Institute of Technology

Idea-2 : Quadcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Monitoring

The unmanned aerial vehicles or drones based on quad-copters – a small helicopter like flying device having four motors and propellers – are very interesting devices which most would have seen flying in a college-campus in super-hit Bollywood movie “3-Idiot”. These are becoming very popular now-a-days and regularly appearing in the news-reports due to its applications by various government departments for urban, disaster, military surveillance and many other customer-service purposes. Nirma students are currently developing a specific monitoring application based on such quad-copters in another Idea-Lab project. The concept has been successfully tested in preliminary trial-runs and is being pursued to mature and extend it further.

Prof. Ankit Thakkar, Prof.Sandip Mehta
Student's Involved: Krishna Patel, Prashant Acharya