Institute of Technology

Instrumentation & Control Department

Instrumentation & Control is an interdisciplinary area. It caters to the need of chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, oil and refinery, power, textile, plastic, automobile, agriculture, dairy, food processing and manufacturing industries. It also covers robotics, navigation, aerospace and military applications. The under graduate programme of this department is well appreciated and students are well accepted by the industries. Department has also started post graduate programme in Control and Automation and PhD programme in the area related to Instrumentation and Control Engineering. It has state of the art laboratories, which provide an excellent environment to carry out research work and consultancy projects. Department has a strong desire of shaping innovative alliance with industry to achieve academic excellence along with up-to-date training on current trends in process automation and industrial networking area.

Programme Specific Outcomes

A graduate of Instrumentation and Control Engineering Programme will have an ability to
  1. Understand, analyse, design and develop control system for industrial automation applications
  2. Select, commission, troubleshoot and maintain various instruments and associated systems
  3. Prepare an individual with foundation knowledge for the research areas (but not limited to) e.g. advanced control, sensor technology, biomedical engineering, industrial automation, navigation and control