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Through mobile connectivity, information is becoming intertwined with our lives more profoundly than is the case when we sit down at a desktop or even with a laptop computer.To Boost Interest, To Enhance Engagement, To Promote, To Support - Meet to the Aim of the Library & To Ensure ease while the stay with and around the Library, We have found Library Mobile App as Best Solution. ALibrary Mobile Application is a easy way for Users to connect with Libraryquickly and easily through their mobile device.

ILNU Library - Android App

App Name: "ILNU Library"

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Highlighting Features of the Lib. Mob. App:


WebOPAC : You can Search Your Library from Anywhere Anytime.....!


E-LibraryeJournals, eBooks and all other eContent, that too anytime …from anywhere......!


Exam Papers: Users can find soft copies of examination question papers of B.A., LL.B., B.Com., LL.B. and LL.M. of all semesters of Institute of Law from the year 2007 till date.


Press Clippings: Users can find press clippings of admission, advertisement, Conference, Convocation, Events, Faculty Achievement, Placement, Ranking, Social Activity, Student Achievement etc. of Institute of Law, Nirma University.

To get started, see the directions below.

From your mobile device:

Download ILNU Library: From your Android visit the Google Play Store. Search for “ILNU Library” and download the app.


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