Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Past Students Management

Details of  Ph.D  Awarded in Faculty of  Management

Rawani Meenakshi
Guide : Dr. Ashwini Awasthi
Topic : Exploring the role of service recovery strategies and causal attributions on perceived justice


Shah Reena Amal
Guide : Dr. Santosh Dhar (Guide) & Dr.Gopalkrishnan
Topic : Constitutent Factors of Work-life Balance : A Study of Indian Professionals


Verma Jyoti
Guide : Dr. Anamika Sinha
Topic : A study of knowledge sharing in cross functional teams


Niharika Gaan
Guide : Dr. Anup Singh
Topic : Nature of Job Satisfaction among Information System Professionals


Hardik Shah
Guide : Dr. Anup Singh
Topic : Antecedents And Consequences of Learned Helplessness (LH) among R&D Professionals of Pharmaceutical Industry


Shilpa Surana
Guide : Dr. Anup Singh
Topic : Nature of Job Burnout and its Certain Antecedents and Consequences aming Custromer Service Professionals


R. R. Rajamohan
Guide : Dr. Chinmay Sahu
Topic : Determinants of Household Portfolio Composition : A Survey


Harini Mittal
Guide : Dr. M. Mallikarjun
Topic : Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Performance of a Firm - An Indian Perspective


Parikh Darshan J.
Guide : Dr. P. K. Chugan
Topic : Customer Acceptance of Internet Shopping in India & Impact of Shopping Orientations Knowledge & Security


Choraria Sapna P.
Guide : Dr. P.K. Yadav
Topic : A study of factors affecting user participation, experience, stickiness and value in online community websites


Nivedita Kothiyal
Guide : Dr. Pramod Verma
Topic : The Impact of Human Resource Practices on Firm Performance : Issues and Evidences


Suneel Arora
Guide : Dr. R. G. Nambiar
Topic : Corporate Envirnomental Reporting in India : An Assessment of Disclosure Practices, its Antecedents and Consequence


Garima Kapoor
Guide : Dr. R. G. Nambiar
Topic : Value Relevance of Financial And Non-Financial Information : A Case of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry


Tapan Kumar Guha
Guide : Dr. Sanjyot Petha
Topic : Emerging HR Strategies in Response to Organizational Innovation Process


Deepa Patel
Guide : Dr. Shantanu Mehta
Topic : A Study of Relationship between Macro Economic Indicators and Price Earning Ratio & Return on Equity Share in the Context of Price Earning Ratio


Darshan Ashish Desai
Guide : Dr. Subrat Saha
Topic : Assessing Managerial Perceptions on Drivers of Customer Relationship Management Performance


Vandana Panwar
Guide : Dr. T. R. Bishnoi
Topic : Venture Capital Funding and Entrepreneurs' Performance : A Test of Financial Contracting Theory


Kavim V. Bhatnagar
Guide : Dr. T. R. Bishnoi
Topic : Portfolio Preferences of Government Pensioners (A Comparative Study of Pre-and Post-Liberalization Retirees in India)


Gopala Reghuram
Guide : Dr. T. R. Bishnoi
Topic : Capital Market Reform and Asset Pricing : The Case of India