Scintilla '16

The Objective- This proposai is for Scintilla Prograrune of Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmadabad (Gujarat) where the students from our institute will be invited to display their extra-curricular talents and participate and compete not just in various cultural activities like singing, dancing, miming, drama, but will also show their talent in a one day fate/fair prografiune which will invite the students of our institute to put stalls of games and food. This new concept have been introduced in this proposal which is novel and interesting. The objective of this Fest is to encourage students' hidden talents and groom it, and provide them a required and suitable platform so that they can exhibit different faces of their personality. It is believed that such acts positively affects their acadiemic performances and shape their personalities and in the modern day educational system, personality development is understood as an essential part of academic development of students. To facilitate this cause, ILNU should organise each year a two day fest.

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