Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Publications By Students

Publication of papers is critical for the effectiveness of the University. The research students are motivated to publish their research through research papers and facilitates the researchers through various workshops for writing research papers. 

The University adheres to the policies and regulations as stipulated from time to time by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Among other requisites for successful completion of PhD, there is a requirement for publication of at least two research papers in peer-reviewed journals. A list of referred journals has been prepared by the constituent institutes of the University. The PhD student is required to choose amongst the listed journals only for publishing research papers. As per the University norms the research student is required to submit a hard copy of the papers published after PhD registration. The copies are to be submitted along with the thesis.

Design, synthesis and docking studies of some novel (R)-2-(4'-chlorophenyl)-3-(4'-nitrophenyl)-1,2,3,5-tetrahydrobenzo[4,5] imidazo [1,2-c] pyrimidin-4-ol derivatives as antitubercular agents
By  Author - Kuldipsinh P. Barot, Shailesh V. Jain, Nirzari Gupta, Laurent Kremer, Shubhra Singh, Vijay B. Takale, Kruti Joshi and Manjunath D. Ghate
<Atom based Pharmacophore modeling, CoMFA/CoMSIA based 3D-QSAR studies and lead optimization of DPP-4 inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
By  Author - Shailesh Jain and Majunath Ghate
Fragment based HQSAR modeling and docking analysis of conformationally rigid 3-azabicyclo [3.1.0] hexane derivatives to design selective DDP-4 inhibitors
By  Author - Shailesh Jain and Majunath Ghate
Structure based Lead optimization approach in discovery of selective  DPP4
By  Author - Shailesh Jain and Majunath Ghate
3D-QSAR pharmacophore modeling and in silico screening of phospholipase A2ainhibitors
By Author - Shailesh V. Jain,  Manjunath Ghate,  Kamlendra S. Bhadoriya, Sanjaykumar B. Bari,  Gopal Sugandhi, Prashant Mandwal
2D, 3D-QSAR and docking studies of 1,2, 3-thiadiazole thioacetanilides analogues as potent HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
By  Author - Shailesh V Jain, Manjunath Ghate, Kamlendra S Bhadoriya, Sanjaykumar B Bari, Amar Chaudhari and  Jayshri S Borse