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PhD Guidance

    Research is not just a philosophy but the very essence of all our academic endeavors. The faculty as well as students of the University are actively involved in research. In order to encourage research, the university offers various PhD programmes, grants recognition to research institutes of repute and establishes and maintains laboratories in highly specialized areas.The Institute has around 87 students registered for their PhD programmes in various departments.

StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Kavita Jain Nowcasting of Remotely Sensed Images using Image Processing Techniques Image ProcessingPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Patel Jayeshkumar Jasvantbhai Data Converter - DAC Data Converter - DACPursuing
Nilesh Patel Design and development of low power low gitter digital PLL in submicron CMOS technology PLL CMOS technologyPursuing
Ankit Adresana Operational Amplifier VLSIPursuing
Dipesh Panchal VLSI Analog VLSIPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Preksha Parekh Recommender System Machine LearningPursuing
Kinjal Chaudhari Recommender System Machine LearningPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Gohil Ashishkumar Mulchand Expermiental investigations on Ultrasonic Single Point Incremental Forming Metal FormingPursuing
Ramchandran M. Mechanical Characterization of Jute fibre reinforced Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) with Poly-Butyl Succinate (PBS) composite and its effect with coconut shell powder. Composite MaterialPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Piyushkumar Maganlal Bhatasana Circuit Design RF MEMs Microelectromechanical systemsPursuing
Aarti Kishor Gehani Antenna Optimization AntennaCompleted
Shailendra Singh Microwave Circuit design MicrowavePursuing
Pravinkumar Atrey Antenna and RF Circuit Design Antenna and RFPursuing
JAy Gupta Investigation of Different Types of Hybrid/ Multimode Horns Antenna and RFPursuing
Kedar Trivedi Dielectric Resonator Antenna Antenna and RFPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Dhaval G Shah Investigation of Free Space Optical Link Performance with Wavelength Diversity under Different Turbulence Conditions Optical CommunicationCompleted
Rohit Bhimjibhai Patel Performance analysis and simulation of fiber optic network with different optical network components Optical CommunicationPursuing
Manisha J. Upadhyay Development, Simulation and Analysis of Resource Allocation Techniques for Cooperative Wireless Network Cooperative Wireless CommunicationCompleted
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Shah Ankit Kiritkumar Model based control of hybrid nonlinear dynamical system hybrid nonlinear dynamical systemCompleted
Kalpesh Pathak Application of advanced control strategies for nonlinear processes advanced control strategies for nonlinear processesPursuing
Amit Kumar Srivastava Development of Techniques for Event-driven Multi-rate Data Acquisition Event-driven Multi-rate Data AcquisitionPursuing
Ankit Sharma Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition using Machine Learning Approach Image processing applicationsCompleted
Mehta Sandip Anilbhai Fractional Order systems and Fractional order controller Fractional order controllerPursuing
Ravi Gandhi Intelligent Control of Electromagnetic Levitation System Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) TechnologyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Hardik Saishchandra Shah Studies on Inprovement in Environmental Scenario through Water Quality Trading under Indian Conditions EnvironmentPursuing
Bhavna D Soni Effect of electrode material for removal of organic pollutants by electro chemical method. Waste Water TreatmentCompleted
Sandip Prahladbhai Sharma "Applications of electrochemical methods for dyes wastewater" Waste Water TreatmentPursuing
Priya Sriprakash Patel Electrochemical Technology for Wastewater Treatment Wastewater TreatmentPursuing
Patel Nital Sanjay Modeling, Simulation, Estimation and Control for Press Systems Press SystemsPursuing
Soni Bhavna Devang Studies on electrochemical treatment application of mixed metal anodes for the removal of Reactive Black-5 dye from aqueous solution aqueous solutionPursuing
Chokshi Nikita P. Catalytic Ozonation for Wastewater Treatment Wastewater TreatmentPursuing
Ban Gaurangkumar Hazariban Studies on Emissions of PM 2.5 and PM10 from the Coal Fired Boilers Coal Fired BoilersPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Patel Nital Sanjay Modeling, Simulation, Estimation and Control for Press Systems Press SystemsPursuing
Vini Dadiala Sliding Mode Control based Main Steam Temperature Control Temperature ControlPursuing
Zadfiya Rajeshbhai Labhubhai Advanced Process Control Process ControlPursuing
Upadhyay Darshit Shaileshkumar Investigations on Producer gas quality enhancement for a fixed bed gasifier Renewable EnergyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Harsh K. Kapadia Computer Vision Application for Concrete Performance Study Image Processing ApplicationPursuing
Alpesh I. Patel Control Algorithms for Coupled Nonlinear MIMO System Nonlinear Process ControlPursuing
Vini Dadiala Investigations on advanced controls for Coal-based thermal power plant sub systems Process ControlPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Mayur A Makhesana Solid Lubricants and Machining. Manufacturing EngineeringPursuing
Nilesh Dhirajlal Ghetiya Experimental Investigation into the friction stir welding of aluminium alloy Friction Stir WeldingCompleted
Shah Dhaval Bipinchandra Studies on spring back deformation for composite material ManufacturingPursuing
Arvind Sankhla “Studies on Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Composites Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy and Stir casting Processes" ManufacturingPursuing
Suthar Jigar Dhirajkumar Parameter Optimization, Redesign, Analysis and Manufacturing of Exhaust Impeller Manufacturing EngineeringPursuing
Dhaval V Patel Machinery fault diagnosis and prognosis Fault diagnosisPursuing
Prashant J Bagga Tool Condition Monitoring Using Image Processing Techniques Tool conditionig monitoringPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Khairnar Vaishali Dinesh Study of reliability issues for Communication Protocols in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Ad-hoc NetworksPursuing
Valiveti Sharada R. Enhancing Security with Effective Routing Mechanisms in Ad Hoc Networks Ad Hoc NetworksCompleted
Thakkar Ankit Rajeshkumar Energy Efficient Routing with Effective Clustering Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor NetworksCompleted
Gopi B Sanghani Applications of Aftificial Intelligence : Machine Learning Techniques for Text Mining. Machine Learning Techniques for Text Mining.Pursuing
Nileshkumar M Gambhava Web Mining Using Soft Computing Web MiningPursuing
Pradyumansinh Udaysinh Jadeja Survey of Web Mining Methods Web MiningPursuing
Priyanka Sharma Analysis of Quality of Service and Traffic Management in multimedia services Multimedia QoS, Wireless Communication, Machine LearningCompleted
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Raval Gaurang A. Optimization of Clustering and Convergecasting Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor NetworksCompleted
Gadhavi Lataben Jasvantdanji Database System and Mining Database System and MiningPursuing
Bhatia Jitendra Bhagwandas Vehicular Cloud (Integration of Cloud in Vehicular Ad hoc Network) Ad Hoc NetworksPursuing
Chudasama Vipul H. Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Computing and Artificial IntelligencePursuing
Thakkar Riddhiben Sanjaykumar Designing Sustainable cloud using Machine Learning Cloud ComputingPursuing
Revar Pooja Mansukhbhai Handling issues of self healing network NetworksPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Parag A Saxena Prediction of Properties of Biodiesel and Blends of Biodiesel BiofuelPursuing
Krunal Suthar Optimization of Downstream Process in Biodiesel Production Bio DieselPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Diwan Jayesh Navnitlal Asynchronous Design of VLSI Circuits for Performance Improvement  Pursuing
Bhavesh Jaiswal Many Core Heterogenous Reconfigurable Computing Architecture Reconfigurable ComputingPursuing
Patel Dharmendrakumar B Extreme Enviornment Electronics MicroelectronicsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Nimish Rajnikant Shah Development of polymer for modified drug delivery Interdisciplinery (Chemical - Pharmacy)Pursuing
Akash Isudas Mecwan Low noise low power RF front end design using 90 nm CMOS technology VLSICompleted
T. V. S. Ram R & D Leon3 Processor for Space Applications Space ApplicationsPursuing
Gandhi Priyeshkumar Pratapbhai High Speed Power Efficient CMOS Comparator CMOS ComparatorPursuing
Mehta Usha S. Test data compression techniques for IP core based SoC : time, power and area optimization data compression techniquesCompleted
Naik Amisha P. Novel topologies of CMOS second generation current conveyors for low voltage, low power applications Novel topologiesCompleted
Oza Shruti K. Low power folding and interpolating analog to digital converter: optimization of area and power for medium resolution applications analog to digital converterCompleted
Gajjar Nagendra Study & Realization of High Performance Reconfigurable Processor Architecture for Mission Critical Digital Signal Processing Applications Digital Signal ProcessingCompleted
Mamta saiyad Radiation hardened plastic package for VLSI VLSICompleted
Kehul Shah RF CMOS analog filter design VLSICompleted
Vijay Savani Design of low voltage and low power data converter VLSIPursuing
Akash Mecwan low noise low power RF front end design using 90nm CMOS technology CMOS technologyPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Shah Manisha Tushar Investigations on Generalization of Current Error Space Phasor Based Pulse Width Modulation Controller for Multi-Level Front-End Converters Multi-Level Inverter ApplicationsCompleted
Chauhan Siddharthsingh Investigations on Applications of Current Error Space Phasor Based Hysteresis Controllers in Converters of Active Power Filters hysteresis controllersCompleted
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Varinder Kumar Strengthening of Axially Loaded Circular Concrete Columns using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (SSWM) Concrete BuildingsCompleted
Joshi Digesh Dilipkumar Progressive Collapse Analysis of Building Analysis of BuildingCompleted
Gohel Vivek Premji Risk Assessment of Existing RCC & PSC Bridge Structures Bridge StructuresPursuing
Harsh K. Kapadia Computer Vision Application for Concrete Performance Study Image Processing ApplicationPursuing
Prof.Sunil Raiyani Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Elements Structural EngineeringPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Prof.Hemang Dalwadi Detection of Pavement Material and Assessment of Surface Distress using Hyperspectral and SAR data Transportation and GeomaticsPursuing
Mr.Jaychandra Ravi  Pursuing
Mr.Dhwanilnath Gharekhan  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Neha Sisodiya Design and Development of Scalable Data Mining Algorithms for Big Earth Data Scalable Data Mining for Big Earth DataPursuing
Ronakkumar Natavarlal Patel Next Generation Recommender System Recommender SystemPursuing
Dvijesh Bhatt Video summarization Machine learningPursuing
Shah Juhi Rajiv Machine Translation Natural Language Processing and Deep LearningPursuing
Shah Chandni Hardik Speech Recognition Natural Language Processing and Deep LearningPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Vanzara Rakeshkumar D Performance Enhancement Proxy for Heterogenous Networks Heterogenous NetworksPursuing
Mr Vishal Parikh Cross Layer Framework for Intelligent Video Surveillance System Wireless Multimedia CommunicationsPursuing
Ms. Bhakti Sonawane Parallellization of Content based Image Retrieval using Soft Computing over multicores Content based Image RetrievalPursuing
Ms. Madhushree B Classification-based system for cross-layer optimized wireless video transmission Wireless Multimedia CommunicationsPursuing
Ms. Anitha Modi Human emotion detection in surveillance videos Pattern RecognitionPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Samir C Nimkar Exergy Analysis for the Chemical Process Improvement to save Energy, Environment & Resources Exergy AnalysisPursuing
Mamta M Saiyed Radiation hardened plastic packaging for VLSI PolymerPursuing
Nimish Rajnikant Shah Development of polymer for modified drug delivery Interdisciplinery (Chemical - Pharmacy)Pursuing
Leena V. Bora Development of Waste Treatment Process using Solar Energy  Pursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Vimal Ranchhodlal Patel Experimental studies on lignite gasification process GasifierCompleted
Paresh D Patel Combustion analysis and performance characteristics of compression ignition engine operating on the blends of Bio Dieseal and Diesel fuel in presence of Bioadditives BiofuelCompleted
Sanjay V Jain Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Pump running in Turbine mode for Micro Hydropower Plants Micro Hydropower PlantsCompleted
Upadhyay Darshit Shaileshkumar Investigations on Producer gas quality enhancement for a fixed bed gasifier Renewable EnergyPursuing
Shebaz A. Memon Studies on Optimised Augmentation and hybridisation of Renewable Energy Conversion Plants Energy optimisationPursuing
Sajan Kumar Chourasia Experimental Investigations on Life Cycle Analysis of CI Engine CI EnginePursuing
Anand Bhatt Experimental investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nano Fluid Nano FluidPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Rootvesh Mehta Artificial Neural Network in Solving Nonlinear Differential Equations Artificial Neural NetworksPursuing
Kinjal Solanki Use of Wavelets in Image Processing Image ProcessingPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Sanjay P Gandhi Catalytic carbon dioxide reforming of methane to synthesis gas CatalysisPursuing
Narasimha Reddy Ravuru Production of Hydrogen from glycerol via steam reforming process CatalysisPursuing
Julie Minoo Pardiwala Photocatalytic degration of Azo dye using spinel  Pursuing
Patel Femina Jitendra Synthesis and Charaterization of Perovskite based Catalysts for Automotive CO Oxidation Automotive CO OxidationCompleted
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Modi Kiritkumar J. Use of semantic web approach for effective web services effective web servicesCompleted
Mahesh Hasmukhbhai Panchal Mining Genome data using AI techniques AI techniquesPursuing
Solanki Pareshkumar Mahendrabhai Web Mining Web MiningPursuing
Patel Chirag Ishwarbhai Object detection and surveillance system surveillance systemCompleted
Kedar Prasad Agrawal Clustering and Time Series Prediction for Spatio-Temporal Geographic Dataset. Data miningCompleted
Kotecha Radhika Navinbhai Privacy Preserving Classification of Horizontally Partitioned data Using Genetic Programming Genetic ProgrammingPursuing
Dineshkumar Jethalal Prajapati Mining Multilevel Association Rule mining using soft Computing soft ComputingPursuing
Purvish Khalpada Creative Story Generation Machine Artifical IntelligenecePursuing
Prof. Sapan H. Mankad Enhancing Speech Processing using Machine Learning Speech signal ProcessingPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Chintan Rajeshkumar Mehta Renewable Energy Sources Integration in Power Grid Renewable Energy SourcesPursuing
Shailendra . Singh Microwave Circuit Design  Pursuing
Mahesh A. Patel Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnet Machine for Wind Power Generation Advanced Electrical Machine, Wind Power GenerationPursuing
Trivedi Dishang Dinkarrai Solutions to some power system issues emplaying state estimation and wide area measurement techniques Power System State EstimationCompleted
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Tushar Hematlal Bhoraniya Evaluation and Modeling of Damping in Reinforce Concrete structures Concrete StructuresPursuing
Mehta Sujata Hemprakash Structural Health Monitoring and/or Structural Control Structural ControlPursuing
Suthar Jahanvi Miteshkumar Performance Based Design of Structures Performance Based DesignPursuing
Koshti Utsav Kamalbhai Seismic Performance Enhancement Techniques for Steel Structures Structural EngineeringPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Aparna Kumari Big Data Analytics for Smart Grid Systems Big Data AnalyticsPursuing
Rajesh Gupta Network Security SecurityPursuing
Bodkhe Umesh Sakharam Security in Internet of Things Internet of ThingsPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Ruchi Indravadan Gajjar Spectral Based Blur Classification and Parameter Estimation Estimation Approaches for Image Restoration Image processingCompleted
Ukani Vijaykumar Shantilal Cross layer optimization in wireless multimedia sensor network multimedia sensor networkCompleted
Swati Jain Addressing one or more issues in image and video retrievals image and video retrievalsCompleted
Shah Pooja Prakashbhai Image Processing for Remote Sensing Applications Remote Sensing ApplicationsPursuing
Ankit Sharma Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition using Machine Learning Approach Image processing applicationsCompleted
Trivedi Pratik Pravinkumar Object Recognition Algorithms Object Recognition AlgorithmsPursuing
Bhupendra D. Fataniya Image Processing Image ProcessingPursuing
Dharam Shah Remote sensing Image Processing Image ProcessingPursuing
Kinjal Dave Hyperspectral Remote SensingPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Sonal Shankerlal Kotak Evaluation of Short and Long term Properties of Fly Ash and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag based Geopolymer Concrete for Civil Engineering Applications Civil Engineering ApplicationsPursuing
Joshi Tejas Mukundbhai Pervious Concrete Concrete TechnologyPursuing
Ashokkumar A. Tiwari Rheological Performance of Cement Paste with Mineral Admixtures Mineral AdmixturesPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Vaishali Hiteshkumar Dhare VLSI Design, Testing & Verification VLSICompleted
Harikrushna Chandubhai Parmar VLSI Design, Testing & Verification VLSIPursuing
Jayesh Bharatkumar Popat VLSI Design, Testing and Verification VLSIPursuing
Rakesh Trivedi Radiation Hardening VLSIPursuing
Radha Tapiawala VLSI Design, Testing & Verification VLSIPursuing
Shival Trivedi NoC Testing VLSIPursuing
Jagrat Mehta Testing of VLSI DesignPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Hitensinh Baldevsinh Vaghela Studies on Forced Flow Cryogenic Cooling in Fusion Research Application CryogenicsPursuing
Hiteshkumar Harjivanbhai Patel Thermal Performance Enhancement of Compressed Air System of Oil Flooded Screw Compressors. Thermal SciencePursuing
Manoj Kumar Gupta Design, Analysys and Fabrication Techniques for Large Size Liquid Nitrogen Cryopumps Thermal Science and DesignCompleted
Saksena Dipakkumar Parsottambhai Studies on Conical Shell and Conical Spiral Tube Heat Exchangers. Heat TransferPursuing
Kateshia Jyotin Ashok Studies Related to Enhancement in Pool Boiling Heat TransferPursuing
Abhishek Swarnkar Studies & Enhancement in Two Phase Heat Transfer (boiling) Heat TransferPursuing
Balkrushna A Shah Studies on Boiling Heat Transfer over Plain and Structured Surface Heat TransferPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Dhaval Karshanbhai Patel Cognitive Radio and MIMO wireless communication wireless communicationCompleted
Pinakin Purushottamdas Thaker Design and analysis of advanced digital technique and implementation using VLSI technology wireless communicationPursuing
Rachna Sharma Wireless CommunicationPursuing
Khushboo Sinha Wireless CommunicationPursuing
StudentResearch TitleResearch FieldStatus
Gandhi Jay Nirmalbhai Performance enhancement in mobile opportunistic networks using machine learning Mobile NetworksPursuing
Lonkar Priyanka Balasaheb Content Sharing in Delay Tolerant Networks Computer NetworksPursuing
Shubham Singh Cooperation in Mobile Social Network Mobile NetworksPursuing