Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

Academic Programmes

The Academic Regulations for Full-time & Part-Time PhD Programme is available on website. The regulations comprise the details of Eligibility Criteria, Registration Process, Course Work Requirement, and Procedure for submission of Thesis and follow-up action and other relevant information pertaining to the PhD Programme.

The Course Work is to be completed by the student within one year . The Course Work contains 16 Credits

With the objective to closely monitor the research progress of the Registered Research Students, the University has constituted a Research Advisory Committee(RAC).. RPC comprising two external experts nominated by the Director General of the University, Concerned Head of the Department, Guide and Co-Guide (if any) is scheduled bi-annually for each candidate

As per the UGC Norma the Research Student is required to publish at least one research paper in refereed journal and make two paper presentations in conferences/seminars. . The copy of the same is to be furnished at the time of submission of PhD Thesis.

The Tuition fee for the Full-time PhD programme is to be paid semester-wise and for part-time PhD programme the same is to be paid annually.