IT Library

Library Committee

Library Committee had been constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library and coordination with all Heads of the Department, faculty members, students and the management. The library committee has below mentioned members:

Members Designation
Head of the Institute concerned Chairman
Chief Librarian Member
Heads of the Department/ Academic Area Members
Dy. Registrar/ Asst. Registrar of the Institute concerned Members
One Faculty member from each Department/ Academic Area, to be nominated by the Head of the concerned Department/ Academic Area Head  Members
One senior student representative each from Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programme, to be nominated by Head of the concerned Department/ Academic Area  Members
Librarian of the Institute concerned Member Secretary


Thefunctionsof theLibraryy Committeeshall beas under:


To formulate   various   library   policies   like collection, development t, purchase, space, etc,

To propose library budget for the Institutes and Department/Areas',

To propose library activities, programmes and services, iv.  To propose library vision, strategy document,

To propose library andinformation literacy in theInstitute,

To formulate knowledgeand information archiving and management policy at theInstitute.


       Procedureofthe Library Council and LibraryCommittee:


a.      The term of membed other than ex-officio, shall be for three years from the date of nominationexcept for the students' representative. The term of students' representative shall be one academic year,

b.      The Library Council a,nd Library Committee shall meet at least once in an academic semester or term (as the case may be)/ first half of the academic year, and at other times, when conver1ed by the Chairman of the respective Council  orCommittee,


c.    Half the members Of the Library Council and Library Committee shall constitute the Quorum for the transaction of business. In case of a meeting
adjOurned fOr want of quorum, the presence of four members shall be necessary for subsequent meeting,

d. The minutes of the meeting shall be circulated by the Member Secretary of Library Co'uncil and Library Committee, respectively; after approval of the
respective Chairman, to the members ordinarily within a reasonable time from the date of the meeting.