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Virtual Book Display on "Gujarat"

Virtual Book Display

On the Occasion of “Gujarat Foundation Day”, We – Library ILNU feels immense pleasure to air our 1 st ever Virtual Book Display as Library’s Treasure & Attractions on “Gujarat”.

Library's Treasure and Pictorial Tour : "Gujarat"



Gujarat ni Asmita

Vyas, Rajnee

Reference Source, Complete history of Gujarat with colourful photograph.

Call No : 954.75 VYA D0008390

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Gujarat No Jay

Meghani, Jhaverchand

A historical story of Renoving gujarat in 12th century by two kshatriya (Lavanprasad and Virdhawal), two vanik brother (Vastupal and Tejpal), one brahmin (Someshwar) .

Call No : 891.473 MEG M0030550

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Gujarat No Nath

Munshi, Kanhaiyalal

This book describe about King Jayasinghdev Solanki, Queen Mother Meenaldevi, Prime Minister Munjal Mehta, as well as King Navghan and the dashing Prince Khengar of Saurashtra, are well-known figures in the medieval history of Gujarat.

Call No : 891.473 MUN P0008730

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Vividh Gujarat

Bakshi, Chandrakant

Call No : 891.474 BAK T0039567

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Wildlife of Gujarat: Wildlife and Protected Habitats of Gujarat State

Singh, H. S

Reference Source : All collected information, observation regarding wildlife in Gujarat

Call No : 590.954 SIN T0009475

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Gujarat Beyond Gandhi: Identity Conflict and Society

Mehta, Nalin; Mehta, Mona G

This book touches upon a fascinating range of topics – the identity debates at the heart of the idea of modern Gujarat; the trajectory of Gujarati politics from the 1950s to the present day; bootlegging, the practice of corruption and public power; vegetarianism and violence; urban planning and the enabling infrastructure of antagonism; global diasporas and provincial politics – providing new insights into understanding the enigma of Gujarat.

Call No : 320.0954 MEH L0008796

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The Idea of Gujarat

Simpson, E

This book examines the processes that went into the formation of the region and in the process unsettles a series of conventional wisdoms about the land and its inhabitants. Individual chapters examine the work of courts, colonial officers, politicians, scholars and gods and goddesses in the making of the state. As a whole, the book provides a broad introduction to the idea of Gujarat, the scope of its history, the nature of its politics and the dynamics of its society.

Call No : 954.04 SIM L0006644

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The Heritage Sites of Gujarat: A Gazetteer

Shinde, Vasant

A Gazetteer : Describe all information regarding heritage sites of Gujarat

Call No : 934 SHI M0032357

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Gujarat's Pharma Industry: 100 Years of Growth and Excellence 1907-2007

A very informative source to know about different pharma industry and its growth and excellence which are located in Gujarat

Call No: 338.476151 GUJ P0006289

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Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and The State: A Biography of Gujarat

Sud, Nikita

Highlighting the state’s recent re-orientation, both as an enabler of the market and as a vehicle for Hindu cultural nationalism, Sud explores how interactions between a re-invigorated state, private corporate capital and ethno-nationalism are configuring the 'new India.

Call No: 954.04 SUD L0007250

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Icons of Gujarat Industry: Stories of Rare Gift and Enterprise

Kanwar, Kamlendra

This book describe Seven case studies of industrialists in Gujarat

Call No: 650.1 KAN P0004902

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Museums in Gujarat

Balamani M

Reference Source : Describe all information regarding Museums located in Gujarat

Call No: 069.095475 MUS T0040494

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Karan Ghelo: Last Rajput King of Gujarat

Mehta, Nandshankar

The humiliating defeat of Karan forever ends Rajput rule in Gujarat, signalling the end of an era and the dawn of a new age.Rich in psychological insight and imbued with a poetic vision, a book entitled "Karan Ghelo" tells the spellbinding tale of a man who tragically failed his land and its people.

Call No: 823 MEH L0010504

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Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat: A Legacy of Bhakti in Songs and Stories

Shukla, Neelima

Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat reveals that the sustained popularity of the songs and narratives over five centuries, often across religious boundaries and now beyond devotional contexts in modern media, is the result of their combination of inclusive religious messages and aesthetic appeal in performance.

Call No: 294.544 SHU L0010039

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Dynamics of Development in Gujarat

Hirway, Indira; Kashyap, S P; Shah, Amita

The present book examines the different dimensions of the dynamics of development of Gujarat in order to understand the processes and to infer policy interventions for a healthy and sustainable development.

Call No: 330.95475 HIR L0011096

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This book describe a general information related to Gujarat's people, culture, caste, places etc.

Call No: 954.095475 GUJ T0015350

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