Institute of Technology

Mathematics & Humanities Department

The department caters to the Institutes' need and demand in various levels of B.Tech., M.Tech. and MCA students. Both the sections though opposite in nature, works in providing depth and breadth to the programmes offered by the Institute. The Mathematics section offers compulsory credit course like linear Algebra, Calculus as well as institute elective courses in Applied mathematics.

Humanities section offers legacy courses such as English Literature, Applied Literature, Ethics and Values, Critical Thinking and Communication Skills among other ancillary courses. To provide students with global experience, foreign languages namely German, French and Spanish are  also being offered. Section also offers courses such as Economics for Engineers, Elements of Marketing management, Human Resource management, and Entrepreneurship respectively.

Department plays a pivotal role in being the cornerstone of University's vision of providing students holistics development. We hand-hold students to develop communicative, and analytic skills, cultural knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in their professional and personal life.