Institute of Science


Dr. Rahul Jog
Ph.D. Student, Batch 2008
Post Doctoral Study at HokKaido University at Japan
Firstly, my heartiest congratulations to our NIS family for completion of a successful decade in an extremely competitive and ever-upgrading Life Sciences sphere which is a huge achievement in itself.
I think NIS should have a tag line similar to Indian Army for its PhD course: "We make men out of boys!" Five years of research at NIS has made me both mentally and technically strong AS WELL AS confident. The journey with its all ups and down shall always be fondly cherished. I hope our institute dominates in the field of innovation and research and comes up with ideas and solutions of commercial and social importance.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity!
Vishal Patel
M.Sc. Student, Batch 2009
Executive at Torrent pharmaceuticall, Ahmedabad
I am very happy to know that our Institute is going to complete 10 years, its really nice.
I am much attached to Institute because it has given me good knowledge, a unique identity and the best-friend faculty members. This Institute is very valuable in my life from where I started my career’s first step. Teaching system is fabulous and mind blowing.
I am really thankful to you, we all alumni are busy in so many things, but you still keep contact with us, thank you so much.
Vidhi Ghumra
UK, M.Sc. Student, Batch 2010
It is a proud feeling to have been a part of the Institute of Science at Nirma University – the best part I always felt was the support that we got through all the staff members.. life would have been very difficult if that support was not available.
I’m sure there must have been a mini revolution at NIS as there was a lot of improvement works going on towards the end of my tenure there. This only proves that yes – NIS is working towards providing a wider platform to all the students there.. and each one of us is lucky to have been a part of that community.
Haren Gosai
M.Sc. Student, Batch 2012
Technical Assistant at IIAR, Ghandhinagar
I have joined Indian Institute of Advanced Research – Gandhinagar as Technical Assistant from 1st August 2014 and this month I have been promoted as JRF. I am working on Carbon Sequestration of grassland using Eddy covariance and molecular techniques.
I would like to thank you for all your help and blessings.