification Process 09EXTPHDE20 Vimal R. Patel Dr. R. N. Patel TT000028
Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Pump Running in Turbine Mode for Micro Hydropower Plants 10EXTPHDE49 Sanjay KUmar V. JAin Dr. R. N. Patel TT000029
Analysis and Development of Human Action Recognition Techniques for Video Sequences 11EXTPHDE05 Chirag I. Patel Dr. Sanjay Garg TT000030
Exergy Analysis of Nitric Acid, Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol Processes and Methanol Reactor 10EXTPHDE34 Samir C. Nimkar Dr. R. K. Mewada TT000031
Stress Analysis and Optimization of a Laminated Composite plate weakened by Discontinuity 11EXTPHDE60 Nirav P. Patel Dr. D. S. Sharma TT000032
Study of Reliability Issues for Communication Protocols in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks 09EXTPHDE21 Vaishali D. Khairnar Dr. K Kotecha TT000033
Model based control of Nonlinear Hybrid Dynamical Systems 11EXTPHDE57 Ankit K. Shah Dr. D. M. Adhyaru TT000034
Cross Layer Protocols and Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks 09EXTPHDE30 Gajjar Sachin Dr. K. S. Dasgupta and Dr. M. Sarkar TT000035
Clustering and Time Series Prediction for Spatio-Temporal Geographic Dataset 11EXTPHDE71 Kedar Prasad Agrawal Dr. Sanjay Garg TT000036
Experimental Investigations into Immersed Friction Stir Welding of AA2014-T6 11EXTPHDE67 Nilesh Ghetiya Dr. K. M. Patel TT000037
Enhancing Performance of Pattern Mining Methods 09EXTPHDE24 Sanjay Patel Dr. K. Kotecha TT000038
Development, Simulation and Analysis of Resource Allocation Techniques for Cooperative Wireless Network 10EXTPHDE36 Manisha Upadhyay Dr. D. K. Kothari TT000039
Polymer Synthesis, Characterization and Exploring their Pharmaceutical Applications 10EXTPHDE48 Nimish Shah Dr. R. K. Mewada and Dr. Tejal Mehta TT000040
BorderMon: An Energy Efficient Framework For Border Surveillance using Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks 10EXTPHDE44 Vijay Ukani Dr. Tanish Zaveri TT000041
Stress Analysis of Finite Laminated Composite Plate with Discontinuities 10EXTPHDE038 Mihir Chauhan Dr. D. S. Sharma TT000042
Design and Development of Content Based Image Retrieval Frameworks for Remote Sensing Domain: Issues and Challenges 10EXTPHDE46 Swati Jain Dr. Tanish Zaveri TT000043
Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane to Synthesis Gas 10EXTPHDE35 Sanjay P. Gandhi Dr. Sanjay S. Patel TT000044
Experimental Investigation on Life Cycle Analysis and Combustion Characteristics of CI Engine Operating on Bio-Diesel with Additives 11EXTPHDE50 Paresh D. Patel Dr. R. N. Patel TT000045
Forward and Inverse Dynamic Analysis of Multiple Span Cracked Beam 11EXTPHDE52 Mitesh J. Mungla Dr. D. S. Sharma TT000046
Approaches for Discovery, Selection and Composition for Heterogeneous Web Services Using Semantic Web 10EXTPHDE32 Kiritkumar J. Modi Dr. Sanjay Garg TT000047
Stress Analysis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Laminates Having Cut-Outs of Arbitrary Shape Subjected to Different Loading Conditions 10EXTPHDE37 Jatinkumar Dave Dr. D. S. Sharma TT000048
Strengthening of Axially Loaded Circular Concrete Columns using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (SSWM) 10EXTPHDE043 Varinder Kumar Prof. P. V. Patel TT000049
Privacy-Preserving Classification of Horizontally Partitioned Data Streams 12EXTPHD88 Radhika Kotecha Dr. Sanjay Garg TT000050
Spectral Based Blur Classification and Parameter Estimation Approaches for Image Restoration 10EXTPHDE40 Ruchi Gajjar Dr. Tanish Zaveri TT000051
Quantitative Analysis Of Approaches And Development of Optimal Wavelet Based Denoising Technique For SAR Data 11EXTPHDE53 Arundhati Ray Dr. B Kartikeyan TT000052
Bubble-Induced Vibration in Liquid Nitrogen Cryopump by Manoj Kumar Gupta 13EXTPHDE99 Arundhati Misra Dr. D S Sharma and Dr V J Lakhera TT000053
Investigations on Generalization of Current Error Space Phasor Based Pulse Width Modulation Controller for Multi-Level Front-End Converters 11EXTPHDE66 Manisha Tushar Shah Dr. P. N. Tekwani TT000054
Investigation of Free Space Optical Link Performance with Wavelength Diversity under Different Turbulence Conditions 11EXTPHDE72 Dhaval Gopalchandra Shah Dr. D. K. Kothari TT000055
Investigations on Optimization of Antenna Parameters using the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System 11EXTPHDE51  Aarti Kishor Gehani Dr. Dhaval Pujara TT000056
Kalman Filter based Novel Centralized Dynamic State Estimation in Multi-Machine Power System Incorporating DFIGs 11EXTPHDE51 Dishang D. Trivedi Dr. S. C. Vora TT000057
Studies in Spinel Catalysts for Photocatalytic Degradation of RB21 Dye in Wastewater 13FTPHDE06 Julie M. Pardiwala Dr. Sanjay S Patel TT000058
Performance Enhancement Proxy for Heterogeneous Networks 09EXTPHDE28 Rakesh D. Vanzara Dr. Haresh S. Bhatt and Dr. Priyanka Sharma TT000059
Studies on feasibility of some water quality trading aspects with end-of-pipe treatment augments: Towards enhancement of environmental performance in firms and CETPs 11EXTPHDE63 Hardik S. Shah Dr. J. P. Ruparelia TT000060
A Comparative Study to Analyze Efficacy of O3, O3/UV, O3/UV/PS for the Degradation of Reactive Dyes in Wastewater 10EXTPHDE47 Sandip Sharma Dr. J. P. Ruparelia TT000061