Centre for Continuing Education

Training Need Assessment

The university has established a Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) to cater to the needs of students, faculty, industries / organizations and society at large into area of Continuing Education. Continuing Education is a lifelong learning process which meets the variety of needs of students, faculty, Industry, Business and the Community and includes skill training or upgrading of skills and knowledge through competence based education.  Resources available with the university in the form of buildings, laboratories, instruments, capability of faculty members, etc. can be of imminent use for students, industries, academia and professional, other stake holders and for overall to the general public. In order to arrive the need of Continuing Education TNA (Training Need Assessment) survey is required to be carried out.  CCE can organize customized training programmes as per your need. Kindly fillup the TNA and submit the details in given appropriate link.

Online Mode:-

Training Need Assessment for Corporate

Training Need Assessment for Faculty

Training Need Assessment for Students 


Offline Mode:-

For Download 

Training Need Assessment for Corporate

Training Need Assessment for Faculty

Training Need Assessment for Student


Kindly forward your filled downloaded copy to coordinator.cce@nirmauni.ac.in or forward it through post on Institute Address.