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Illustrative List of Programmes


Illustrative List of Programme     



Nirma University

Centre for Continuing Education


We can offer need-based seminar, workshop, training programme customized to the requirement of specific client organizations.


Illustrative list of Continuing Education Programmes in the areas of Technology and Engineering


Communication Engineering

Antenna Engineering

VLSI Design

Wireless Communication

Embedded Systems

Optical and Wireless Networks

RF Engineering

Digital System Design using VHDL using FPGA

Digital System Design using Verilog using FPGA

Image, Video and Speech Processing

MATLAB and Simulink for Beginers

MATLAB and Simulink for Advance users

Digital Signal Processing

Wireless sensor Networks

VLSI Back end Design Tools

Verification and Testing for VLSI ICs

Hardware-Software codesign

PID and Advance Process Control

MATLAB programming

Essential Design with ' PlanAhead ' Analysis and Design Tool

Embedded Systems

Micro controller

Industrial Data Communication

Temperature Measurement

Programming with VHDL using Xilinx-FPGA

PLC and SCADA programming

Image Processing with MATLAB

Industrial Automation, Process Control

Power Electronics

LabVIEW programming basics and its applications using NI-CRIO

Network configuration and Design

Data Mining with Weka

Network Simulators

Sensor and Adhoc Networks

Finite Element Analysis using Hyperworks

Finite Element Analysis and Optimization using Hyperworks

Finite Element Analysis using Ansys

Solid modeling using Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer)

Solid modeling using CATIA

Mechanism analysis and simulation using Creo Prametric (Pro/Engineer)

Multi body dynamics using Hyperworks

2D Drafting using AutoCAD

Kinematics and Dynamics aspects of Robotics

Robot building for students

Dynamic simulation using Autodesk Inventor

Solid modeling using Autodesk Inventor

Role of Thermal insulations in the industries

Energy conservation in the industries

Nonconventional optimization

Derivative free algorithms of Optimization

Pressure vessel design

Theories of failure

Engineering Drawing Fundamentals

Geomatric Dimentioning & Tolerencing

Finite element Analysis

Machine Design

Stress Analysis

Mechanical Vibration

CNC programming fundamentals & practice

Part programming using UGS NXCAM, Pro Mechanica

Fundamentals of electrical engineering

Electrical Power System Planning and Design

Substation Design

Testing, Commissioning of Electrical Equipments

Condition Monitoring

Insulation Coordination

Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

Power System Analysis using ETAP, PSCAD

Mathematical Modeling of Electrical Systems

Electrical Machine Design using MAGNET, SPEED, MATLAB, MOTORSOLVE

Power Electronics Converters

Switched Mode Power Supplies

Electric Drives

Active Filters

Multilevel Inverters

Applications of DSP in Power Electronics Applications

Simulations of Power Electronic systems on PSIM, MATLAB

HVDC and FACTS controllers

Catalyst and catalysis


Environment Audit

Cleaner Production

Environment Impact Assessment

Environment Management Systems


Process Integration and Process Scheduling

Computational Tools for Chemical Engineering

Use of Thermodynamics in Process Industries

Properties Estimation and its usefulness in Designing

Energy Audit, Process Calculation

Energy Efficiency in Process Utilities

Auto-exhaust Emission Control

Air Pollution Control Technology

Solid Waste Treatment Technology

Waste Water Treatment Technology

Heat Transfer Operations

Analysis of water, Gas Chromatography

Polymer Technology

Process Control

Fluid Mechanics

Solar Energy


Process Equipment Design




Illustrative list of Skill based Continuing Education Programmes in the area of Engineering and Technology



Mobile Care Taker

Laptop Repairer

Refrigeration and Air condition Mechanic

Various Computer related courses

CAD Solid Modeler

CNC Programming

Energy Audit

Electrical Safety

Diesel Engine Mechanic

Pump Mechanic

Foundry Technology

Embedded System Programming

PCB Design


Soldering Workshop

Motor rewinding

PLC  Programming

Know your Car and home Appliances system for house wives.

Java Programming

VB Script and ASP

Certificate Course in medical equipment maintenance

Call Centre Training


Data Base Management Course



Illustrative list of Continuing Education Programmes in the area of Management


Executive Effectiveness Enhancement

Finance for Non-Finance

General Management, Teamwork & Communication

HR for Non-HR

Interviewing Skills

IT for Non-IT

Leadership Development

Managerial Effectiveness

Marketing Management

Personality Development

Project Management

Research Methodology

Team Building and Conflict Management

Transformational Leadership and Organization Building



Illustrative list of Continuing Education Programmes in the area of Pharmacy


Stability testing of Drugs

Pharmacological Screening

Training for Medical Representative regarding pharmacology

New Formulation and Development

Analytical testing Drug and their Combination

Formulation of Herbal Cosmetics

Computer aided drug design

Toxicity studies

Isolation and characterization of active/bioactive constituents from natural resources

Herbal drug standardization

Analytical profile Development

Development of degradation product/ impurity standards

Synthesis of small organic molecules (hetero- and carbo – cyclic) for biological evaluation for target-based generation of new leads for various diseases.

Pre formulation profiling



Illustrative list of Continuing Education Programmes in the area of Science


Plasmid DNA isolation – 1 day

Genomic DNA isolation – 1 day

Agarose gel electrophoresis – 1 day

Isolation and cultivation of Microorganisms – 1 day

Determination of microbial activity in soil (Physiology) – 1 day

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing in accordance with NCCLS guidelines - 3 days

Microwave assisted extraction for plant materials - 2 days

Analysis of functional microbial communities of environmental samples using substrate utilization profiles and multivariate analysis statistical tools - 3 days

Protein purification techniques – 5 days

Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis : native and denaturing – 2 days

Separation and purification of components by HPLC – 2 days

Isolation, purification and characterizattion of Probiotic strains and their future  applications. – 3 days

Assessment of Male reproductive functioning. – 3 days

Chromosome studies by short term culture of human lymphocytes and bone marrow – 3 to 7 days

Introduction to molecular cytogenetics: Lectures and Demonstration - 2 days

Applied Clinical Cytogenetics: Can be a certificate course for 2 weeks to 3 weeks

Karyotyping of human chromosomes: Certificate course for 2 weeks

Chromosome breakage & Micronucleus assay - 3 to 7 days

COMET assay - 3 to 7 days

Laboratory and regulatory aspects of in vitro genotoxicity assessment - Can be a certificate course for 2 weeks

Microscopy Lectures and Demonstration - 1 days

Tissue culture facility: Making and maintaining Lectures and Demonstration - 1 days

Animal Handling for biological research – 2 days

Total RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis – 2 days


Illustrative list of Continuing Education Programmes in the area of Law


Intellectual Property Laws


            Copyrights law


Criminal Laws

            Indian Penal Code

            Indian Evidence Act

            Criminal Laws

            Criminal Procedure Code

Corporate Laws

            Infrastructure Laws

            Merger and Acquisition Laws

            Security and Investment Laws

Civil Laws

            Specific Contract

            Land Laws

            Indian Contract

            Transfer of Property

            Personal Laws

Taxation Laws

            Indirect Taxes

            Direct Taxes

Constitutional Laws

Labour Laws

International Trade Laws

Environmental Laws

Arbitration and Conciliation