Startup Weekend Ahmedabad, 2017

Startup weekend was held at Nirma University on the 3rd-4th-5th of November. It was a 54-hour event which gave young, budding entrepreneurs a platform to not only startup their venture, but meet new co-founders or potential team members.

The event began on Friday evening with idea generation and team formation activity wherein the participants were divided into 10 teams and given random words to pitch their ideas. Total 49 ideas were pitched from which 12 ideas were selected for final pitching. The teams were offered with different facilities i.e. mentors skilled in different domains for guiding them, web designer for designing websites and web application for each venture, 3d printing for prototyping the ideas.

A combination of all skills and the balance of all domains was the base of assessment of the final pitches. At final pitching three teams were selected by four juries. The winners were awarded with a prizes.

The second runner up was the venture of a vanity van which provided the necessary comfort and services to the travelers booking the van. The first runner up was automated carts for departmental stores which had a bar code scanner attached to the carts so that the user can scan the items and put inside the cart, there and then. The winner of Startup Weekend Ahmedabad was a really innovative project which comprised of an automated irrigation system, irrigating the crops, based on moisture sensor, temperature sensors and humidity sensors.