Nirma University

Faculty and Staff Awards

An educational institution is incomplete without faculty who hold a promise to bring about a constructive change in the society and education. Faculty members are one of the important contributors for the overall development of any university. They are instrumental in bringing the repute to the university by dedicatedly working and providing the best of their knowledge. A team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty is actively involved in research, consultancy and sponsored projects at the University. Hence, in order to inspire and create a healthy competition amongst the faculty members, Nirma University has implemented a scheme of awards and incentives for the faculty members in varied fields like outstanding contribution in research, teaching, specific contribution like high impact factor paper publication, etc. This encourages the faculty members to bring innovation and the best practices in teaching-learning-research and excel in whichever field they have the expertise.

Apart from the faculty awards, Nirma University has a rich tradition of recognizing the performance and achievements of the outstanding administrative staff and the various administrative sections of the University through awards and incentives.

Every year, Nirma University recognizes faculty and administrative staff excellence through several awards and incentives as nominated by the departments, areas, section and selected by various award committees.

The process of inviting applications and giving the awards and incentive is coordinated by the DRI.