Institute of Law

Clinical Training

Clinical Legal Education:

ILNU's clinical legal programs are designed to develop professional, advocacy and lawyering skill for students. Most courses include a clinical training component in the form of class exercises wherein hypothetical case materials are used, supervised casework, mock court exercises, legal aid clinic etc.

Mediation Clinic

Under the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), students get an opportunity to enhance their skills and gain actual experience in arbitration, mediatino and other ADR mechanisms. Through this exercise, ILNU students under the supervision of the faculty, were successful in making Kherana village in Surendranagar completely litigation-free.

The teaching policy emphasizes on field based projects and interaction with law practitioners by providing opportunities to the students to work with Lawyers working in Trial courts, High Courts, & the Supreme Court as well as NGOs. Through this experience, students acquire knowledge and skills for effective advocacy while supporting the critical work of these organisations.