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Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani

Total Experience 10 Year
Educational Qualification MBA, PhD
Research Area Economic Growth and Development, Financial Development
General information
Designation Assistant Professor
Office Phone 079-30642559
Cabin No IMNU Ground Floor, Faculty Wing C

Prof. Jotwani has been associated with academics and research since 2009. His current research interests include Economic Growth and Development, Sustainability, Financial Development and Global Economics. He has published several papers in national and international journals and also presented at reputed conferences.
Prof. Jotwani holds a Ph.D. from Nirma University, has qualified for UGC-NET with JRF, and is also an MBA in Finance. At IMNU, he has been involved in various aspects of teaching, research and administrative duties at the Institute level. Apart from this, he has interests in editing and reviewing.

Current Activities : Teaching; Research; Administrative duties
Teaching 6 Year 3 Month
Industry -
Research 4 Year
Website -
Membership Indian Society for Ecological Economics

Specialization Areas Economics and Finance
Subject Taught UG Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Environment, Indian Economy, International Business
Subject Taught PG Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economy

Reading; Observing nature

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - Achievements

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - Experience

Institute / OrganizationDesignationDuration
Nirma University / UGCResearch Scholar / JRF May 2009 To December 2013

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - Publication


International Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
The Role of Market-based Economic Systems in Financial Development  IMNU 2017
Bank Credit as a Measure of Ease of Doing Business: A Study of Indian States 978-93-85777-08-0Excel India Publishers 2016
Bringing E-Commerce to Rural India: A Prospective Boon  CGS - GTU 2016
Government Policies and Entrepreneurial Environment: A Study of Exporting MSMEs  CFS - GTU 2016
Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with SMEs' Business Policy 978-93-84869-09-0  2015
The Relationship between Financial Market Structure and Economic Growth in India 978-93-84869-40-3  2015
Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility with Firm’s Business Policy: A Promising Proposition for SMEs    2014
The Role of Bank Credit in Economic Growth of Selected Developed States of India 978-81-9237-8754-9  2014
Clustering as an aid in the internationalization process of SMEs: Evidence from chemical cluster in Ahmedabad, India 978-81-923592-2-9  2013
Disaster Management in India: The Changing Paradigm 93-81361-70-3  2012
Fiscal Stimulus Packages: Recovery from the Global Crisis 93-81361-72-X  2012
Business Cycle Synchronization of the Emerging Asian Economies with the Developed US Economy 93-80697-44-9  2011
Growth Performance of Indian States after the Recession 93-80697-44-9  2011

International Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
A Causal Study of Finance and Productivity in India 2321–5968SMTR32016
Ease of Doing Business in Selected Major Indian States: Does Bank Credit Lead to Productivity? 2455-9881AJMR 2016
A Fair Deal: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and SsangYong Motor Company Ltd. 0972-5350Case Folio - IUP152015
Financial Market Structure and its impact on Economic Growth 0974-4274SMR82015
A Study of Causality between Bank Credit and GDP Growth in India 0975-7422Drishtikon - SCMHRD62014
An Empirical Study of IPO Prices in Concentrated Markets 2231-0703IJMS42013
Bank Credit and GDP Growth in India: A Study of Causality 0973-824XIMS102013
A cross-country study of Financial Sector Development and its impact on Economic Growth 2278-5671SMBS22012
Effect of Clustering on Firm-level Export Performance: A study of Small and Medium sized Exporters 0975-6477GJFM42012
The end of an era: Dissolution of Hero Honda Motors Limited 2229-6743IMT22011

National Conference

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
A Study of Causality between Bank Credit and GDP Growth in Gujarat 978-81-923049-2-2  2014
A Preliminary Study of Multilateral Development Finance Institutions    2012
Multi-Brand FDI in Organized Retail in India    2012
The Relation between the Yuan and the US Dollar    2011

National Journal

TitleISSN / ISBN No PublisherVolumeYear
Impact of Government Policies in Promoting Entrepreneurial Environment amongst Exporting MSMEs 0974-7028Adarsh Journal92016
The Role of Bank Credit as a Determinant of Economic Growth in India 0974-7028AJMR72014
Impact of Relationship Quality on Firm’s Export Performance: A Study of Smalland Medium Sized Exporters in Gujarat 0975-9964SIBAR42013
The Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Prices: A ConceptualFramework of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory 2229-4651GNU52012
What Factors drive IPO Prices? An Empirical Study of Alternative Factors 2229-4651GNU32011

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - Qualification

QualificationSpecializationUniversityPassing Year%Class
Ph.D. Management (Economics) Nirma University 2015   
M.B.A Finance Gujarat University 2008   

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - Activity

Activity TypeActivity TitlePlaceDateFaculty Role
Orientation Programme Faculty Orientation Programme  21/12/2015 
STTP / SDP / FDP / QIP Refresher Programme IMNU Participant
National Workshop Guide to Getting Published IMNU Participant
In-House Training Programme Faculty Functions and Roles IMNU Participant
In-House Training Programme Train the Trainer IMNU Participant

Dr. Dhiren N. Jotwani - PhD Students