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STTP/ Seminar/Conference/Workshop/ Conclave


Short Term Intensive Course on Design of High Rise Buildings

July 15 -19, 1997

Workshop on AutoCAD Learning

June 22-27, 1998

AICTE-ISTE Short Term Training Programme on Services in Modern Buildings

Dec. 06-18 1999

Intensive course on use of STAAD for Structural Analysis and Design of Structures

Sept 8-Dec 30,    2000

Training Course on Programming with C++

July 23-Aug.14, 2001

AICTE-ISTE Short Term Training Programme on Evaluation, repair and rehabilitation of distressed Structures

Nov 26–Dec 8, 2001

AICTE-ISTE Short Term Training Programme on Mechanisation for construction projects.

Dec.17-29, 2001

National Symposium on Smart Materials, Structures and Structural Systems, NASYS-2002

Jan. 28-29, 2002

National Seminar on Sustainable Transportation System Planning

March 21-22, 2002

Intensive training programme for professionals on Concrete and its proportioning

July 21 & 28, 2002

A training programme on Non Destructive Evaluation Techniques

August 4 & 11, 2002

Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information system in Civil Engineering

Aug. 12-17, 2002

Seminar on Ground improvement methods for sustaining static and dynamic forces

Nov. 17, 2002

AICTE-ISTE STTP on Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Structures

Dec. 2-14, 2002

Training programme for R&B engineers, Govt. of Gujarat on Use of STAAD-Pro for analysis and design of structures (Batch 1 & 2)

Dec.2002 & Jan. 2003(On all Sundays & national holidays)

Workshop on Advanced Building system and Services

March 29-30 2003

Workshop on Entrepreneurial Avenues in Civil Engineering

March 04-05 2004

AICTE-ISTE Short Term Training Programme on “Environmental Auditing and Legislation”

March 29-Apr 10, 2004

AICTE – ISTE Short Term Training Programme on Industrial Waste Treatment and Environmental Management

Nov. 29 - Dec.10, 2004

Two day National Seminar on “Advances in Building Management System” in association with Electrical Engg. Dept.

Oct. 19-20, 2007

Three weeks training programme for Government Officer of GWRDC on GIS & Remote Sensing Application


July 7-24, 2008

GIS & Remote Sensing Application

7th  - 24th July 08


26th – 27th Sept 08


27th – 29th Nov 08

ISRS 2008

18th – 20th Dec 08

Three weeks training programme for Government Officer of GWRDC on GIS & Remote Sensing Application

24th Feb – march 6th 2009

GIS Application

24th Feb - Mar 6th Mar 09

Emerging Trends in Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Structures

25th – 29th May 09

Global Positioning System and its Application

5th – 6th June 09

Disaster Management and Contingency Planning

25th Sept 09


25th – 26th  Sept 09


25th – 27th Nov 09

Seminar on 'Emerging Trends in Environmental Technologies and Assessment Techniques'

13th March 2010

STAAD PRo Workshop

28th Dec 09 – 01st Jan 2010

STTP on "Structural Steel Design Limit State Method"

21st – 26th June 2010

Workshop on GIS

24th Sept. 2010

Workshop STAADPro

25th Sept. 2010

Workshop on Structural Steel Design by Limit State Method

29th – 30th Oct 2010


24th – 25th Sept 2010

NUiCONE 2010

9th – 11th Dec 2010

Workshop on PRIMAVERA project Planning software (B.Tech)

06th – 10th Dec 2010

Workshop on STAAD pro software (B.Tech)

13th – 17th Dec 2010

Workshop on "ETABS and SAP"

27th – 31st Dec 2010

STTP/ Seminar/Conference/Workshop/ Conclave attended by faculty

Name of Faculty Member(s)

Title of STTP/ Seminar/ Conference/Workshop/ Conclave


Dr. A. K. Singh
Prof. P.H.Shah
Mr. T.H. Bhoraniya
Mr. C. N. Patel
Ms. P.H.Andharia
Ms. S.P.Thakkar

IRSR 2008

18th – 20th Dec 2008

Prof. U.V. Dave
Mr. T.H. Bhoraniya
Mr. C. N. Patel
Prof P.V.Patel
Prof S. S. Trivedi


27th – 29th Nov 2008

Mr. C.N.Patel

Finite element method and applications in civil engineering

17th – 21st Nov 2008

Ms. R. S. Dave

Plumbing Codes and Education

5th Sept 2008

Ms. R. S. Dave

Water Conservation & Artificial Recharge Of Ground Water

18th – 19th Oct 2008

Ms. R. S. Dave

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

15th – 19th Dec 2008

Prof. U.V. Dave

Geotechnical Solutions for Infrastructures

22nd –Nov 2008

Prof. P.R.Patel

IGC -2008

17th – 19th Dec 2008

Ms. P.H.Andharia

Advanced computing techniques in structural engineering

05th – 09th  Jan 2009

Ms. R. S. Dave

Demonstration workshop on Energy efficiency in Industrial Boilers

07th Mar 2009

Prof. S. P. Thakkar   

Mr. T. H. Bhoraniya           

Mr. C. N. Patel             

Ms. P. H. Andharia         

Mrs. J. M. Suthar          

Mr. M. K. Pathak

Emerging Trends in Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Structure

25th – 29th May 2009

Prof. A. M. Popat          

Mr. K. V. Lakhtaria

Global Positioning System and its Application

05th – 06th June 2009

Mr. K V Lakhtaria

Mr H M Patel

Ms J M Suthar

Mr M K Pathak

Induction Training Program, Institute of Technology, Nirma University

5th June to 25th June 2009

Prof. P. H. Shah                            Prof P. V. Patel                                Prof U. V. Dave

TATA TISCON super ductile steel

19th Aug 2009

Prof. S. P. Thakkar

Mission 10X

10th to 14th Aug 2009

Dr. A. K. Singh

8th IAHS Scientific Assembly and 37th IAH Congress, 'Water: A vital resource under stress. How science can help'

6th – 12th Sept 2009

Prof. P. V. Patel            

Prof. U. V. Dave               

Mr. R. D. Shah

Signature Bridge

30th Oct 2009

Dr. A. K. Singh               

Prof. S. P. Thakkar        

Prof. A. M. Popat         

Mr. A. A. Kandya        

Ms. H. M. Patel

Let Sparks Fly

30th Oct 2009

Prof P R Patel     

Prof A M Popat  

Prof S P Thakkar   

Mr K V Lakhtaria

Nirman 2009

12th – 14th Nov 2009

Mr K V Lakhtaria

Project Planning with special reference to timely completion of Project

15th Nov 2009

Prof P H Shah        

Mr A A Kandya

Cooling without Air Conditioners

19th – 20th Nov 2009

Prof P V Patel           

Prof U V Dave      

Prof S P Thakkar

Ms P H Andharia 

Mr C N Patel


25th – 27th Nov 2009

Mr C N Patel

Effective Teaching/Learning of Computer Programming

14th – 24th Dec 2009

Dr. P.V.Patel

Prof. S.P.Purohit

ICCMS09, IIT, Bombay

1st – 5th Dec 2009

Prof. S.P. Thakkar

Geotechnical Solution for Hazard Waste Management at LJ Engg. College, IGS Ahmedabad Chapter

27th March 2010

Prof. K. V. Lakhtaria

Teaching and Innovations at Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

20th Feb 2010

Prof. C.N. Patel

Effect of Tsunami on coastal area at Civil Department Institute of technology, Nirma University

29th March 2010

Prof. P. S. Trivedi

Important issues in urban planning pertaining to revised development plan at Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects, Ahmedabad

29th April 2010

Prof. S.P.Thakkar

Earthquake Engineering Technology , Civil Dept. Nirma University

29th – 30th March 2010

Prof. S.P.Thakkar

Prof. K.V. Lakhtaria

Dr. U.V.Dave

Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structure, Civil Dept , NU

12th April 2010

Prof P H Shah

Prof P V Patel

Prof S S Trivedi

Prof P R Patel

Prof S S Kolte

Prof U V Dave

Prof S P Thakkar

GeoTechnical Solutions for Hazardous Waste Management, LJIT, Ahmedabad

27th March 2010

Dr U. V Dave

High Performance Concrete for Urban Infrastructures, Elkem Industries, Kristians and, Norway

28th April 2010

Prof. P.S.Trivedi

HInduction Training Program

07th – 19th June 2010

Prof. J. M. Suthar

Ionospheric Irregularities using GPS and its Implication for Earthquake Prediction at SVNIT, Surat

15th June 2010

Prof. J. M. Suthar

Innovations In Teaching, NIT, NU

20th Feb 2010

Prof. P. H. Andharia

Second National Conference on Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st Century, Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Vadodara.

04th – 05th Dec 2010

Prof K.V. Lakhtaria

Seminar on "Up-gradation of Service levels in Water supply and Sewerage projects" by IWWA, Ahmedabad

19th Dec 2010

Prof. S. P. Thakkar

NUiCONE 2010

09th – 11th Dec 2010

Prof. S. S. Kolte

Training for "Trainers and evaluators for GRIHA" Organized by TERI at CEPT University, Ahmedabad

06th – 08th Dec 2010

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