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Institute of Management, Nirma University organized a 7 days NSS Special Camp in Khodiyar village. The camp was organized from 17th December, 2018 to 23rd December, 2018. The camp was attended by 40 students of BBA-MBA Integrated Programme comprising 24 boys and 16 girls. 

The camp was Inaugurated by Dr. M. Mallikarjun, Director, IMNU along with Mr. Suresh Rao, Assistant Registrar, Mr. Biju Thomas, Programme Officer, Dr. Bhajan Lal Kardam, Programme Officer (NSS) and Prashant Dalwani, Student Coordinator. Mr. Bhavesh Parekh, Programme Coordinator(NSS) guided the volunteers about the objective of the camp.

The social issues covered during the camp were women hygiene, women empowerment, waste disposal, self-employment, banking, investment schemes and digitalization. Nukkad Natak, Drama, one to one conversation, etc. were used to address the issues effectively. Each day at the camp was dedicated to a particular topic.

A cultural night was organized on the 6th day of the camp attended by nearly 800 people. Sarpanch of Khodiyar village along with 2 other members of Gram Panchayat and NSS faculty coordinator attended the event. Students from Khodiyar primary school were trained to perform various activities like Group Songs, Dance and Spoken English on this night. The event ended with a Garba Programme.

Shri Bhavesh Parekh, Programme Coordinator (NSS) has visited Khodiyar village during the NSS Special Camp and motivated the students.

IMNU has successfully organized 7 days NSS Special Camp with consultation of Director-IMNU, Officer In-Charge, SWB and Program Coordinator (NSS), Nirma University.

On the last day of the camp, volunteers bid a farewell from the villagers and thanked them for their support and coordination.

  • December 24, 2018

IAPNU organized a 7 -days NSS Special Camp in Dandi village near Navsari, in the coastal region of South Gujarat, from 17th to 23rd Dec. 2018. 

37 students were accompanied by Ar. Jitendra Menghani-Programme Officer (NSS)-IAPNU, Ar. Tanaya Deka and Ar. Nishant Kansagra on this camp. Brief outline of activities carried out at the above mentioned camp is as follows:

  • Demonstration of reuse and recycle of waste plastic bottles and metal scrap. Students designed and made bench and hanging planter-stand after collecting waste plastic bottles from Dandi beach. 
  •  Basic demographic survey of village and interaction with villagers. Unnat Bharat Survey form was used for this survey. Students interacted with villagers while doing the survey and got to know the community and their issues.
  •  Cleaning of the serene Prarthna Mandir and touch-up of the marble information plaque there.
  • Art work at kindergarten and primary school. 
  • Art work at Dandi beach.
  • Counciling of girl students at girls hostel of Vinay Mandir Vidhyalaya.
  • Interaction with Shri Kalubhai and Shri Dhirubhai. (Shri Kalubhai is an expert on Gandhian philosophy and is a part of the Collector Office. Shri Dhirubhai is Trustee of Vinay Mandir Vidhyala and a pioneer in education and social welfare in this region.)

Shri Vimalbhai (Sarpanch of Dandi village), Shri Dhirubhai, Trustee-Vinay Mandir and staff, Staff of Primary Sschool and Kindergarten, Shri Kalubhai from Collector Office, Er. Sharma  from construction site of Satyagraha Memorial and Pujari of Radha-Krishna temple were in particular, helpful in the above mentioned activities done by students at Dandi.

Students have done appreciable work in a week's time and with resource constraint in this Dandi camp. We hope to built-up on this effort and do more social welfare work in rural areas in the near future.

Shri Bhavesh Parekh, Programme Coordinator (NSS) has visited Dandi village during the NSS Special Camp and motivated the students.

IAPNU has successfully organized 7 days NSS Special Camp with consultation of Director-IAPNU, Officer in-Charge-SWB and Program Coordinator (NSS), Nirma University.

  • December 24, 2018

21st June has been declared as International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly. To mark the occasion, Government of India has decided to celebrate this day in a befitting manner all over the country. 

In this regard, Nirma University celebrated 4th International Day of Yoga at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday, June 21, 2018 in their campus.

The Director General, Head of Institutions, Executive Registrar, other officers, teaching?, non-teaching staff, students, NSS & NCC Unit under the university, total 480 members participated in this celebration.

The Yoga practicing session was started with a prayer under the guidance of invited yoga instructors Ms.Tejalben Mistry and Ms.Bhaviniben Patadia. During the Yoga session certain basic Yoga exercises like Sadilaja/Calana Kriyas/Loosening practices to increase micro-circulation were performed. Thereafter Yogasanas, Kapalbhati, Pranayam, Dhyana, Sankalpa, Santih Patha were also performed. The instructors also stressed on cleanliness which is an important prerequisite for yogic practice. After the event, healthy refreshment was arranged for all participants.

Yoga is essentially a path of liberation from all bondage. Yoga helps to reduce depression, fatigue, anxiety disorder and stress. 

All faculty and staff members enjoyed yoga in green lawn under open sky. It is a matter of pride for all Indians that Yoga, which is a part of our culture, is getting such attention on an international platform and Nirma University celebrated the international Yoga Day in full spirit.?

  • June 21, 2018

Mahatma Gandhi famously said,
"So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you cannot make your towns and cities clean."

Taking this motto close to their heart, NSS Unit of Institute of Technology, Nirma University conducted a 7 day residential camp in Motipura village, Dist. Gandhinagar from June 04-10, 2018.

A group of 20 students from Institute of Techology, Nirma University who camped in the village as a part of their National Service Scheme (NSS) initiative and put together the local gram panchayat officials, local youths and Parthesh Pandya, an environment educator from near Rajpur village. He played role of catalyst in the initiative.

"From Monday, NSS Unit of ITNU have also organized door-to-door collection of waste after segregation. NSS Unit of ITNU are also going to provide two dustbins for the purpose. So far the general practice was to burn it."

Team of NSS Unit of ITNU talked about very simple but effective ways in which mosquitoes, and by extension ailments, can be kept at bay.

On Saturday evening, a mass meal was organized with the Swachhta Competition on the last day of the camp. 

Everyone knows the benefits of cleanliness, but more often than not it is confined to one's own home. NSS Unit of ITNU wanted to break that mould and extend it to their immediate surroundings, and eventually to the entire village. To make it exciting for the participants, NSS Unit of ITNU gave the drive the shape of a competition. NSS Unit of ITNU divied the 200 houses and populations of 1100 into roughly nine wards.

Two students of NSS Unit of ITNU were assigned to each ward where they worked closely with the local youth. NSS Unit of ITNU felt that the youth were more receptive of the ideas and they played a major role in taking the drive to each household.

On Saturday, independent observers visited to each household for inspection as the entire village looked spick and span after shedding about 12 trailer-loads of trash.

The observers looked at parameters such as keeping all stored water covered, not allowing algae to cover any puddle or open water, keeping the toilet clean, washing hands before cooking or meals and proper disposal of wet and dry waste.

The best household in each ward would get a token prize of Rs.1000 and the best ward would get a prize of Rs.7000.

All villagers were happy with the results.

"Generally, a community meal is organized when a deity is installed in a temple to mark the occasion. NSS Unit of ITNU, on Saturday, have installed cleanliness in the village and thus have organized the mass meal".

On the last day at closing ceremony, Mahant Shri Chaitanya Swamy ( Swaminarayan Mandir, Gandhinagar), Shri Shambhuji Thako ( MLA, Gandhinagar), Shri  Kamal Kumar Kar (Regional Director, NSS Ahmedabad), Shri Hitendra Patel (Mantrishree Kisan Morcha, Gujarat Pradesh), Ms. Niruben Patel (Sarpanch, Motipura Village) and Dr. Niraj Shilawat (Gujarat Vidhyapith, Gandhinagar - NSS National Award Winner) was present.

?Dr. J. B. Patel and Prof. Tejal Upadhyay (Programmer Officer-NSS, ITNU), has successfully organized camp with consultation of Mr. Bhavesh Parekh, Program Coordinator - NSS and Prof. Jayesh Patel, Officer in-Charge, Student Welfare Activities, Nirma University?

  • June 04, 2018

Twenty Fifth Convocation of the University will be held on April 24, 2018 at 6.30 pm.

Chief Guest: Shri Deepak Kumar Hota, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Bangalore

During the Convocation, the degrees shall be conferred to the students of Institute of Management and Institute of Law, in addition to Ph.D students of the University. The degrees shall be conferred by Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, The President of the University.

Click Here for Live Streaming of Convocation

  • April 21, 2018

NSS Unit of Institute of Law, Nirma University conducted a 7 day residential camp in adopted village Jamiyatpura - 'Anubhooti' or realisation from 10th March,2018 to 16th March,2018. To experience and realize the problems being faced by those residing in semi-urban parts of the city.

A total of 18 students were part of the 7 days camp.Various social welfare activities were conducted in due course of period.

The day used to start with 'Shramdaan' which used to be conducted daily for 2 hours in the morning.

Volunteers used to generate awareness among the residents regarding Swachh Bharat mission, construction of toilets, cleaning of road and surrounding areas, proper sanitation, throwing of rubbish in the dustbins and keeping surroundings clean.

Meetings of residents with the representatives of village panchayat used to be conducted in the evening, to raise the issues of the village and come to some possible solutions for such issues.

Various planning and discussion session used to took place in which issues of rural india were discussed and reflection was made on what is done and what is yet to be done.

In the free time, volunteers used to teach children of Jamiyatpura village, by introducing to them interactive learning methods.

A session was conducted in the village in collaboration with District Legal Services Authority on the topic :
1. Women Empowerment
2.Labour Laws
Session was conducted by Mr.Sudhirbhai Desai.

It was graced by presence of Jane Schukoske, Advisor S. M. Sehgal Foundation ; Prof.(Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal, Director & Dean, ILNU, Shri Bhavesh Parekh, Chief Coordinator, Students' Welfare Activities & Program Coordinator, NSS-NU, Dr.Tarkesh Moliya, Academic Co-Ordinator, Mr.Nitesh Choudhary, Mr.Raj Mehta, Faculty Co-Ordinator - Legal Aid Committee ILNU, Dr.Samiulla, Program Officer - NSS ILNU.

On the last night of our stay, 'Bhajan Sandhya' was organised with support of Bhajan Mandli of the village, entire village participated in the Bhajan Sandhya, which had a footfall of more than 150 residents.

On last day, AADHAR registration camp was organised in the village. More than 50 individuals, who were left unregistered, registered for new AADHAR card and around 16 individuals registered for correction.

The learning experience that was received to the volunteers in due course of the camp would help them to grow with a new outlook of rural India. Such camps need to be conducted from time to time, so that students could gain a practical learning experience, which could never be received in the four walls of a classroom.

  • April 04, 2018

Institute of Management, Nirma University organized "MEGHDHANUSH: A Library Event" in association with Library, IMNU and Club Sumantra on 17th February, 2018. The session was conducted by Mr. Nityesh Bhatt and the audience also got a chance to ask few questions. The talk by Mrs. Murty was highly inspiring and reflected her down-to-earth attitude towards life. She also kept the session light by her sharp wit and displayed the humorous side of her personality. Mrs. Sudha Murty also unveiled an institute magazine in the session.

  • February 17, 2018

On February 06, 2018 Nirma University organised an extramural lecture by the motivational and spiritual speaker Shri Rameshbhai Oza. The lecture was attended by Dr Shri K K Patel, President - Nirma University, Shri K K Patel, Vice Presdent - Nirma University, Dr Anup Singh, Director General - Nirma University as well as Institute Directors, Faculty Members, Staff and students. The topic of the lecture was - "Ansh Hai Hum Param Astitva Ke". Shri Rameshbhai Oza talked about how every individual is a part of a larger system and why we all should act in unison to achieve a higher goal. He said, "Each human soul is an autograph of the all powerful divinity on the book of life". He gave multiple references from science to spirituality to put his point across and the audience was more than convinced. 

  • February 06, 2018

On 30 January, 2018 One Act Play Competition was held at Nirma University which was meant to provide the students a platform to showcase their acting talent and performing skills. The students from various Institutes participated with unparalleled zeal and the event was a great success. The theme of the competition was - Equal Opportunity which was brought out by the performances in an excellent manner. The plays were written in such a way that they touched many aspects of our society and that is what made the event enjoyable. The students talked about many important socially relevant issues right from Nepotism to Female protection. The performances were to the point and moved the audience with a deep impact. Mr. Jeetendra Thakkar & Ms. Harshaben Bhavsar were the Judge & Chief Guests of this event.

The winners are as follows:

Best One Act Play - Winner Position - Institute of Law

Best One Act Play - Runner-Up Position - Institute of Pharmacy

  • January 31, 2018

On 26th January, 2018 Nirma University celebrated 69th Republic Day of India at the campus. Mr Mukesh Patel, a reputed Tax Consultant of Ahmedabad was present to grace the event as the Chief Guest. Dr Anup Singh, Director General – NU, Shri D P Chhaya, Hon. Advisor – NU, Shri G R Nair, Executive Registrar – NU were also present. Shri Mukesh Patel delivered a speech reminding the audience of the greatness of our country and the path ahead that promises all of us a bright and successful future. Talking about the NIRMA University he said that the name stands for Noteworthy – Innovation – Resourceful – Magnanimous – Aspiring qualities that we all should develop in us.

The participation from the students, faculty members and staff was highly encouraging.

  • January 26, 2018

Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University has organised 4th National Institute of Pharmacy International Conference (NIPiCON) 2018 – Innovation in Pharmaceutical Research by Interdisciplinary Approach which is scheduled from 23 – 25 January, 2018. The inaugural function was on 23th January, 2018.

The chief guest for the inaugural session was Dr. Daniel G. Miller, President and CEO, Excorp Medical International Pte. Ltd., Singapore. As the Guest of Honour was Dr. Anamik Shah, President, Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists and Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith.

The Vice President of Nirma University, Mr. K. K. Patel and Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University were also present for the inaugural session along with Dr. Manjunath Ghate, Director – Institute of Pharmacy.

  • January 23, 2018

The 21st Nirma International Conference on Management (NICOM), organized by the Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU), commenced on 11th January, 2018. The event will continue till January 3, 2018. NICOM has been an annual event at IMNU providing a platform for an interactive discussion between academicians and industry veterans on a plethora of topics under a common theme. In addition, the Conference will have academicians and practitioners from India and abroad, presenting their research in as many as 60 sub themes viz, Strategic Management Process, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Functional Level Strategies, Functional Information Systems & DS, Digital Ecosystem, etc., in four track sessions spread across the three days Conference. Four plenary sessions are also arranged during which, the prominent personalities from the industry will be addressing the audience on various topics.

The chief guest for the inaugural session was Mr. Gurmeet Singh Sethi, Managing Director, Johnson Controls- Hitachi Ltd. The president of Nirma University, Dr. Karsanbhai Patel and Vice President of Nirma University, Mr. K.K. Patel were also present for the inaugural session. Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University was also a part of the function. The chairpersons for NICOM, 2018 were Dr. Nityesh Bhatt, Prof. Balakrishnan Unny and Dr. Shahir Bhatt, professors of the Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU). Dr. M. Mallikarjun, Director In-charge, IMNU delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Gurmeet Singh began the session. He said that the Digital India campaign started by the Government of India is extremely crucial for the nation. Given the rapid change in the business environment, organisations need to adopt technological changes going on in the society if they want to stay in competition. Talking about the concept of Smart Cities, Mr. Sethi stated that though people from different parts of the country want to shift to Tier 1 cities, the resources in these are just on line. If the trend continues, these cities would be busted at their seams. In such a critical scenario, the development of smart cities would help in reducing the burden from them and would also ensure optimum utilization of resources. He said that while people today are concerned that machines will replace human resources, according to him, the development of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will enable humans to create more high level jobs. Addressing the students, Mr. Gurmeet said youth is going to be the teacher. The only thing they need to remember is that education does not attend with the ending of college; learning is a never ending process.

Dr. Anup Singh, Director General, Nirma University also said that the use of technology is of utmost importance and the change in technology that the society accepts should be adapted by the organizations because not being able to adapt is the greatest shortcoming an organization can have.

  • January 11, 2018