Institute of Pharmacy

Major Thrust Areas

Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University has identified "Infectious Disease" as the major thrust area of Institute.
Institute aims to achieve the Centre of Excellence in Research & Development of Drug Design, Synthesis, Formulation & Development for drugs for various infectious diseases.

Faculty NameThrust Area
Prof. Tejal Amit Mehta Formulation optimization of fast dissolving dosage forms, novel drug delivery systems,Bioavailability enhancment using nanoparticulate drug delivery system, Dissolution improvement of sparingly soluble drug
Dr. Hardik Girishkumar Bhatt Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, HTS, Drug Discovery, Cancer, HIV
Prof. Priti J Mehta Degradation behavior of drugs, Impurity Profiling, Solid state Analysis, QbD in Analytical method development, quantification of biomarkers from Plants and macro algae, radioprotective potential of medicinal plants,
Prof. Jigna Samir Shah Preclinical Toxicity studies, Preclinical studies for Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Oral Cancer, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cerebrovascular Diseases, Preclinical Pharmacokinetic studies, Pharmacological evaluation of Drugs of Natural Origin and NCEs, Pharmacoepidemiological studies.
Dr. Niyati Sanjeev Acharya Phytopharmacological screening of drugs of natural origin and novel drug development approach for bioactiveswith specific reference to neurodegenrative conditions and wounds Isolation and characterization of biomarkers from plant sources and method development for the estimation in formulations. Standardization of herbal and ayurvedic and nutraceutical formulations
Prof. Manjunath D Ghate Design and synthesis of ATP Sensitive potassium channel openers and analogues of Cromakalim and BMS series compounds. Total synthesis of Natural products - worked on the synthesis of 7-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxyphenyl) - 5,6-dimethoxy
Dr. Mayur Mahendrakumar Patel Formulation Development and Optimization; Novel Drug Delivery Systems with special emphasis on development of Multi-particulate Drug Delivery Systems like Pellets and Micro-/Nano Particulate Systems; & Development of Colloidal Drug Delivery Systems (including Lipidic Drug Delivery Systems) for treatment of Tuberculosis and various types of Cancers.
Dr. Shital Bhavin Butani Formulation development and optimization of : lipidic drug delivery systems, controlled release formulations, Dry powder inhaler, Novel drug delivery systems, dissolution enhancement etc.
Dr. Charmy S. Kothari Analytical and Bio analytical Method Development by QbD approach, Impurity Profiling, Isolation and Characterization of Marker Compounds from Plants, Focus on the regulatory guidelines worldwide.
Dr. Jigar Nareshkumar Shah Novel drug delivery systems specifically ocular, transdermal and brain targeted delivery via different routes, Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems, Nanotoxicity studies based on physicochemical properties of particles
Dr. Dhaivat Chandrakant Parikh Formulation Development & Optimization of various Novel Drug Delivery Systems including Gastro-retentive formulations, Medicated Chewing Gums, Microparticulate systems, MUPS, etc.
Dr. Mohit Prakash Shah Formulation, Development, Optimization Techniques, Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Dr. Vidhi Vijaykumar Shah colloidal drug delivery systems, stimuli responsive gels, nanoparticle synthesis and soft nanocarriers.
Dr. Jignasa Ketan Savjani Synthesis of small molecules Computer Aided Drug Design Co-crystal chemistry
Dr. Bhumika Dipen Patel Computer Aided Drug Design, Synthesis of few heterocycles in the therapeutic area of diabetes, cancer
Dr. Vivek Kumar Vyas Molecular Modeling Studies, Design and Synthesis of Novel Substituted Heterocylic agents as Anticancer and Antihypertensive Agents
Miss. Palak Kirti Parikh QSAR modelling, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Nrupesh Ramanbhai Patel Analytical Method Development & Validation, Impurity Profiling
Dr. Shital Sharadkumar Panchal Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. Snehal Sanjaykumar Patel Diabetes, cardiovascular, CNS and inflammatory disorders.
Dr. Bhoomika Mayur Patel Diabetes, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Cancer Cachexia, Pre-Clinical Toxicity Studies, Pre-Clinical Pharmacokinetic Studies, Pharmacological Screening of Drugs of Natural Origin/New Chemical Entities, Clinical Research
Dr. Bhagawati Saxena Neuropharmacology, Gastrointestinal pharmacology
Dr. Nagja Vidhushekhar Tripathi Phytopharmacological screening and standardization of herbal drugs
Dr. Dipal M Gandhi Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical studies, Quality control and standardization of crude drugs, Natural product research, Isolation and characterization of Bioactive constituents