Nirma University

The Research Projects initiated at the University are amongst the various initiatives undertaken at Nirma University to achieve excellence, breadth and volume in research. The research projects being undertaken at the University aim in creation of new knowledge and its applications. The Projects also aim to develop comprehensive and trans-disciplinary solutions to the challenging problems. With the objective to further strengthen the pervasive research culture at the University through Research Projects, the University inculcates and supports the culture of grant winning and funded collaborative research.

The University frequently organizes various programmes to facilitate and promote the culture of research grant winning. Further there is a provision of advancing funds for sanctioned projects, sanction of seed money for minor projects, simplification of procedures related to sanctions / purchases to be made for the projects, facilitating the timely release of the grants etc.

The Institute-wise details of the Research Projects completed and ongoing during the last three years provide a glimpse of the wide variety of the innovative research projects being conducted at the University.