Institute of Law


PG Programme

Program Overview:

The LL.M (Master of Laws) program at Institute of Law is a one-year degree program with specialization in the following areas of law. The highlight of this program is the curriculum which is innovative, dynamic and befitting the needs of the profession, industry and academia. This trimester programme emphasizes the enhancement of practical skills and experiential learning in law professionals.


  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Criminal and Security Law
  • Note :
    • The programme is in accordance with the UGC Notification vide no. D. O. No. 5-1 / 99 (CPP-II) dated 18 January, 2013.
    • The Institute reserves the rights to amend the programme outline.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completion of this programme, the students will be able to:
  • Develop deep rooted understanding of teaching learning methods and become a responsible and effective academician.
  • Develop the ability to gain knowledge about the practical trends in legal practice and gain expertise in curriculum design, planning and dissemination of the knowledge in classroom.
  • Develop ability to teaching and evaluation using different methods.
  • Communicate analysis of law with precision to a designated group of learners.
  • Develop advanced skill relating to legal research.
  • Develop analytical ability to go beyond what is obvious and translate that into new knowledge.
  • Develop ethical reasoning, skills and behavior.

Graduate Attributes:

  • Core knowledge and understanding of law
  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Ethical understanding
  • Self-reflection and lifelong learning skills