Institute of Law

Testimonials Parents

  Mr. Dinesh Rupareliya
Father of Mr. Jenish Rupareliya (14BAL046)

We feel an excellent faculty and challenging environment makes ILNU different from the rest. A brilliant blend of law with all other subjects in order to create an invaluable impact of combined knowledge on every student shows true acdemec excellence.
  Mrs. Falguni Shah
Mother of Ms. Manali Shah (10BBL116), Activist of NGO-Pran-Nath Seva Ashram

My daughter chose Nirma University because of its unwavering commitment to provide quality education and improving the insight of the students. She has got the opportunity to study and learn in a place where she is able to exploit her abilities and come back home with a big smile.
  Mr. Rashmin Jani
Father of Mr. Kashyap Jani (10BBL028)

ILNU has not only helped my son in his academic growth, but also in his practical nuances of life as required as a law professional. I congratulate and express my deep sense of gratitude to the Institute for all the endeavours it has provided to my son for lifetime.
  Mr. Paresh Bhuptani
Father of Mr. Dhruvin Bhuptani (10BBL005)

The Institute not only has achieved excellence in imparting academic knowledge but has also given equal importance to extra co-curriculum activities also resulting in all round development of the child. The most important thing my son learnt is balancing his academic and personal life effectively.
  Mrs. Kiran Jivani
Mother of Ms. Bhairavi Jivani (12BAL019)

Institute of Law, Nirma University has been successful in imparting the students with infinite educational possibilities and opportunities in the form of academic, co-curricular and extra curricular activities. It has offered my daughter not only a challenging and enlightening academic experience, but also the opportunity for personal growth and maturity.
  Nilesh D. Jagani
Father of Ms. Jagani Devi (13BAL079 )

I chose the Institute of Law, Nirma University for my daughter as it has a well designed curriculum that focuses on the all round development of its students. The discipline that the college environment inculcates in the students is commendable and the faculty are extremely accessible and they strive to help the students in any way they can.