Vaudeville 2017

Vaudeville, the cultural symposium of Nirma University was held on Sept. 7-8, 2017. The theme of the year was Bollywood – A Fame Katha. The razzmatazz created euphoric buzz with thirty sub events (viz: Dancing Events, Singing Events, Acting events, Literary Events, Painting events etc.) lined up for the students. The  working committee of Vaudeville functioned in three tiers ie : Core committee from third and final year students, Organizing committee from Second Year and Executive committee from first year. This has ensured that all stduents will be exposed to leadership skill, team playing, decision – making alongwith problem –solving .

The two day event witnessed several special attractions like FUN ZONE offering  games and loop race. Open mic was introduced for the first time, where students of ITNU showcased their talent of oratorship, poetry, shayari, story telling, unplugged singing, DJ’ing, Band performances etc. Open mic was held between A and B block lawn and received amazing feedback. Audience stood back till 9:00 in the evening to witness the event. Open Mic turned the aura of ITNU into cultural shamiyana.

Second day’s special attraction was Mr. and Miss ITNU followed by band performance by MEGHDHANUSH.  Celebrity guest from Gujarati movies were invited to judge Mr. and Miss ITNU. The performance of Meghdhanush band was greatly applauded by the students. More than 1500 students were present during the event.