Institute of Technology

Library Resource Centre

The library provides access to a wide range of technological, management and business information sources that include leading national and international research journals and periodicals in addition to an impressive collection of databases, electronic media, project reports and CDs.

The libraries are fully computerized, accessible on the campus LAN and operate on specialized library software ‘Alice for Windows’. The user- friendly package facilitates issue and return of books, online access to the catalogue and reservation of books. The libraries have adopted the latest information technologies like CD, DVD, Multimedia Kits, Barcode Scanners and Text and Graphic Scanners for effective use of the library services.

The libraries at the institutes have a wide range of resources comprising 101142 books (Vol.), 77668 books (titles), 654 print periodicals, 12999 online periodicals, 617 E- Books, 12 Databases (Online), 12 Databases Offline, 62 Newspapers, 6108 Electronic Media, 422 Audio Cassettes, 614 Video Cassettes, 929 Photo Albums, 2020 Indian Standards, 2007 Project Reports, 389 Cases and 11947 Bound Volumes. More...