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Dr. Mahesh Yolekar, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Humanities Department received International “Young Scientist Award” in 3rd International Young Science Congress organized by International Science Community Association on 8th – 9th May 2017.

Mathematics & Humanities
  • June 05, 2017

An Extramural lecture by Dr Subash Chandra was organized on 20th of May, 2017 by Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Dr. Chandra is Chairman of Essel Group and a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, popularly known as the ‘Medial Moughal’ of India. Dr Chandra features in immensely popular series known as DSC Shows. Faculty Members, management Personnel, staff Members and students participated in the talk.

Dr. Subhash Chandra gave an enlightening speech giving some of his real life learning lessons as examples that convinced students to chase their dreams with conviction and determination. He has also shown students how to be their own coach by explaining the internal process that goes behind such an endeavour. The audience was in rapt attention and asked interesting questions regarding their doubts regarding self-belief and personality enhancement.

The show was full of little stories that held strong messages igniting the flame of passion among all the listeners. Students were all praise for him and talked about what stops them from taking leap in their lives and what they have learnt from this talk.

  • May 20, 2017

The career Guidance seminar was organized by Institute of Technology, Nirma University on 18th May 2017. It was for the 12th Science students (with JEE Main). Total 410 students registered online for the seminar. The seminar was attended by approximately 200 persons including students and their parents. It was held in Auditorium, Block –C, NU Campus from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon.

The career guidance seminar was coordinated by Dr. Milind Joshipura and Prof. Tejas Joshi.

Dr. Alka Mahajan, Director Institute of Technology welcomed the students and parents. She informed them about the institute ranking, activities, academics and scholarship offered by University Management. Dr. Anup Singh, Director General NU informed students about Studies and University Culture. It was followed by briefing session on various branches of Engineering’s by Head of the departments. III Cell Coordinator informed about the placement scenario at the IT-NU and emphasized about the soft-skill requirement.

Open house for counseling was carried out. Students and Parents raised various questions. It was answered by panel of experts and director regarding admission procedure at IT-NU and scope of various branches of engineering.

Students were briefed about various course offered by Center for Continuing Education.

After the seminar was over students visited the departments and laboratories of various branches of engineering and interacted with the faculties for further details.

  • May 18, 2017

A lecture and demonstration about IRNSS Satelite receiver was conducted today from 10 am to 12 noon by shri Atul Sukla, Group Head, DCTG/SNAA and Shri Nishkam Jain, Sci/Engr - SE, SNTD/DCTG group. Shri Shukla has discussed the possibilities of research and projects that can be explored based on the receivers we have and Mr Jain has given in depth demonstration explaining exploration of various data. Session was attended by faculty from EC and Civil Engineering Department, Ph.D research scholars and M.Tech students of ECC program.

Electronics & Communication
  • May 10, 2017

Dr. Dipak Adhyaru, Professor and Head, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department published a patent on 'Smart MODBUS Protocol Device' in April, 2017.

Prof. Harsh Kapadia, Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department and Prof. Alpesh Patel, Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department published a patent on 'Synchronized crack monitoring system’ in April, 2017.

Instrumentation & Control Engg.
  • May 08, 2017

NITAA Alumni meet was conducted on May 07,2017 @ San Jose. It was organized in "Celebrations Indian Cuisine", Sunnyvale, CA-USA. IT was attended by more than 50 Alumni from Bay Area. From NITAA Dr N P Gajjar Sr vice President addressed the meet. Dr Parkash Gajjar  delivered talk on "Life Changing Processes".

  • May 07, 2017

A rural pavement stretch of size 2.5 m × 16 m using Alkali activated concrete paver blocks is constructed at Jaspur Village, Kalol, Gandhinagar by the department of Civil Engineering, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. The paver blocks are made using zero cement concrete (alkali activated concrete) and used for the construction of the rural pavement having low traffic volume.

The above work is one of the outcome of the research project titled “Application of Precast Products Made Using Bottom Ash And Fly Ash For Rural Pavements And Other Infrastructure In India”. The said project is a collaborative research project between University of Victoria, Canada & Nirma University, India and is approved by IC-IMPACTS (India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability) Centres of Excellence.

The paver blocks used to make the pavement are of “Unipaver”/“Zigzag” shape & of thickness of 60 mm. The alkali activated concrete paver blocks have attained the compressive strength up to 40 MPa after the completion of ambient curing for the time duration of 28-days. The alkali activated concrete paver blocks contained a combination of fly ash and Bottom ash, Coarse aggregate limited to size of 10 mm, Sand, Sodium Hydroxide & Sodium Silicate. Fly ash & Bottom ash are the waste products of the thermal power plants. Sodium hydroxide & sodium silicate used for the paver blocks are of commercial grade. Therefore, it is anticipated that the alkali activated paver blocks are economical as compared to that of cement concrete paver blocks.

The step-by-step procedure of making the pavement stretch consists, 1) Preparation of around 1200 Nos. of alkali activated concrete paver blocks at concrete casting yard of civil engineering department, Nirma University. 2) Excavation of size 2.5 m × 16 m having depth of 200 mm using Backhoe. 3) Laying of PCC of depth 100 mm having grade of concrete of M10. 4) Laying of 12 inch Kerb stones around edges of the pavement. 5) Laying of 40 mm depth sand bedding. 6) Laying of paver blocks having depth of 60 mm in herringbone bond. 7) Joint sealing between paver blocks using compactor.

Civil Engineering
  • May 05, 2017

A demonstration of IRNSS satellite receiver was arranged for the faculty members of EC department on 29/04/2017. The session was conducted by Dr. Manisha Upadhyay, Associate Professor in EC department. Dr. Manisha Updhayay briefed up on the basics of GPS, GAGAN and IRNSS and demonstrated the data capturing process along with the various parameters associated with the receiver.

Electronics & Communication
  • May 01, 2017

Congratulation to Prof. Dhaval Shah and Dr. Dilip Kothari for the selection of research paper titled "Bit Error Rate Analysis of the K Channel using Wavelength Diversity" in Optical Engineering Journal.

Electronics & Communication
  • April 29, 2017

Dr. Tanish Zaveri has recently attended on International conference on Innovations in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication between 6-7th April 2017  organized by NIT, Shilong

Paper Details are: Ruchi Gajjar, Tanish Zaveri," Defocus blur radius classification using Random Forest Classifier," International conference  on Innovations in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication, NIT Shilong, April, 2017.

Electronics & Communication
  • April 25, 2017

Sanjay Prajapati, M.Tech VLSI from 2010 batch has sucessfully published a book with Springer named "Next Generation Spin Torque Memories". He is currently pursuing Ph.D from IIT Roorkee in the research area of Spintronic device modeling and logic design.

Electronics & Communication
  • April 24, 2017

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a consultancy (training) program on " MATLAB for Engineers: Image Processing & Applications " for SAC-ISRO Scientists during April 17-22, 2017. The inaugural function was attended by thirty participants from the SAC-ISRO in presence of Course coordinators, Dr D K Kothari, HoD, EC and Shri Ravishakar Manager HR, SAC-ISRO. The program was coordinated by Dr Nagendra Gajjar and Dr Tanish Zaveri from Electronics and Communication Department.

Electronics & Communication
  • April 24, 2017

While walking down the path less traveled, someone had dropped crumbs. These crumbs of utter Ingenuity set up a trail, and it led to the path of knowledge. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxNirmaUniversity spilled the crumbs on  the second edition on 22nd April, 2017.

This TEDx was the colloquium of entrepreneurship, criminal psychology, design of super cars, film-making, communication evolution, mathematics, art, design, language, curiosity and much more interesting ideas.

All those who seek to change the world, joined the community.

  • April 22, 2017

ISA Student’s Chapter, Institute of Technology, Nirma University, organised an All Gujarat Instrumentation and Control Engineer's Meet (AGICEM) on Friday, 21st April 2017 at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. The conclave was organized to provide a common platform for discussion and development of the Automation Industry. It aimed to impart knowledge of current trends in the industry to all the attendees by exchange of ideas and wisdom. 

AGICEM united Instrumentation and Control Engineering departments of 14 colleges from all over Gujarat and created a sense of togetherness.

The meet saw presence of eminent people, one of them was Shri Jagdish Shukla, the ex. Vice President of Asia-Pacific region of International Society of Automation who gave a lecture on 'Global Opportunities for Instrumentation and Control Engineers'. He laid emphasis on the global standards laid by ISA in the field of automation and the benefits that Students can acquire by being an ISA member.

and the other industrial expert Shri G F Patil,owner of GP electronics, Vadodara who spoke on topic 'From Idea to Product'. He focused on creating a realistic product. Along with that his success story motivated the Students and faculties on a large scale. 

The expert talks were followed by a conference, where in the representatives of different institutes presented on a technical topic which saw exchange of ideas and knowledge in the hall.

The foundation for the meet was laid down by Faculty Advisor Prof. Himanshu K. Patel, who during his talk discussed about the vision and purpose of the conclave.

Dr. D M Adhyaru, Head of IC Department Nirma University deliverd the welcome address and the mega success of the conclave was due to the solid workforce of team ISA Student's Chapter Nirma University.

  • April 21, 2017

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a consultancy (training) program on " MATLAB for Engineers: Image Processing & Applications " for SAC-ISRO Scientists during April 17-22, 2017. The inaugural function was attended by thirty participants from the SAC-ISRO in presence of Course coordinators, Dr D K Kothari, HoD, EC and Shri Ravishakar Manager HR, SAC-ISRO. The program was coordinated by Dr Nagendra Gajjar, Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Dr Tanish Zaveri, Professor, EC Engineering

  • April 20, 2017

Instrumentation and Control engineering department organized  one day Training programme on “FA learning Setup Kit” received under MoU with Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Programme was  scheduled for Internal Faculty members of IC.

Mr. Span Thakker form Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad conducted all sessions for i-RR series PLC, GTv.23 HMI, A-820 VFD and Servo hardware-software integration. 

Instrumentation & Control Engg.
  • April 15, 2017

Fenil shah, student of Civil Engineering has secured 'Arena Grandmaster (AGM)' title in the world chess tournament after a very cut throat competition . He received the official certificate by FIDE (the Highest governing council in Chess) on 12th April, 2017. 
Congratulations Fenil shah for making all of us proud.

  • April 13, 2017