Nirma RoboCup 2019

There is an increasing interest from school children in robotics which needs to be encouraged and channelized. As a University and Technical Institute it is our responsibility to take initiatives which support, recognize and reward young talent in this field. The Nirma RoboCup is the first step in this direction to bring the
young talent in the country on one forum, to compete on innovative design problems thereby encouraging their interest in this field.

Every year, the Nirma RoboCup will have a new theme, testing the innovative skills of students to design and build a Robot performing different tasks of increasing difficulty levels. This year’s theme draws inspiration from Lord Krishna whose fondness for butter is well known. He was known to gather his friends, make a team, prepare a human pyramid to reach the butter pot hanging at a height and break it using his flute to get hold of the butter. The effort required hard work, strategy and teamwork to succeed. Through this theme students will understand the value of a well thought out plan, commitment and teamwork in reaching the goal.