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Details of Ph.D Awarded in Faculty of   Science

Basnett Smriti
Guide : Dr. A. V. Kulkarni
Topic : Glacier and Snow Studies in Sikkim Himalaya using Remote Sensing Techniques



Dhawan Dipali S.
Guide : Dr. Harish Padh
Topic : Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Chemotherapy in Indian population


Almal Suhani H.
Guide : Dr. Harish Padh
Topic : Genetic Variations in Indian population: implications for health


Patel Nikulkumar Navinbhai
Guide : Dr. P. N. Dave
Topic : Studies on Multiple Unsaturated Poly (Urethan-Ester) Containing Epoxy Residues


Satya Prakash
Guide : Dr. R. M. Gairola
Topic : Satellite based oceanic precipitation and salinity estimation and their applications to various process studies


Patel Parul D.
Guide : Dr. R. R. Navalgund
Topic : Target Parameter Retrieval using SAR Polarimetry


Patel Ravish B.
Guide : Dr. Rustom Mody
Topic : Development of various In-vitro techniques, which can measure changes in the tertiary structure of proteins and correlating these changes to In-vivo (animal-based) potency


Kevadiya Bhavesh D.
Guide : Dr. Shalini Rajkumar
Topic : Synthesis and characterization of bionanocomposites as carrier for biotherapeutic molecules


Kothari Vijayraj
Guide : Dr. Sriram Sheshadri
Topic : Screening of various plant products/ extracts for antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and to investigate correlation of the later with phenolic content of the sample

Chaudhury Harshita
Guide : Dr. Sriram Sheshadri
Topic : Screening and Evaluation of Various Plant Extracts as Anti-Cancer and Mutlidrug Resistance Reversal Agent


Pancholi Jigar P.
Guide : Dr. Y. K. Agrawal
Topic : The Design & Application of Multifunctional Ligands

Shah Jigar J.
Guide : Dr. Y. K. Agrawal
Topic : Supramolecules: Synthesis, Characterization & Application


Thakar Devarshi
Guide : Dr. Y. K. Agrawal
Topic : Studies on Supramoleculelar Assembles & their Application.


Suranjana Ghosh
Guide : Dr. J. Banerjee
Topic : Fractional Revivals In Quantum Systems and their Applications


Deb Subimal
Guide : Dr. J. Banerjee
Topic : Self-imaging and its applications to multimode interference (MMI) and photonic band gap devices


Banerjee Aryamitra
Guide : Dr. Manish Nivsarkar
Topic : Inflammatory Mechanism In Rhodent Implantation : Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) And Its Regulation Via Calcium Channel


Utpal Roy
Guide : Dr. P. K. Panigrahi
Topic : Solutions In Non-Linear Media and Their Coherent Control


Ritesh Patadia
Guide : Dr. Y. K. Agrawal
Topic : Resorcinarenes : Synthesis, Characterization and their Analytical Applications