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Testimonials Parents

It is the dream of every parent that their children should get quality education which stimulates innovative and rational thinking.  We are very happy that our son did his master’s from Institute of Science, Nirma University and has won two academic gold medals. We are very proud that he is pursuing his Ph.D. research from the same Institute.

Mr. Govind Patidar
Teacher, Govt. School, Sonkhedi district, khargone (M. P.)

I should thank you all for giving this unique opportunity to express my feeling about institute, where my daughter study and learn, is able to exploit her abilities, new ideas in field of science as well as fine arts, other activity and come back home with a big happy smile. We want to show our gratitude to the Institue of science’s faculties because what they have given her cannot be measured by any means and explain in words. We have seen once again that education is indeed one of the most important things for our children and their generation. I hear the excitement in my daughter when she talks about her experience at Institute of science during her M. Sc., and I just wish I could give more for pursuing her Ph. D. in same Institute. I suggest, university must continue to offer all students who qualify the opportunity of an education, regardless of their financial background.

Mr. Bharatkumar Patel
Businessman, Part time Artist and Bird Photographer

I am delighted and proud expressing my views about Institute of Science, Nirma University which is one of its kind. It is one of the finest universities of Gujarat, approaching to become the top most position in the state. I am also proud about the fact that my daughter is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in ISNU, a truly research oriented and student friendly institute which motivates the students to enter into active research and academics, thereby enabling them to contribute their bit to science. Further, I would also like to extend my acknowledgement to the dedicated faculties who manage to serve a balance between academia and research. I find ISNU a safer place as far as student development and their future prospects are concerned.

Mr. Nagarajan Iyer,
Senior Vice President (Contracts & Legal) in Fernas Construction Company Inc.,

We the parents of Krishan Bharwad (pursuing PhD), feel privileged to say something about the Institute of Science, Nirma University.The campus environment is very friendly, cooperative and knowledgeable. I was the parent member of the Anti Raging Committee at ISNU when Krishna was doing her M. Sc., I have seen an excellent coordination of faculty, students as well as the parents to take care of problems of students. Continued guidance from Institute, support and encouragement for curricular as well as extra-curricular activities has been pivotal in the success of my daughter. Offering superb and organized courses, maintaining a discipline, compulsory attendance and keeping our daughter motivated to do something new in field of Science, all these are critical job and your university done an excellent job.

Mr. Lakhdhirbhai H Bharwad
Rector, Sheth C. N. Kumar Chhatralaya
Sheth C. N. Vidhyavihar Ahmedabad.