IP Library

Current Awarenes services

The purpose of a current awareness service is to inform the users latest acquisition/updates/content/news in the library.

New Arrivals -

Lists of new arrivals of books and journals are displayed on the Library notice board as well as emails are sent to all user groups of the institute for information deployment purpose. The details are also available in the Library website. Newly arrived books are displayed at ‘New Arrivals Section’ and issues of journals are displayed in the ‘Periodicals’ section.

Further, Library intends to provide Content Alert service using RSS feeds. This service helps the users by automatic delivering of latest published Web contents of e-journals subscribed by the Library through their email. The list of e-journals is available in five groups Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology respectively. Users may subscribe the RSS feeds of the required group(s).

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