Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Major Thrust Areas

The success of a University in attaining its objectives is greatly contingent upon the alignment of the faculty with all the aspects of research initiatives. In order to contribute to the society and provide solutions to the challenging problems, the research at the University focuses on creation of new knowledge and its applications.

The University believes that researchers are free to choose the subject of their research and to report their findings and conclusions. Although the researchers have the freedom to choose their own topics of research, it is highly desirable to make research socially relevant. The Constituent Institutes of the University have prepared a list of research topics, with a view to be focussed in the research efforts. 

Under each discipline and department, there is an exhaustive list topics or areas, which are called a bank of thrust areas. The list is utilised for the following research activities and most of the topics of the ongoing research have been chosen from the Bank. The objective of creating this Bank of Major Thrust Areas of Research is to facilitate the research scholars who may use it for their doctoral thesis. In addition the faculty also avails the Bank for identifying the subject for their minor research projects and even for major research projects.