Nirma University

About The Directorate of Research & Innovation (DRI)

Nirma University, keeping in view its vision and mission statement, has established the Directorate of Research & Innovation - a separate identity to promote the research ambience, create research culture and coordinate its sustenance, motivate researchers, offer guidance and excel in variety of research activities. The Directorate shall coordinate and enhance innovations, research publications, post graduate and doctoral work, active national and international collaborations, Intellectual Property, funded research and interdisciplinary research.

The Directorate engages itself, in sync with the constituent institutes, in consultation with an Advisory Committee and Core Committee. The implementation of University research policy, stimulating innovations and strengthening doctoral research are the key objectives of the Directorate of Research & Innovation at Nirma University. The Directorate also facilitates the overall research progress of the University under various schemes, faculty engagement and research orientation programmes.