IAPNU organized a 7 -days NSS Special Camp in Dandi village near Navsari, in the coastal region of South Gujarat.

IAPNU organized a 7 -days NSS Special Camp in Dandi village near Navsari, in the coastal region of South Gujarat, from 17th to 23rd Dec. 2018. 

37 students were accompanied by Ar. Jitendra Menghani-Programme Officer (NSS)-IAPNU, Ar. Tanaya Deka and Ar. Nishant Kansagra on this camp. Brief outline of activities carried out at the above mentioned camp is as follows:

  • Demonstration of reuse and recycle of waste plastic bottles and metal scrap. Students designed and made bench and hanging planter-stand after collecting waste plastic bottles from Dandi beach. 
  •  Basic demographic survey of village and interaction with villagers. Unnat Bharat Survey form was used for this survey. Students interacted with villagers while doing the survey and got to know the community and their issues.
  •  Cleaning of the serene Prarthna Mandir and touch-up of the marble information plaque there.
  • Art work at kindergarten and primary school. 
  • Art work at Dandi beach.
  • Counciling of girl students at girls hostel of Vinay Mandir Vidhyalaya.
  • Interaction with Shri Kalubhai and Shri Dhirubhai. (Shri Kalubhai is an expert on Gandhian philosophy and is a part of the Collector Office. Shri Dhirubhai is Trustee of Vinay Mandir Vidhyala and a pioneer in education and social welfare in this region.)

Shri Vimalbhai (Sarpanch of Dandi village), Shri Dhirubhai, Trustee-Vinay Mandir and staff, Staff of Primary Sschool and Kindergarten, Shri Kalubhai from Collector Office, Er. Sharma  from construction site of Satyagraha Memorial and Pujari of Radha-Krishna temple were in particular, helpful in the above mentioned activities done by students at Dandi.

Students have done appreciable work in a week's time and with resource constraint in this Dandi camp. We hope to built-up on this effort and do more social welfare work in rural areas in the near future.

Shri Bhavesh Parekh, Programme Coordinator (NSS) has visited Dandi village during the NSS Special Camp and motivated the students.

IAPNU has successfully organized 7 days NSS Special Camp with consultation of Director-IAPNU, Officer in-Charge-SWB and Program Coordinator (NSS), Nirma University.