NSS Special Camp of Institute of Technology, Nirma University

Mahatma Gandhi famously said,
"So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you cannot make your towns and cities clean."

Taking this motto close to their heart, NSS Unit of Institute of Technology, Nirma University conducted a 7 day residential camp in Motipura village, Dist. Gandhinagar from June 04-10, 2018.

A group of 20 students from Institute of Techology, Nirma University who camped in the village as a part of their National Service Scheme (NSS) initiative and put together the local gram panchayat officials, local youths and Parthesh Pandya, an environment educator from near Rajpur village. He played role of catalyst in the initiative.

"From Monday, NSS Unit of ITNU have also organized door-to-door collection of waste after segregation. NSS Unit of ITNU are also going to provide two dustbins for the purpose. So far the general practice was to burn it."

Team of NSS Unit of ITNU talked about very simple but effective ways in which mosquitoes, and by extension ailments, can be kept at bay.

On Saturday evening, a mass meal was organized with the Swachhta Competition on the last day of the camp. 

Everyone knows the benefits of cleanliness, but more often than not it is confined to one's own home. NSS Unit of ITNU wanted to break that mould and extend it to their immediate surroundings, and eventually to the entire village. To make it exciting for the participants, NSS Unit of ITNU gave the drive the shape of a competition. NSS Unit of ITNU divied the 200 houses and populations of 1100 into roughly nine wards.

Two students of NSS Unit of ITNU were assigned to each ward where they worked closely with the local youth. NSS Unit of ITNU felt that the youth were more receptive of the ideas and they played a major role in taking the drive to each household.

On Saturday, independent observers visited to each household for inspection as the entire village looked spick and span after shedding about 12 trailer-loads of trash.

The observers looked at parameters such as keeping all stored water covered, not allowing algae to cover any puddle or open water, keeping the toilet clean, washing hands before cooking or meals and proper disposal of wet and dry waste.

The best household in each ward would get a token prize of Rs.1000 and the best ward would get a prize of Rs.7000.

All villagers were happy with the results.

"Generally, a community meal is organized when a deity is installed in a temple to mark the occasion. NSS Unit of ITNU, on Saturday, have installed cleanliness in the village and thus have organized the mass meal".

On the last day at closing ceremony, Mahant Shri Chaitanya Swamy ( Swaminarayan Mandir, Gandhinagar), Shri Shambhuji Thako ( MLA, Gandhinagar), Shri  Kamal Kumar Kar (Regional Director, NSS Ahmedabad), Shri Hitendra Patel (Mantrishree Kisan Morcha, Gujarat Pradesh), Ms. Niruben Patel (Sarpanch, Motipura Village) and Dr. Niraj Shilawat (Gujarat Vidhyapith, Gandhinagar - NSS National Award Winner) was present.

?Dr. J. B. Patel and Prof. Tejal Upadhyay (Programmer Officer-NSS, ITNU), has successfully organized camp with consultation of Mr. Bhavesh Parekh, Program Coordinator - NSS and Prof. Jayesh Patel, Officer in-Charge, Student Welfare Activities, Nirma University?