Institute of Technology


Gautam Mattey
Every time I visit the Nirma Campus, I am reminded of the 4 amazing years of my life that I spent at the University. Having graduated in Computer Engineering (2007), I realize how Nirma equipped me with the right skill-sets to pursue a career that has now transcended industries and geographies. The infrastructure at the university to learn and put theories into practice are tremendous and I am glad that I was able to maximize the benefits of such an excellent academic programme. Apart from high class and up-to-date technology courses, there was emphasis on undertaking real world projects, which enhanced my learning and made me market ready. Moreover, the various students clubs (technology and social) created the right leadership opportunities for students from various departments by channelizing their talents, interacting across departments, and creating value for each other under the guidance of wonderful and adept professors and teaching staff.

My on-going engagement with the university is a testimony to wonderful relationship, both professional and personal, that is shared between the students and the teachers. I also made life long friends with other students from my time at Nirma. Even post my graduation, I am always amazed at the affection with which I am greeted on every visit to the campus. I hold this relationship with the university and my teachers in high esteem. I wish to continue to be a part of the Nirma family in the times to come and contribute to this already excellent environment for professional and personal growth.

-Gautam Mattey
Operations Manager
Amazon Corporate LLC

Nikhil Shah
I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Nirma University (Ahmedabad) in 2009. In the last year of my degree I worked on a research project focusing on recovery of precious metals from spent catalysts. While participating in this project, I gained a lot of interest in the field of research and process development which proved to be a game-changer in my life. The professors encouraged me and my partner to participate and present the project at various national level competitions and student competitions yielding numerous awards.

The department of Chemical Engineering at Institute of Technology, Nirma University offers exactly the training and opportunities to undergraduates to achieve the task of exploring the vast field of chemical engineering and learn and gain so much. A flexible curriculum with a variety of optional courses and elective subjects and assignments add to the value of the program. Professors are highly qualified and are always willing to help you out. The academic and administrative staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

My decision to come to Nirma University was definitely the right one. Studying in the field of Chemical engineering has provided me with a myriad of new experiences. The course was well structured and relevant to classroom practice. The different methods of assessment ensured the course was purposeful, challenging and stimulating. It offers the best possible grounding for the path you are about to take. It was very practical and related theory to practice in a meaningful way which ensured smooth entry in industry.

I also made lifelong friends with other students from my time at Nirma. Even post my graduation, I am always amazed at the affection with which I am greeted on every visit to the campus.


Smit Ghelani
Four years of journey made my Life Journey Smoother and Easier
This title holds very true for me. I will explain why. After completing 12th, we seek for an admission to the best possible college with our grades. I got into Information Technology in Nirma University. That was the best decision, I have taken so far. The college where we do our graduation actually creates a different personality and thought process in us and for me Nirma has done that very well. The academics, the process of teaching, the practical work, the industrial touch with University, the alumni base where alumni support and guide the students in Nirma, the placements, the level of projects given, various technical events and festivals organized by student-run clubs, every little to major things were worked so well and wonderful that actually creates the Engineer who can work smoothly and easily in any organization, be it an MNC, a start-up, a family business or may be start something on own. The best part about Nirma is its teaching staff. All the teachers are so helpful, so kind that student can ask and learn anything, anytime and s/he can get proper guidance and training in every possible aspects. All these things actually shape not just technical knowledge but also develop a complete different and positive personality.

I have completed my graduation from Nirma in 2012, and I am still in touch with almost all teachers and also visit Nirma campus, sometimes just to greet and meet teachers and we exchange our ideas with each other every time we meet. It is not just about four years of engineering, it is lifelong base for our career and profession and does shape overall attitude towards life. I have completed an MBA after graduation and now, I run my own business and the learning which Nirma gave and the thought process that Nirma built help me a lot in my business even today. I am very much grateful to Nirma University for what I am right now.

-Smit Ghelani
(Shree Dhanlaxmi Chemicals
& Shree Bhavani Iodates)

Sanket Thakkar
Yes, It was a Nirma Institute of Technologies... It was a dream come true when I secured my admission in this premium institute for MCA program where I was ensured to get academic excellence and superb faculty support. The Nirma MCA program provided me best insight into current industry practices and trends. Academic curriculum was designed in such a way that it focused on developing technical skills as well as individual development. Also the extra-curricular activities helped me to develop leadership qualities and taught me how to lead people. This helped me to demonstrate my learning and skills with confidence to the world and ready to take on any challenges. I would like to thank Nirma University and all the faculty members to help me what I am today.

-Sanket Thakkar
IConflux Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

Sharang Parnerkar
Being a proud alumnus, I find myself lucky to being spent the best four years of my life at Nirma University. I was a part of a very vibrant Electrical engineering department of Institute of Technology. The most salient aspect of being a part of Nirma family is about the culture and passion. The learning curve is always straight and will remain straight once you have joined the top most college of Gujarat, but the environment and the culture of learning is what separates Nirma from any other institution. The correct attitude towards development, the attitude which teaches us students about ownership, the attitude which helps develop an individual on a multi-axial growth, that is the type of attitude nurtured at Nirma. The well-equipped labs, the highly decorated chain of professors pooling their knowledge together and cultivating in the young minds of the students to be pall-bearers of the future of the country is no co-incidence at Nirma. It has been a tradition of Nirma to produce supreme qualified students with strong fundamentals, both technically and culturally, and I am very grateful to continue this tradition. The fact that Nirma welcomes the alumnus with open arms and is always available to share and care for its students, shows what true potential Nirma has harvested within itself. A very steep curve can be established for the growth of Nirma, and it is equally attributed to the facilities and the students. I wish for a great future and benevolent achievements for Nirma and may it keep spreading knowledge and culture to all worthy.

-Sharang Parnerkar

“After completing my undergraduate studies in civil engineering, my next step was to educate myself with Master’s degree, focusing more to develop my skill in civil engineering – structure design and detailing with various Software base Design and programming of various subjects of civil engineering. At that important juncture of my life & to full fill my ambition, Institute of Technology, Nirma University has provided wide platform to full fill my dream. Nirma University has provided me understanding of various software Design and Detailing & also enhances my communication & Presentation skill along with study. The time I spent with Nirma University was well worth, as I gained a new perspective of Structure engineering and developed my various management skills.

In present scenario of “Seeing is Believing” is the key of success & Nirma University has provided me this key of success by way of providing opportunity to deliver numbers of presentations in various subjects study & during Thesis submission, which is at present quite useful to build my career as envisage. The total exposure and network I obtained during the two years eased my way towards my future management goals of the construction industry.”

Even after 11 year of completion of my study with Nirma University till date I am Honorary associated with Nirma University, which is valuable & priceless Honour to me & also it is useful to share my knowledge with other seniors as well as college students which is balancing my knowledge with experience & with enthusiasm like college student.

Lastly for above as Alumni to Nirma University I wish & pray to God to grow such valuable Institution at apex height for welfare of society & mankind for years to come & long lasting.

Project Manager
SGS India Pvt. Ltd.

Amar Patel
I consider the Institute of Technology at Nirma University (NU) to be the springboard that catapulted my personality, and my academic achievement to a new height. Before joining NU, I was an average student who could barely be noticed by fellow classmates and teachers in school. However, the faculty members, the curriculum, and the extracurricular activities at NU provided the right kind of environment for me to grow my personal and academic abilities. As a result I was transformed from an average performer in school to a gold medalist in college. The skills I learnt at NU allowed me to secure into the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (one of the top ME programs in the US) and there I was able to expand my skills and personality on a foundation that was laid very strongly at NU. Today I continue to cherish the bond I have created with NU since 1996 and for me that means visiting the campus to interact with the faculty members who are now part of my extended family. The cohesive environment that is fostered by NU has allowed me visit the campus as a guest speaker on several occasions. While such visits are meant for the benefit of the existing students, I still find that I walk out of the college having learnt more than I walked in. This has been a unique characteristics of the university and I am quite confident that this will continue to propel NU to further success as a world class academic institution.

-Amar Patel

The four years at Nirma totally changed my life. As the cliche goes, I went there as a boy and when I graduated, I was a man ready to take on the world. Nirma, apart from the academics also honed me to take on the challenges life presents. The satellite named Ujjaval Modi was launched into the space named real world in the year 2013 with a tag plate B.Tech (Instrumentation and Controls) from the launch pad named Nirma University. Let me share how this satellite was developed at Nirma!

Expert professors and Veterans of Engineering patented the Concepts of Instrumentation and Controls Engineering. Regular laboratory, project work, alumni talk, Industry expert lectures, tutorials and industry visits blended with soft skills, effective communication skills, team work and leadership skills acted as fuel that gave the necessary thrust to this satellite. The tech and cultural fests acted as GPS that guided the path for the satellite so that it could be put into orbit. At Nirma, we were not only taught engineering, but also motivated and inspired to explore the possibilities and opportunities.

Brand name, Extraordinary Placements, canteen facilitates, Bus facilities and Library were the icing on the cake. For me, the ambience of this place is truly sublime. The four years at Nirma were, are and will be like four life stages of a man. First year is like childhood- you go out and explore the world. The second year is like teenage- you try and understand yourself, your capabilities, and what all you can do. Third year is the adulthood- you know what you can do, you know your limits and you build onto that. And the fourth year is like nirvana- you’ve done everything you could and you sort of relax. It’s like living a complete lifetime.

"Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya"- As Nirma University's tag line goes, the journey has been truly transformational-from darkness to light.

-Ujjaval Modi
Linde Engineering India