Institute of Law

National Students Conference on IHL

  1. To create awareness amongst the masses and to initiate a dialogue amongst various stakeholders.
  2. To discuss current challenges in the area of International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law and solutions thereof.
  3. To develop and strengthen Institute’s relation with concerned organisation.
  1. Modern day weaponry and the challenges it poses to International Humanitarian Law.
  2. New Technologies of warfare: Cyber warfare, Autonomous Weapon System etc.
  3. The application of Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict.
  4. The interface between International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law.
  5. Private Military Contractors under International Humanitarian Law.
  6. Common Article 3: Threshold and its impact.
  7. The role of Non-State actors in taking forward the Humanitarian dialogue.
  8. The growing discourse on Climate Change Refugees and issues related to it.
  9. Internal armed conflict and response of South Asian Countries to it.
  10. The status of women refugees and gender discrimination under Human Rights Law.