Institute of Technology

Post Graduate Projects

    The Institute runs eighteen different specialization courses for Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering and Technology. The Students are involved in project developments during the second year of the two year Degree Programme. The development of the projects are either in-house or in association with various Industries and R&D Institutions. Following is a list of the faculty mentors/guides involved in various PG projects guidance.    

Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design and Development of Compact Printed Antennas with Phase Scanning Analysis for Satellite Communication Akansha Agarwal May 2015
Automation Suite (Software Solution) to Test Firmware and Intel BIOS Kanjari Patel May 2015
Fault Finding in Antenna Array using ANFIS   May 2016
Design and Development of Multimode Tracking Feed for Satellite Communication   May 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Optimization of heat recovery steam generator operating parameters. Trivedi Jaykumar Bharatkumar May 2010
Energy Audit of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) of an Oil Refinery. Rabadia Chirag Dhirajlal May 2010
Feasibility Study of NOx Reduction by Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) in Biodiesel Fueled CI Engine Joshi Niravkumar Shankarlal May 2010
Numerical Investigation of Boundary Layer Separation Control Over an Airfoil Shaikh Tausif M May 2010
Design, Fabrication and Testing of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle based Domestic Water Heater Gajjar Nimesh May 2010
Critical analysis of flow induced vibration in heat exchanger Amir Abdulkadir Abdulyunus May 2011
Evaluation of overall heat transfer coefficient and optimization of the steam surface condenser Bhatt Nirmalkumar Pramodchandra May 2011
Thermal Analysis of cross flow around cylinder Panchal Jugalkumar Mukeshbhai May 2011
Heat transfer enhancement of tube in tube heat exchanger using Delta winglet Mehta Kushal Kalpeshbhai May 2011
Numerical Investigation of flow over cylinder analytical. Gohel Hardikkumar Rameshchandra May 2012
Heat Transfer Enhancement of Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger Using Delta Winglet Parmar Prakash M May 2012
Design and Analysis of First Wall High Heat Flux Component in Fusion Reactor Soni Milind Kamleshkumar May 2012
Design, development and performance analysis of a solar thermal powered sterling engine based water pumping system for agricultural application. Soni Sanketkumar Dipakkumar May 2012
Performance and Emission of Analysis of CI Engine Fuel with Preheated Vegetable Oil Akashdeep Raghuwanshi May 2014
CFD analysis of particle laden flow in a cyclone separator using RANS and LES Methodologies Makwana Pratik Shankarbhai May 2014
Design & Optimization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using Genetic Algorithm Modi Chintakkumar Hasmukhlal May 2014
CFD Analysis of Space Shuttle Lauch vehicle during ascent Phase Vasudha May 2014
CFD Analysis of Flow Behavior in S-shape Air-Intake System of an Aircraft Sondh Sidhartha May 2014
Numerical Investigation of Flow Over Oscillating Circular Cylinder Ankit Gohil May 2014
CFD Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine Processes Mecwan Noel M May 2014
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on Flapping Wing Aerodynamics Jani Swapnil Kapilkumar May 2015
Mathematical Modelling and Deign of Gypsum Dryer Naik Bruhad Sunilbhai May 2015
Thermo Hydraulic Performance of Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Patel Brijeshkumar Ashokbhai May 2015
Identification of Energy Saving Potential of Different Thermal Insulation Through Mathematical Modelling Somakshi Mattoo May 2015
Numerical Analysis on Effect of Baffle Inclination Angle on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristic of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Helical Baffle Prajapati Unnatkumar Jagdishbhai May 2015
Life cycle analysis of CI engine by using Biodiesel and Diethyl ether Sajan Kumar Chourasia May 2015
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Downdraft Gasifier Bhatt Kinnari Sunilbhai May 2016
Hydrodynamic Analysis Of Fish-Like Locomotion Modi Jaydipkumar Alkeshbhai May 2016
Life Cycle Analysis of CI Engine Using Modified Piston Ring Design and Selective Coating Pandya Akash Rajeshkumar May 2016
Identification of Energy Saving Potential of Different Thermal Insulation Material by Mathematical Modelling Shah Mayank Jayeshbhai May 2016
Intake Manifold Redesigning of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Badheka Deep Kiritbhai May 2016
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study on Fish-Like Locomotion Ajay Makwana May 2017
Development of Lattice-Boltzmman and Level-Set based multiphase Flow Solver Dhruv Patel May 2017
Optimization of Engine Operating Parameters Using Taguchi Method Sanika Prabhu May 2017
Level-Set based Simulation of Filling and Solidification Processes during Metal Casting Nihar Thakkar May 2017
Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Downdraft Gasifier Kanjariya Jagdish Ranamal May 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Bluetooth Based Audio Transmitter for Television Receiver 12MECE019 2013
Drip Irrigation with Automatic Fertilizer Injection 13BEC093 – Sanchit Goyal 13BEC085 – Raj Patel 13BEC081 – Radhika Jitani 2016
Talking Toy Tiles 12BEC012 - Anshul Lasod 12BEC092 - Shivani Choudhary 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Low Inductance IGBT Fuse Sohang Swarup Mohapatra May 2006
Design and Development of Small Wind Turbine for Power Generation through High Velocity Exhaust Air Neel Gandhi 16MEEEP05 May 2018
Design and Development of Undervoltage and Overload Protection Scheme for a Three Phase Induction Motor Tosar Tejpal (13BEE118) Sanjaysingh Rajpurohit (13BEE090) June 2016
Design and Development of Mini Solar Powered Water Pump Pallavi Gupta (13BEE064) Dhara Rathva (13BEE092) June 2016
Optimal Location of FACTS Devices in Power System   May 2007
Master Slave Control of Interline Power Flow Controller. Rama Rao May 2008
Interlocking of Armature and Field Circuit of a DC Motor Siddhartha Dafda (14BEE153) Lagdhir Kandoriya (14BEE158) June 2016
Distributed Generation: Its Role, Implementation and Scope in Restructured Power Sector. Priyanka Priyadarshini Padhi May 2010
Effective Utilization of Solar Energy as a Tool for Demand Side Management. Yogita Ashtekar May 2012
Design of Wind Solar Hybrid Power Generation with Energy Storage (Hardware). Yogesh Nagdeve May 2012
Design of Wind Solar Hybrid Power Generation with Energy Storage (Hardware). Yogesh Nagdeve May 2012
Design and Development of Small Wind Turbine for Power Generation through High Velocity Exhaust Air Neel Gandhi May 2018
Optimal Location of FACTS Device for Congestion Management   May 2018
Available Transfer Capability (ATC) Calculation of a Power Network with Renewable SMIT PATEL May 2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
To Design And Implement A Process Loop For Bottle Washer Machine Jay Patel (12MICC17) 2013
Design and Development of Prototype for Bottle Washer Machine Ankur G. Gajjar (13MICC05) 2014
Modeling,Simulation And Control Of Lab-Scale Process Control Trainer Pooja Panchal (13MICC14) 2014
Driver of LabVIEW for Mitsubishi PLC Rohit Singh ( 14micc24) 2015
Modeling, Simulation and Control Of Large Time Delay Process Dalal Yash(14MICC07) 2015
Modelling, Simulation and Control of a Biomass Gasifier Nihal Dalwadi (14MICC08) 2015
Development of Monitoring System and Controls Analysis for Diesel Engine 15MICC06 Patel Hardikkumar H. 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
IoT based data logger system Ashwin Singh May 2015
Implementation of Windows KMDF driver for Battery Management and Camera Sensor 13MECE20 Hardik Panchal May 2015
Indoor Positionin and Navigation system   December 2016
on “Prototype of Femto Satellite using Embedded Processors for Internet of Space”   April 2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Deign and simulation of CMOS switched capacitor filter Jayesh Parmar M.Tech Sem-III,IV VLSI Design October 2007
Design and simulation of CMOS Analog Multiplier Ami Patel M.Tech sem-III,IV VLSI Design October 2008
Design and simulation of CMOS voltage follower Gaurang banker M.Tech sem-III,IV,VLSI Design October 2012
Design and simulation of CMOS current Mirror Dhaval Shukla M.Tech sem-III,IV,VLSI Design October 2012
Design and simulation of CMOS wideband ADC Piysh kanoria sem-III,IV,VLSI Design October 2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design and Development of Grid connected Photovoltaic Inverter Anupsingh Chandel--11MEEP19 May 2013
Computer Aided Design and Parametric Analysis of Radial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC(PMBLDC) Motor Aksh Naik May 2015
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Radial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Jekisan Patel- 11MEEP27 June 2014
Design and Performance Improvement of Axial Flux PMBLDC Motor Parthsarthi Vyas June 2016
Design and Reduction in Cogging Torque of Radial Flux PMBLDC Motor Amit Kapil June 2016
Design and Analysis of Sandwiched Stator Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Dhruvesh Jadav-12MEEP10 June 2014
Computer Aided Design and Parametric Analysis of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless DC(PMBLDC) Motor Biren Geravia May 2015
Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on No-Load Current Analysis Rushi R. Desai-10MEEE04 May 2012
Design, Analysis and Performance Improvement of Three Phase Induction Motor Darshan Thakar May 2015
Design and Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor Khubshu Shah May 2015
Design and Development of Crowbar Circuit for High Voltage D.C. Application Raval Bhavesh Chandrakant Roll No.: 09MEE013 May 2012
Single Phase Solar Hybrid Inverter Nishit D Kapadia-10MEEP09 May 2012
Design, Simulation and Implementation of 500 W Battery charger Hiren Patel May 2011
Design & Development Of Bipolar Micro-stepping Drive For Disc Rotor Type Stepper Motor Archan Patel May 2010
Design and Implementation of Medium Voltage Soft Starter for Three Phase Induction Motor Hiren Brahmbhatt May 2010
Disc Rotor Type Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor Keyur Denpiya May 2009
Design and Implementation of DSP based DC Drive for Crane Application Devendra Tandel May 2009
Design and Analysis of flux reversal motor Gaurang Vakil May 2008
Design, development and analysis of 35 kVAR thyristorised automatic power factor corrector Nilesh Bhagat May 2007
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Text to Speech converter for Gujarati language Mr. Jayesh Tanna May 2014
Design and Development of API's,Web based Control Structure and Device Driver for Solid State Recorder Mr. Tanmay Desai May 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Water treatment using corn flakes   2016
Synthesis and characterization of protic ionic liquid   2017
Extraction of Cu from E-waste using Dissolution Technology   2018
Conversion of Styrofoam to Fine Chemicals   2019
Simulation of CO2 absorption using MATLAB and HYSIS   2017
Development of oleophilic adsorbents for oil spill control   2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Investigation on Thermal Conductivity of Powder Insulation with opacifiers and under evacuation by using LN2 boil-off calorimeter 13MMET07-Dhrumil Mandalia May 2015
Modeling and Simulation Of Heat Transfer Enhancement using Nanofluids   May 2017
Experimental Investigation on Measurement of Apparant Thermal Conductivity of Multilayer Insulation   May 2017
Studies on Multibranch Heat Pipes for electronics Cooling   May 2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Real Time Path Planning for Robot Navigation 11MICT26 May 2013
Development of Frugal Speech Corpus for Low Resource Indian Language Sapna Soni (12MICT41) May 2014
Energy Efficient Routing with Multiple Static Sink nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Kinjal Chaudhri (13MCEI28) May 2015
Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks using Firefly Algorithm Shail Dave (13MCEI23) May 2015
Optimize the Cluster-head Election technique in Wireless Sensor Network Amit Parmar (12MICT13) May 2014
Software Profiling for Holistic System's Power and Performance Analysis (Modem Statistics) 12MCEC13 May 2014
Mobile Phone Assisted Remote Speech Therapy Platform Apeksha Chaplot (12MICT46) May 2014
Securing Wireless Sensor Networks Rushi Trivedi (13MCEI18) May 2015
An unsupervised web data extraction system Disha Patel (13MCEI25) May 2015
Retail Merchandising System (RMS) Admin API Shaili Chauhan (13MCEI22) May 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Vision Based Robotic Arm Control System with Biometric Authentication Atul Kataria (12MICC06) April 2014
Gujarati Character Recognition   April 2015
Development of Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition Algorithm   2016
Data Acquisition and fault detection in wind power plant using SCADA   2017
Character Recognition Using Neural Network Dipti Chaudhary (11MICC02) April 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
PXIe Based Control and Monitoring of RF Power Supply System 12MICC28 Sneh Soni May 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design, Analysis and Optimization of Hydraulic Modular Trailer Frame 09MME019 - Dipeshkumar M. Chauhan May 2011
Design-Analysis and Optimization of Cryogenic Gate Valve 10MMCC10 - Payal P. Patel May 2012
Design of SCARA Robot with Vacuum Gripper 10MMCM10 - Pratik R Vyas May 2012
Design and Development of Automated Guided Vehicle for 5 kg Capacity 10MMCM07 - Shah Pratik Ajitkumar May 2012
TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE (TPM) Software Development For Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) And Implementation 10MMCM14 - Ranteshwar Singh May 2012
Setup Time Reduction For Submerged Arc Welding and Standardization 10MMCM06 - Patel Shailesh G May 2012
Design of Nozzle Junction based on ASME pressure vessel design Code 11MMCC19 - Maharshi J. Bhatt May 2013
Lead Time reduction in a small scale industry 11MMCM14 - Raj Rathod May 2013
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Implementation In Foundry 11MMCC21 - Jignasha Acharya May 2013
Failure analysis & modification of tie rod assembly 11MMCM23 - Saurabh N. Patel May 2013
To Improve the Productivity of Channel Manufacturing MSRB Bearing 12MMCM02 - Bhimani Jasmin Parsotam May 2014
Quality Improvement in Bearing Manufacturing Plant 12MMCC03 - Bhatt Tejaskumar Ashokbhai May 2014
Application of VSM and MIS for Developing Taper Roller Bearing Sector Vaidant Dixit-12MMCM17 May 2014
Design and Analysis of the Critical Components of a Vertical Machining Centre 06MME015-Somnath Bhattacharya May 2008
Quality and productivity improvement in small scale industry 12MMCC21 - Patel Hemangi Natvarlal May 2014
Tolerance Stack up and Analysis using Inventor VBA 13MMCC10-Raghu Hiren Surendrakumar May 2015
Process Improvement in Hydraulic Component Manufacturing Industry using Lean and Six Sigma Concept 13MMCM09-Patel SachinKumar Bharatbhai May 2015
Cycle Time Reduction in Transformer Manufacturing Industry 13MMCM13-Patel Bhavinkumar Jayantilal May 2015
Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Module for the Key Processes of Hull Production in Shipbuliding Industry 13MMCM05-Bhatt Kairav Sharadkumar May 2015
Studies on Ultrasonic Assisted Incremental Forming 13MMCM03-Krishna Gopal Sharma May 2015
Studies on Ultrasonic Assisted Single point Incremental Forming 14MMCM17 - Mr. Vikrant Sharma May 2016
Development of MRP Software for Clutch Manufacturing Unit Using VBA 12MMCC26 May 2014
Process Improvement at an Automotive Assembly Plant 14MMCM10 May 2016
Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing of a Car Seating System 14MMCM04 May 2016
Effect of Process Parameters on Forming Forces in Single Point Increemental Forming (SPIF) Process 15MMCM06 May 2017
Effect of process parameters on formability of AA1100-F aluminium alloy in single point incremental forming 15MMCM04 May 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design, Development and Performance Investigation of Double Inlet Pulse Tube Refrigerator Shah Hitarth V. (08MMET21) May 2010
Investigation of Heat Transfer in pool boiling of R-141b over roughened surfaces Maulik Parekh (16MMET12) May 2018
Design Installation and Validation of Clean Room Facilities Harsh Gajjar (16MMET03) May 2018
Energy Saving Opportunities in an Air-Conditioner by Lowering the Inlet Air Temperature to the Condenser Shivam Kumar Dwivedi (16MMET27) May 2018
Investigation on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine   May 2013
Novel Application of a Fresenel Lense for a Solar Cooker Solanki Nikung R (11MMET17) May 2013
Performance Evaluation of Different Evaporative Cooling Pad Materials Saksena Dipakkumar P. (11MMET52) May 2014
Performance Investigation of Pulse Tube Refrigerator with Different Regenerative Materials Parikh Krunal R. (12MMET16) May 2014
Numerical Investigation on Flow Over Rotational and Transverse Oscillating Circular Cylinder   May 2014
Performance Optimization of The Evaporative Condenser Design Mit C. Patel (12MMET18) May 2014
Identification of Energy Saving Potential of Different Thermal Insulation Through Mathematical Modelling   May 2015
Experimental Investigation and Analysis on a Concentrating Solar Collector Using Linear Fresnel Lens   May 2015
CFD Analysis of Artifcially Roughened Solar Air Heater   May 2015
Energy Optimization in Ice Cream Making Plant Using Heat Pump   May 2015
Optimization of Combustion in Pulverised Coal Fired Boiler   May 2015
Effects of Air Ingress on Performance of Boiler and Air-Preheater of Thermal Power Station   May 2015
Jet Flow Simulation and Parametric Study of Helium and Nitrogen Gases at Cryogenic Temperatures Chirag S Jain (14MMEN03) May 2016
Thermosyphon and Bath Cooling Techniques for SHe/LHe Heat Exchange in Cryogenic Aluminum Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Roshan Tandel (14MMET27) May 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Developement of novel spinning tool Amit Patidar May 2014
Developement of combined machine for beading and trimming of sheet metal components Patel Devansh May 2014
Compensation of Taper Angle in Abrasive Water Jet Machine Manvendra Chatterjee May 2012
Study of differential blank holding force and design of segmented blank holder Sunil Nishad May 2005
Study of Strain pattern in square and rectangular cup box Dhaval Jethava May 2005
Design and Development of Rack-in Mechanism of Air Circuit Breaker Keval Goti (13MMCC02) May 2015
Line side Layout for BIW (Body In White) Line of Europe Program Moinuddin M. Garana (14MMCC05) May 2016
Productivity improvement of autoclave equipment used for vulcanization of rubber coated rolls Ajay I. Gadariya (14MMCC04) May 2016
Structural Analysis Of Divertor & Baffel of Steady State Tokamak (SST-I for Electromagnetic and Thermal loads using ANSYS Software Sharma Vipnesh May 2005
Studies on Ultrasonic Assisted Single point Incremental Forming VIKRANT SHARMA 14MMCM17 May 2016
To Establish a Lean Production system to Reduce the Cycle Time and Improve Productivity of Chassis Line Krushnaraj N. Bodana (14MMCC02) May 2016
Design and Development of Automation System for ESS-MCCB Plug-in Push force measurement Deep Patel 14MMCC15 May 2016
Industrialization of MCCB and Increase Yield for Same Akash Tiwari, CIM May 2017
Design and development of cement bag diverter Kaushal Topiwala 15MMCC08 May 2017
Development of Vending Machine for Mini Components Patel Ravikumar Niteshkumar 15MMCC23
Design & Development of Electromechanical Release For Multiple Higher Current Rating of MCCB Kishan Rameshkumar Patel 15MMCC20 May 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Linux Device Drivers for ATC and Design functional software for Oculogica's medical device   June 2014
Microscopic Image Based Object Detection And Classification Of Indian Herbal Plant   2016
CNN Based Object Classi cation Minali Rani Jain (16MECC06) December 2017
Automation of Memory Scrambling Checker and Evaluation of Memory Characterization Flow Tools   June 2012
Image Classi cation in Microscopic Image Processing   June 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Study and Modification of Sheet Metal Tools for Producing MCCB Press Components Kushal Pandya May 2015
Productivity Improvement in a Rubber Roller Manufacturing Industry Maniyar Darshan Kamleshbhai May 2015
Cycle Time Reduction in Transformer Manufacturing Industry Patel Bhavinkumar Jayantilal May 2015
Development of Electromechanical Release for Higher Rating Current (800A) of MCCB Dilavarsinh D. Dodia May 2016
To Establish a Lean Production System by Reducing Cycle Time and Improving Productivity of Chassis Line KRUSHNARAJ N. BODANA May 2016
Productivity Improvement of Mixing Process Using Cause and Effect Analysis GAURAV S PATEL May 2016
Development of Automobile Seat with Anthropometry and Ergonomical Studies Sagar M. Shah May 2016
Productivity Improvement by Increasing Tool Life of Hot Extrusion and Cold Drawing Operation Praphul Purohit May 2016
Development of Semi Automatic Truck Loading System Faldu Bhargav Manojbhai May 2017
Design of split mechanical seal Patel Abhishek Girishchandra May 2017
Theoretical analysis and modification in the design of oil-jet lubrication system in high speed ball bearings. Vaghasiya Gaurav Vinubhai May 2017
Increasing the first time yield of Undervoltage Release assembly Chirag Swamy May 2017
Design of Automatic vertical storage system for printing rolls Vyas Nishant Neelam May 2017
Design and Development of Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems for Transportation of Bags Jatin Panchal May 2018
Quality and Reliability Improvement of External Accessories of MCCB Jenish Patel May 2018
Design & Development of Automated production line and SPM for the new product MCCB APURVKUMAR J. THAKOR May 2018
Design and Development of Quality System for Incoming Material: Gear Case Casting Vaibhav J Suthar May 2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design and Implementation of SVPWM based Two Level Inverter using Advanced Microcontrollers Mr. Vivek Bhavsar (15MEEP03) December 2017
Smart Controller for Solar Rooftop Darshan Joshi (15MEEP07) December 2017
Influence of TCSC in an Interconnected Power System - Modelling, Interface, Control Strategy - Prototype Nirav Patel (14MEEE15) December 2016
Voltage Stability Improvement by using FACTs Devices and Optimize its Location Lokesh Shah (14MEEE25) December 2016
Design and Development of Reactive Power Compensator Love Patel (14MEEN04) December 2016
Design and Development of Voltage Regulator and Power Factor Corrector Hemang Upadhyay (14MEEN07) December 2016
Estimation of Available Transfer Capacity Mr. Nayan Dhimmer (13MEEE03) December 2015
Biomass Diesel based Hybrid Electrical Supply System for Small Electrical Network Praful Patidar (13MEEE18) December 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Conceptual design and protection of EHV and UHV transmission line Sudip Godbole July 2013
Switching transients and ferroresonance in the power system Rachna Shah July 2012
Modelling, Analysis and Mitigation of VFTO in GIS   2015
Modelling and Analysis of Large Wind Farms for Short Circuit Level Calculation   2015
Design, Analysis, and Protection of Electrical Systems of Gas Based Power Plant   2015
Economic Comparison and electrical design of 765/400 KV Air Insulated Substation (AIS),Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) And Hybrid Substation   2015
LVRT capability enhancement of DFIG wind turbines Parashar Thaker July 2016
Quality and Stability assessments of power system connected with considerable penetration of wind energy in distribution network Nirmal Prajapati July 2016
Impact of reduced inertia on the transient stability analysis of a power system with the penetration of wind energy Sandip Takwani July 2016
Fault ride through improvement in DFIG based wind turbine in conventional grid system Gaurang Prajapati May 2018
Dynamic and Transient behaviour of standard test bus system under various disturbances. Shaleen Dave July 2014
Power quality issues and analysis due to high penetration of REG's in to power grid. Sandhya Rajput July 2014
Reactive Power Compensation using FC TCR Dhruvang Gayakwad July 2013
Coordinated control strategy for hybrid wind farms during network unbalance and short circuit condition Mastakim Haveliwala May 2018
Study, analysis,optimization and software implementation approach of solar and wind hybrid system. Punit Sompura July 2012
Analysis and Simulation of ac micro grid Harin Desai July 2013
Distribution loss optimization due to optimized technique. Vishal Panchal July 2014
Relay coordination of EHV, HV, MV and LV system of a typical thermal power station. Ruchi Shah July 2014
Solar and Wind hybrid system. Parita Dalwadi July 2011
Transmission Line Design using C #. Anju Verma July 2011
Speed Control of D. C. Motor using ARM and PIC Controller. Payal Raval July 2011
Three-Phase Induction Motor Faults’ Severity Detection using Fuzzy Logic and On-line Condition Monitoring of Faults using LAB View-GUI Hitesh Patel July 2012
Design and development of PLC & SCADA based control panel for continuous monitoring of 3 Phase Induction Motor. Jignesha Ahir July 2010
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Performance Evaluation of Downdraft Gasifier on Multi Fuels Manish H. Gadara May 2014
Investigation of Tar and PM from Producer Gas in Downdraft Gasifier Haresh V Makwana 14MMET10 May 2016
Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Biomass Gasifier Nihal Dalwadi 14MICC08 May 2016
Investigation of Pollutants from Producer Gas for Downdraft Gasifier Aakash Khosla 15MMET09 May 2017
Evaluation of Tar and Particulate matter in Producer gas for Different Equivalence ratio in Downdraft Gasifier AMAR H. PATEL 15MMEN02 May 2017
Performance Enhancement of Downdraft Gasifier with Steam Injection Karan Patel 15MMET17 May 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Composite Analysis Of Structure, Equipments and Pipes in a Process Industry Patel, Ankit J. May 2008
Identify Cause of Failure & to Increase Life of Bearing used in Vibrating Screen By Akash Vyas: 13MMCC23 May 2015
Design and Analysis of Side Wall Plate for Sinter Vibrating Screen Jenish Patel: 13MMCC26 May 2015
Design and Analysis of high pressure Feed water heater Vatsal Desai: 13MMED01 May 2015
Design and Analysis of the Semi-Automatic Carton Blank Cutting Machine for Variable Size Boxes 15MMCC25 June 2016
Development of Wall climbing ROBOT Chirag Vyas May 2011
Design and Analysis of Breeding Module for Fusion Grade Reactor Sondh Sharmistha May 2012
Design and development of electroslag strip cladding station 15mmcc25 May 2017
Development of Force Control Mechanism for Dished End Forming of Pressure Vessel 15mmed06 May 2017
Design and Development of Modified Kaufman Ion-source 15mmcc23 May 2016
Design And Development of SLi Suspension System and flame proof( Ex d) Enclosures. 15MMCC25 May 2016
Finite Element Analysis for Optimization of Jacketing Process for Manufacturing of SST-1 CS CICC" 15mmcc12 June 2016
Enhancement in Trim Curve Feature of NX CAD 15MMCC12 May 2017
Design And Analysis Of Support Structure For Gyrotron Components Authors: Shah, Vatsal S. May 2012
Design and Analysis of Double Wall Bellows for Valve Technology Khamar Akshay May 2012
Mechanical Design and Analysis of Shell and Tube Type Flxed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Shah, Rupen S. May 2012
Design and Optimization Of A Skirt Of Hydrocarbon Columns Through Thermo-Structural Analysis Dave, Nandish May 2008
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Next-Gen Learning Management System 11MCA05-Kartik Iyer June 2014
M3 Media Editor for Android 11MCA44-Paresh Prajapati June 2014
FANTASY CRICKET APPLICATION 11MCA26 - Lakhan Kriplani June 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Development of LDR based Power Saving System   2013
Development of Over Current Protection using PIC Micro Controller   2013
Temperature based Speed control of D.C. Motor using PIC controller   2012
Speed control of BLDC motor with sensor using Microcontroller   2012
Microcontroller based wireless contol of equipments   2014
Design and implementation of stepper motor control using microcontroller   2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
WASP Tool (Cricket Score Predictor) Anik Shah (B.Tech. - CE) June 2014
WASP Tool (Cricket Score Predictor)  
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
WDM based FSO link Optimization for different weather conditions Chandresh Panchal (12MECC04) May 2014
USB 3.0 - Device Driver Understanding, Feature Enhancement and Bug Fixing Manish P Narani (12MECE11) May 2014
Unmanned Weighbridge Ankitkumar Vyas (12MECE28) May 2014
Automation of Bluetooth Firmware Validation NAINESH DORIWALA (12MECE06) May 2014
Veri cation of Communication And Interfaces IPs of Set-Top Box Chintan Joshi (12MECC10) May 2014
Analysis of Free Space Optic Link using Wavelength Diversity over Different Channel Models   December 2015
Automate the Testing of Application User Interface of Atonarp Mass Spectrometer   2016
Testing and validation of Mass Spectrometer   2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design and realization of mechanism for grasping/releasing and deployment for space subsystem Patel Valay M. - 13MMCC22 May 2015
Vibration analysis of vertical turbine pump Vishal Gajera -13MMED15 May 2015
Mechanical behavior of large diameter flexible pipe subjected to external and inetrnal loading Salgar Sharad K -13MMED12 May 2015
Design and development of circuit breaker with spring charged operating mechanism Fahim Raza Sunasra -13MMED02 May 2015
Lateral vibration analysis of steam turbine rotor-bearing system Student Roll No: 14MMED13 May 2016
Stress Analysis and Optimization of Low Pressure Turbine Outer Casing for Supercritical Fossil Power Plant Student Roll No: 14MMED07 May 2016
Design and Analysis of One Way Clutch and Keyless Locking Assembly Student Roll No: 14MMED02 May 2016
Design & Development of Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker using spring charged operating mechanism Student Roll No: 14MMED017 May 2016
Investigation of effect of various parameters on fault diagnostics of rolling element bearings Shrey Trivedi - 15MMED17 May 2017
Characterisation and control of micro-vibration on-board satellite Mitulsinh Thakore - 15MMCC26 May 2017
Design and development of safety features and mechanism adaptation in air insulated switch gears Sweni Panchal - 15MMCC15 May 2017
Analysis and Simulation of Bearing Fault Detection Using FFT analyzer for Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Umang B Jani - 12MMCC07 May 2014
Finite Element Analysis of Truck Trailer   May 2014
Analysis and Simulation of Bearing Fault Detection using FFT Analyzer for Sperical Roller Bearing 22207EK Sandeep Bhat - 12MMED13 May 2014
Design and Analysis of High Energy Piping System for Fluid Trasients Phenomenon Urmil Soni - 12MMED16 May 2014
Re Design and Optimization of Critical Mechanical Components of Oil Filled Power Transformers Vishal Solanki - 11MMED15 May 2013
Design and Analysis of Motor Operated Gate Valve for Nuclear Application Ravi Pankhania - 11MMCC08 May 2013
Design and Analysis of Flyer Kaushal Khamar - 10MMED06 May 2012
Design and Optimization of Flyer Ramakant Panchal - 10MMCC08 May 2012
Software development for designing and analysis of major components of EOT crane Jitendrakumar Patel (10MMED10) May 2012
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design Automation and Analysis of Bearing Ruchik Trivedi (11MMCC17) May 2013
Effect of Thickness and Lay-up Sequence on Spring-in For L-Shaped CFRP Beam 13MMCC15 December 2015
Design and Analysis of Ball Valve for Cryogen Flow Isolation at -196 C Temperature Nehal Patel (14MMCM11) May 2016
Design and the Development of Mammography Machine Parth Sejpal (14MMED16) May 2016
Design and Analysis of Transportation Frame for the Lower Cylinder of ITER Cryostat Pulkit Thakkar (14MMCC29) May 2016
Design Standardization and Analysis of Nuclear Class I Equipment Arpit Naik (14MMCC11) May 2016
Determination of Spring Back Deformation for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Reflectors Nirav Patel (14MMCC20) May 2016
Parametric Study for Minimization of Spring back of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Reflector Lav Kaushik (14MMED04) May 2016
Experimental & Numerical Investigation of Parameters Affecting Spring-Back of (CFRP) Reflector 15MMED13 May 2017
Characterization of CFRP Composite To Investigate The Curing Process Parameters 15MMED05 May 2017
Feasibility Study of Deployable Prime Focal Antenna Mechanism For Space Applications   May 2017
Design and Development of Deployable Mechanism for Prime Focal Antenna   May 2017
Process development for minimization of spring back deformation of CFRP reflector 16MMCC16 May 2018
Studies on various process parameters for manufacturing of composite using vacuum infusion process 16MMED07 May 2018
Seismic Analysis of High Energy Pipes in Thermal Power Plants Annapurna J. K. (12MMED18) May 2014
Design and Development of Draft Tube for Hydro Power Plant Gunjan Bhatt (12MMCCS1) May 2015
Design of Assembly Tools for Site Activities of ITER Cryostat Tilwani Umesh (13MMCC16) May 2015
Design and Analysis of Pressure Vessel Patel Amit (11MMCM24) May 2013
Study of Distortion in Composite Plate using Different Boundary Conditions Vivek Patel (12MMCC24) May 2014
Machine Setup Time Reduction And Productivity Improvement of Cylindrical Roller Bearing Ronak Kamdar (12MMCC08) May 2014
Design and Analysis of Composite Leaf Springs Mehul Sorathiya (11MMED14) May 2013
Algorithm Development for Tool Path Generation for Three-axis Sculptured Surface Machining Mohit Ojha (13MMCC19) May 2015
Design and Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Sankalp Shravage (13MMED13) May 2015
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Software Development For Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) And Implementation Ranteshwar Singh (10MMCM14) May 2012
Analysis of Plasma Arc Cutting Parameters using Design of Experiment Ashil Patel (12MMCC18) May 2014
Design and Automation of Low Pressure Die Casting Machine Hardik Patel (12MMCC34) May 2014
Mechanical Design of De-Dusting System for Sinter Plant Ravi Prakash (13MMED11) May 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Behavior of Precast Beam-Column Connection under Progressive Collapse Scenario Rohit Nimse (12mclc26) June 2014
Study the Behaviour of Precast Portal Frame under Lateral Loading   June 2017
Study the Behavior of Di erent Types of Precast Beam Column Connection Chintan Naik (12mclc15) June 2014
Role of Reinforcement Detailing in Progressive Collapse Resistance of RC Beam Gaurav Parmar (11mclc21) May 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Automated Calibration of RF Test Station and Out of Band Emission Measurement Miral A. Kotadia (13MECC20) May 2015
Development of Verification IP for DSPI Controller Krunal K. Patel (13MECC11) May 2015
Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) Problem solving using Genetic Algorithm 14MECC18 Shifali V. Rajput May 2016
SoC (System on Chip): Automation and Testing 14MECC19 Karishma K. Rana May 2016
Digital Signal Processing in Coherent Optical Communication 14MECC24 Shraddha Saran May 2016
Education tool-kit using Augmented Reality 14MECE08 Arpit H. Langalia May 2016
Hardware Simulator Development 15MECC12 Disha Modi May 2017
Design & Development of Intelligent Drone (Quad-Copter) for Security & Surveillance 15MECE10 Khushboo Kumari Yadav May 2017
Improving Energy Efficiency & Quality of Service in an Integrated Green Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Network 15MECC13 Neelima Pachori May 2017
Contention Resolution in Optical Burst Switched Networks 14MECC12 Darshit P. Pandya May 2017
I3C Triple Check Development 16MECC08 Vrunda P. Rajpara May 2018
Design and Modelling of an on Chip Inductor 16MECC07 Anal Patel May 2018
Performance Evaluation of Burst Assembly Modeling for Optical Burst Switched Network 08MECC19 Nikunj Ghodasara July 2009
Performance Analysis of Low Density Parity Check Code for Next Generation Communication System 08MECC001 Mayank Ardeshna July 2010
Design System on Module using MPC8308 Processor 10MECC19 Jay Shah July 2010
Co-operative Communication: Cross-layer Approach 09MECC06 Vishal Fichadiya July 2010
iDEN System Integration 09MECC04 Tanvi Dharsandia July 2010
Study of Non-Linear effects in fiber optic communication and improved link design 10MECC22 Raghav Sharma July 2011
UEFI Based OEM diagonistic tool for Processor Graphics Controller 10MECC09 Archana Parmar July 2011
Design, Development and FPGA Implementation of PSK Demodulator 10MECC Nidhi Dobariya July 2011
Performance and Power Optimization of Smartphones 11MECC19 Richa Jha July 2012
LMT Automation and Functional Testing of Dispatch Application Processor 11MECC10 Parul Joshi July 2012
Validation of Graphics System Features using Media workloads Ishani Pathak July 2013
Test framework enhancement and automation support for ST-Media framework Preeti Dewani July 2013
Automation of scalable verification environment 12MECC23 Kishan raithata July 2013
WDM based link optimization for different weather conditions 12MECC04 Chandresh Panchal July 2013
Study of Performance of High Speed WDM Networks using Different Modulation Techniques 13MECC29 Komal H Vyas July 2015
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Vision Based Robotic Arm Control System with Biometric Authentication Atul Kataria May 2013
Control of Autonomous UnderWater Vehicle   May 2014
Part load stability analysis of a gas turbine   May 2015
Adaptive Map Development for Fuel Distribution in a Gas Turbine   May 2016
Development of Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition Algorithm   May 2016
Fuzzy Logic Controller With Prediction Algorithm For Wind Generator's Regulator   May 2013
Fuzzy Logic Controller With Prediction Algorithm For Wind Generator's Regulator   May 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Automation of AVR simulations test benches 15MECV28-Solanki Maharshi June 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Hystresis current control voltage source inverter   June 2014
Design and Development of microcontroller based process control system washing machine using TDS measurement   June 2014
Design, febrication and testing of three phase hysteresis current controlled voltage source inverter with variable load Krunal Rao M.Tech-PEMD December 2015
Design and Development of ON-Line Uninterruptible Power Supply Hemal Patel M-Tech (PEMD) December 2015
Energy Saving in UPS Testing with Grid Tied Inverter NIl Patel December 2016
Design and Mo deling of Three Phase Active Front End Converter Tushar Khakhi December 2016
Design and Implementation of Single-Phase Power Factor Corrector with Phase Shifted PWM Technique Tarang Joshi December 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Medical Diagnosis System Using Machine Learning Dhaval Raval (14MCEN16) May 2016
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Hazard Identification and Quantitative Risk Assessment of Petrochemical Storgae Terminal 14MCHE01 Ajudiya Sanni May 2016
Affordable Pd Doped Perovskite Based Catalytic Converter for Abating Automotive Emission Ms. Darshana Poshiya May 2017
Fabrication of automotive catalytic converter based on perovskite catalysts 13MCHC12 Neha Pathak May 2015
Automotive Exhaust Emission Control Using Perovskite Catalysts Prepared By Mechanochemical Synthesis Hardik D. Gandhi (12MCHC28) May 2014
Color Removal from Dye Waste Water using Perovskites Darshan H. Joshi (12MCHE05) May 2014
Risk Assessment in Refinery by Various Quantitative Methods and Their Comparison Suraj Sinha (12MCHE13) May 2014
Cleaner Production in fertilizer industry 11MCHE10 May 2013
Synthesis of perovskites based catalyst (Reactive grinding ball milling) and its application in auto exhaust emission control Dhaval A Tank (10MCHC17) May 2012
Building a cheaper catalyst for automotive exhaust emission control Julie M Pardiwala (10MCHE14) May 2012
Development of catalyst for automotive exhaust emission control Kajal J Patel (08MCH002) May 2010
Electro-Fenton process for removal of Phenolic compound 07MCH012 May 2009
Removal of phenolic compound by using advanced oxidation process (Fenton Process) 06MCH007 May 2008
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Design and Interface of GIS for Augmenting Capicity of Existing AIS in Highly Urbanized Area Vijaysinh R. Shinol M.Tech in ELectrical Engineering (EPS) (12MEEE27) June 2013
Advanced Direct Torque Control (DTC) of Induction Motor Drive Kamal Kishore Chouhan M.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power Eletronics and Machine Drives) 12MEEP12 June 2013
Design and Analysis of Flexible Power Electronic Transformer Mayuresh K. Dave M.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power System) 12MEEE05 June 2013
Design & Prototype Development of Sandwich Bus duct for 7.2kV System Vishal H. Ramnani M.Tech. Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power System) 12MEEE25 June 2013
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Distributed Consensus Algorithms to Improve Database Consistency: Optimization of Three-Phase Commit Protocol Sagar Shah (05MCE016) May 2007
Automation and Optimization in Memory Cell Generators for Future Technologies Apurva P. Mehta 13MCEC09 May 2015
Optimization of Clustering Techniques with Density Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Nitin J Patel 12MICT18 May 2015
Routing Protocol Using Game Theoretic Approach Varma Jitendra G. (05MCE019) May 2007
Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Solanki, Paresh M. 08MCE018 May 2010
Cluster based Routing Protocol Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks Panchal, Shailesh D. 08MCE008 May 2010
Data Aggregation with Fast Convergecasting in Wireless Sensor Networks Ambwani, Vinit 10MCEC01 May 2012
Distributed Hash Table For Scalable Wireless Sensor Network 10MCEC27 May 2012
GeoTORA Optimization Maulik Trivedi 10MCEC19 May 2012
Optimization of Collection Tree Protocol Kaur, Harleen 10MCEC21 May 2012
Optimization of Hierarchical Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Shah, Khushbu 09MCES07 May 2012
Rapid Data Transmission Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network Jani, Raxit G. 11MICT06 May 2013
Automation and creation of Set-Top Box Integration tasks using open-source tools and Test-Framework Rima Patel 14MCEN13 2016
Multi-Objective Optimization of Clustering Techniques in WSN using Harmony Search Algorithm Riddhi Parsania 14mcen12 2016
Optimization of clustering process by hybrid meta-heuristic techniques Dharmanshu Raval 14mcen15 2016
Clustering Protocol for WSN with Hybrid Optimization Approach N Kansagara 2017
Cloud of Cloud S Singh 2017
Efficient Cache Utilization in Named Data Networking (NDN) Prajapati Zalak 15MCEN21 2017
Congestion Control and Fairness in Named Data Networks Kalaria Aemi C 15MCEN09 2017
Optimization of Clustering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks Dedania, Darshan D. May 2013
3-D Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Mehta, Om 11MICT25 May 2013
Improving Convergecasting Process In Collection Tree Protocol Siddhartha Manwani (12MICT11) May 2014
Optimization of Clustering Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks Abhinav N Shah (12MICT20) May 2014
Rapid Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks Henish Shah(12MICT22) May 2014
Credit-based Cooperation Enforcement Scheme in Delay Tolerant Network Vimal Patel 12MCEI25 May 2014
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Real Time Scale & Rotation Independent Object Detection Parinda D. Pandya (12MICC12) May 2013
Camera Based 3-D Wheel Alignment Jigarkumar Senjalia 12MICC23 May 2013
Fabric seam tracking and control using embedded vision Sapan Thakkar 13MICC23 May 2014
Auto tuning of temperature control system Priyabrata Majhi 13MICC16 May 2014
Real Time Rotation Independent Object Detection Maulik Vala 14MICC29 May 2016
Design and development of a single tank level system Harshit Bhadauriya 14MICC12 May 2016
Development o DSP based control for wave shaper 16MICC06 Ekta Hadia December 2017
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration
Liquefaction Analysis and Foundation Design for Transient Loading Amit Sharma (16MCLC29) May 2018
Project TitleStudent DetailDuration