Institute of Technology

Idea-6 : Bio-polymer

We have been seeing regular news-reports, discussions on ever increasing requirement to handle plastic-waste problem. The problem is because plastics have become integral part of our day-to-say life, but all plastics are polymers produced from petroleum-products and are essentially “bio-non-degradable”. This has become a headache for the municipality civic bodies responsible in managing solid-waste. The problem is more pronounced in urban areas, and have even forced the government policies to charge tax or penalty to the use of plastic-bags to help meet partial costs towards its waste-disposal management, and to also discourage its use. But, on the other side, chemical engineering researchers across the world are exploring develop bio-degradable plastic as alternatives. Some of our chemical engineering students are also exploring environmentally useful idea and have successfully synthesized in-house a bio-plastic film from agro-materials.

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Mentor: Prof. Neha Patni

Student's Involved: Anisha Agarwal, Vyoma Maroo, Pujita Yadava