Institute of Law

National Students Conference on IHL

  1. To initiate a dialogue amongst various stakeholders;
  2. To discuss the contemporary challenges in the area of International Humanitarian Law and solutions thereof.

  1. Technological Asymmetry and the Law of Armed Conflicts
  2. The Right to Reparation for Violations of International Humanitarian Law
  3. Intersection of International Humanitarian Law and the Rights of Vulnerable Persons
  4. Responses to violations of International Humanitarian Laws at International and National Level
  5. Challenges in the enforcement and accountability for violations of International Humanitarian Laws in South Asian Countries
  6. India's Contribution in implementation and enforcement of Geneva Conventions
  7. Protection of refugees under International Humanitarian Laws
  8. Detention in current global refugee crisis
  9. The crime of Sexual Violence perpetrated during Armed Conflicts: Challenges and Way Forward
  10. Protection of Cultural Property under International Humanitarian Laws
  11. New Technologies of Warfare: cyber warfare, autonomous weapon system etc.
  12. Private Military and Security Companies
  13. Asylum Seekers: An emerging stateless citizenry.
  14. South Asian Countries response to the Rohingya crisis.