Institute of Technology

NVIDIA Research Center

We at Institute of Technology, are working for using Graphics Processing Units(GPUs) for accelerating high performance applications in the domain of computational science, bioinformatics, multimedia systems and large database systems. We have also collaborated with Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), an Institute that works on a project administered by an Empowered Board created with Cabinet Approval (Government of India) for parallelization of their Plasma Physics code using CUDA architecture to harness the power of GPGPU systems. Our consistent efforts towards GPU based R&D activities received recognition from NVIDIA in January 2014 and we have been awarded the status of NVIDIA Research Center.

Another domain that we are working on is related to optimization of Bioinformatics operations. The DNA matching computations for disease diagnosis have proportionately increased with increased datasets caused due to exponential growth in human population. In this research work we are working on parallelization of the VelvetH assembler using heterogeneous computing architecture.

We are also extensively working towards efficient indexing structures for multimedia sets and image databases to speedup the feature based retrieval process. The project is working towards presenting a memory and run-time efficient image texture classification.