Institute of Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Department offers B. Tech. programme in Information Technology, M. Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Networking Technology, M.Tech. by Research and Ph.D. programme in computer Science and Engineering. Department provides a learning environment that helps students to be successful in their professional lives as well as becoming lifelong learners. The graduates of the department have been placed in prestigious national and international organizations. Many of graduates choose to join further studies from premier institutes in India and abroad. The department is actively involved in various research domains like High Performance Computing, Software Engineering, Networking, Information and Network Security with structured integration of research and academic activities. To support academic requirements and research initiatives department is well equipped with modern computing amenities which includes High End servers, more than 200 computing systems connected via LAN using Ethernet, OFC or Wi-Fi so as to provide wired as well as wireless connectivity. For strengthening the execution of various academic and research activities, department has collaborated with various research organizations and multinational companies. The department is associated with research organizations and leading industries like ISRO, PRL, IPR, BISAG, CISCO, NVIDIA, Infosys and is also working on funded research project under Gujcost. Department also emphasizes on the societal obligations of the academic community. Under extension activities department is very much active in conducting trainings, workshops, programs helpful to the society in general.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) for B. Tech. in Information Technology

Information Technology Programme is designed to prepare graduates to attain the Following program-specific outcomes:
1. Ability to apply the theoretical concepts and practical knowledge of Information Technology in analysis, design, development and management of information processing systems and applications also in the interdisciplinary domain.
2. Ability to work as a socially responsible professional or as an entrepreneur by applying Information Technology principles and management practices.